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Sarkozy micro slkor launched Schottky Detector Diode

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Shenzhen sacaoweiSLKOR( http://www.slkormicro.com )R & D of Technology Co., Ltdtwo thousand and fiveIn, headquartered in Busan, South Korea, specializing in the design, production and sales of power components.Products includeMOSFETCOOLMOS. power managementICFRD, HallhallComponentsIGBTSingle tubemodularSiCSilicon carbide, etcDevice.



this yearCountry during epidemicwithinAll major original factories outside China have experienced temporary suspension and shutdown, and the delivery period has become longer,Sarkozy microslkorscience and technologyGood morning!alreadyReturn to work and provide our customers with high-quality products。 Newly developed Schottky Detector DiodeSl2054 can be replaced directlySKYWORKSSijiaxunSKY12207andMACOMofMA4E2054It is widely used in communication and etc markets,The price is very competitive, it also shortens the delivery time of other brands for 10-12 weeks, and provides fast and high-quality services for the majority of end customers


Sl2054 product performance parameters:


In addition, Sacco micro slkor R & D and productionMOSTubeSL2300SL2305, HallHALLSwitch sensorSL1603SL1605IGBTTubeSL40T120FLSL60T65FLAnd other products are widely used inSweeping robot, Bluetooth headsetTWSLEDLighting, power adapter and other fields, and the golden beaconkinghelm(www.bds666. com)The patch ceramic antenna is used together. Alibaba store(https://dgic2010.1688.com)Rich products, welcome to consult.


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