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The rapid development of kinghelm company

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   Shenzhen Jinhang Boots Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise, "China Satellite Navigation Association" senior member, Jinhang standard "Kinghelm" trademark, is known in the Beidou Navigation Positioning Antenna and Microwave RF Connector Industry A good reputation.
   Jinhang standard has promoted the company's development with technological innovation and product. The R %& D team has 18 postgraduates, more than 30 engineers, focusing on Beidou GPS navigation antenna and related connection products for 14 years, engineering technology backbones for many years RF microwave industry experience and big company work history, and several sea elites. Jinhang standard has been "independent controllable" research and development ideas, Jinhang standard originally obtained a number of GPS Beidou Navigation Positioning Product Invention Patent and Software Copyright.  


   Jinhang standard company has production base in Tianlun Industrial Zone, Dongguan Tangxia, self-built high-performance microwave far field dark room, network analyzer, salt fog testing machine, temperature and humidity double 85 tester, high and low temperature tester, etc. microwave RF wire Detect debug instruments and equipment. The Jinhang Standard Team advocates active learning and research and development innovation, and the development of new products follow.
   Jinhang markes deeply digs potential in the old product Beifu GPS car level antenna and RF connector, maintaining the leading position of the industry, and also vigorously develops a series of new products, which are both supporting the customer service, and can expand new customers. New customers. The gold standard product is mainly BDS satellite navigation vehicle antenna, WiFi antenna, GPS antenna cable cable, Beidou GPS double-mode antenna, TWS Bluetooth headset ceramic antenna, military bouquet high-precision customization series antenna. Beidou military special and high-precision antennas, Golden Navigation marking domestic Huaxin antenna, in the military connector custom terminal, we mainly learn the lame connector, Tongmao products are rich in quality and stable. "Kinghelm" KH series new product, including RF connector connecting wiring wiring RF terminal TYPE-C connector, etc., has been applied to Jinlong Bus BYD Motor in Nanjing, online in Passenger Mall.


   In the future, the Gold Boots (www.bds666.com) insists on the "autonomous controllable" research and development of the core of the "Kinghelm" development, and use two rounds to ensure and Promoting the stable development of Jin Hangguan Company. After stabilizing the status of the Civil Beifun GPS Antenna Connector Market, continue in the high-precision Beidou Navigation Antenna [敏感词] Anti-European Special Connector Connection Line. my country's reform and opening up is a great situation, and our Chinese people have worked for a reluctance of labor results, must have a strong army to protect, Beidou is our big country, we have to maintain good publicity. In order to the development of the Beidou business, for the power of the motherland, all our Jinhang label Kinghelm all employees have been working hard!

Kinghelm Shenshun Short STM TYPE-C Connector

   Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang, said that the future Jin Hangjian will definitely follow the trend of the times, not only to continue to increase research and development in the Beidou GPS antenna connection market, but also open the situation in the non-standard custom connector market TYPE-C connector, More customers provide high-cost signal connection products, let "Kinghelm" (www.bds666.com) brand walks into thousands of households with products we serve customers, and creates greater value for shareholders, investors, and employees!

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