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Kinghelm company sells Beidou GPS antenna, communication antenna connecting line and other products throughout the network

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With the Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Co., Ltd. - The antenna series products are increasing, the market share is getting higher and higher, in order to improve the "Kinghelm" brand in the Internet's popularity, let the gold standard RF microwave antenna connection line The majority of customer service, Jinhang standard company's research and development production, the development and production of the Beidou Antenna, has also begun to market sales in the Internet field, in Baidu Baidu, 360 search, Sogou Sougou, Shenma and other search engines and SEO keywords Down, I hope that the Golden Airlines' website's website can do more traffic and weight.




The promotion keyword of Jinhang State Company is probably divided into keywords such as Beidou GPS Antenna Communication Antenna, Beidou Navigation Location and Communication Key words, keywords of antenna application, keywords of antenna product function, and antenna common model Key words, keywords of the transfer parts.



The antenna includes: WiFi / 4G / 5G 2.4G, suction cup antenna; GPS Beidou, board end seat, 5G antenna, military customization, IPEX antenna seat, communication / navigation positioning, communication, glue stick, 433, 2g / 4g, GPS, applicable antenna range: Among them, it can be used in aerospace, security products, medical equipment, etc.


Ceramic antenna: Bluetooth ceramic antenna, wearable product ceramic 3216, ceramic CHIP positioning antenna, ceramic patch antenna,


Connector: USB connector, coaxial connector, FPC connector, antenna connector, MCX connector,


Connection line: Antenna, Communication Antenna, WiFi Antenna, SMA, RF,


RF connector, radio frequency instrument, SMA, IPEX test line, cassette connector, tact switch, car harness, robotic wire bundle needle, BDS666 Beidou Information System, Beidou Public Number, Beidou Expert No.


Antenna R %& D, production, sales, commissioning, production flow line, antenna expert, simulation, elevation angle, military-grade antenna, spring, FRP antenna, radio expert, radio engineer, microwave technology, antenna expert publicity, Beidou promotion Weibo navigation antenna, BDS Antenna system, BDS666 system, B3 antenna, etc. Craway, microwave far field dark room, etc.

Kinghelm products are in Zijian Mall (www.szlcsc.com), the only mall, the hard city, Baidu Baidu love procurement, Jingdong JD e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688 and other e-commerce platforms are all in full operation, The promotion of Jinhang standard products.


These keywords are the products of Jinhang Standards to launch, and will continue to launch more keywords based on the layout of the development of the Internet promotion and the development of Jinhang standard products. I hope that through the publicity promotion of the Internet, the Golden Airlines of the Beidou GPS antenna can be made to the promotion of Kinghelm brand and the KH series. I will know the golden navigation mark, know the gold standard, better for the Golden Market. customer service. (Www.bds666.com)


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