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Jinhangbiao electronics song Shiqiang's nine questions and nine answers to Beidou (5)

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Interviewee: Golden Airlines Song Song Shiqiang General Manager

Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Struggle in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years, "Kinghelm" brand in the Beidou Navigation Radio Frequency microwave industry 哟 Propogenous name and influence, Jinhang standard KH series Beidou products apply to automobile Electronics, military navigation positioning antenna long-waveless, microwave RF cable industry has a visibility and influence. The "Beidou Expert" public number of Jinhang marketer vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, the development of the Beidou business, but not only the Beidou business, but it is doing it. The Jinhang standard is a company that is developing from Huaqiang North. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development of Huaqiang North, writing a large number of articles in Huaqiang North, thinking loudly in the business environment of Huaqiang North, hoping Huaqiang North Become Shenzhen A beautiful business card showing a prosperous representative and reform and opening up.

Mr. Song Shizhi, general manager of Jinhang Standard, accepts media interviews in Huaqiang North


Interview Media: No. 1 Coveng Road is the media of Ai Yi (www.iceasy.com), focusing on the semiconductor chip industry character, event, product. Subsequent content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine


Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang Nine asks 9th:

The technical gap between the domestic and foreign products of the Beidou industry is not great. How do you think my country's Beidou Industry breaks around and win? Please introduce the current status quo of Beidou chip enterprise.

  My country's Beidou System has been officially launched since 1994, from the 2020 Beidou II Network, the world's leading navigation positioning space location geographic data service system, Beidou satellite navigation system (abbreviation: Beidou BDS) The US Global Positioning System (GPS), Russian Global Navigation Satellite System Glonass and the EU Galileo Location System (Galileo) are the fourth core provider included in the United Nations Satellite Navigation Committee into the Global Satellite Navigation System.


Jinhang Standard Kinghelm Dongguan Tangxia Factory Backbone Management Team



Because the Beidou II network successfully, coupled with Beidou independent "short message" and other functions, it is getting bigger and larger in the world's influence and use. Compared with the Galileo positioning system and Russia Glonass, our Beidou system is still a lot, and it is only a little bit behind the US GPS system.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM Beidou GPS dual-mode navigation positioning + GSM communication automobile level antenna



Our Beidou BDS industry should break through the world, now as long as it is to target the product and market of GPS. In this respect, the state should pay attention to it, because of the national security and my country's strategic industry layout, on the other hand, our people want multi-class Knowledge, pay attention to Beidou, multi-propaganda Beidou, use Beidou products, more companies in society to invest in Beidou Related industries, enterprises R %& D and production of better Beidou navigation positioning and intelligent terminal products will promote the landing and healthy development of the Beidou industry.


 Kinghelm Golden Airlines SMA Multi-Frequency Spiral [敏感词] Tree Beidou GPS Antenna


After the "two passengers" project jointly launched by the Ministry of Communications in the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Communications, the national government has no relevant policies and regulations to promote the development of Beidou. After the success of the Beidou No. 3 network, public opinion pushed the Beidou to a height, but it should also be introduced to the policy of achieving good way to Beidou, in the official level to promote the development of the Beidou industry. In recent years, some policies and guidelines on developing Beidou have recently been introduced, but there is no actual operability, basically become the amulets of all interest groups, and they do not get benefits!


At the level of society and enterprises, everyone is also optimistic about Beidou's prospects and development, there are many individuals and companies with investment desires. Enterprises who have made GPS before basically transition to Beidou, and bring a new round of competition and fight, objectively promoted the progress of Beidou Technology and application! In addition, Beidou has a "short message" function, there is a very large value that has not been developed, how to transfer information on mobile phones, can bring a new round of growth in the Beidou Industry in the private application!


Speaking of the Beidou Chip Company, the current status is still not optimistic, but also need everyone to work hard and stick to. In 2013, when "two passengers%% Thai Haiwei Electronics, Zhongke Microelectronics, Space Huaxun, Oriental Link, Beidou Core Tong belongs to the antenna standard with Jinhang standard in the automotive electronics industry. However, after the "two guests and one danger" product covered, there is no large-scale market demand, and the wind is not very good.

Kinghelm Golden Boots IPEX RF Connector Size PCB Board


Because the shrinkage of the Beidou special market, in the chip module, Beidou and GPS models are dual-mode compatible coexistence can be seamless heat switches, and the high-end market is just the U-BLOX of Switzerland. The upper size is more expensive, but I am in Mtk, in mobile phones, etc. Intelligent product terminal Bo Tong Qi Quitong MTK Exhibition Qualcomm Hua is integrated with other functions, Tencent Map Baidu Map Gaohe et al. Navigation Location Map Product Beifun and GPS is common, so the Beidou Chip Company is very uncomfortable. Now some transformations have been completed. It is still good to be in the northwife, but also, honestly say that the Beidou National Team has a strategic strategy, in this regard, the national power is brought, it is necessary to maintain a good ecology for the Beidou chip!



Jinhang standard Kinghelm in the Type-C connector, Type-C connector, TYPE-C connector, HDMi female, etc.


The WeChat public number of the Jinhang marketer "Beidou expert" is the Beidou BDS drum and calls to spread the knowledge of Beidou Technology Science, I hope that the Beidou System has a BDS666. Jinhang standard website www.bds666.com opened up the "Beidou Expert" column, including the information of well-known experts in the Beidou industry, such as Beidou expert Cao Chong, Beidou expert Yang Yuanxi, Beidou goddess Xu Ying and other big coffee literature story technical information, etc. There is also the technical analysis of the relevant Beidou Navigation Positioning of Beidou Navigation, etc., and spare no effort to promote Beidou BDS. Telling the story of the Beidou, talking about the Chinese story, telling the story of the northern Husou people in China, is the mission of "Beidou Expert". There are more people using Beidou, and the Beidou Ecology begins to loop, and our Beidou BDS can say steady victory.


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