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Good News, Kinghelm’s Sales Performance Doubled in 2021

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Since 2021, the epidemic situation in COVID-19 has been raging continuously. However, Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) achieved the goal of doubling its performance with the efforts of all employees. Slkor Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) Co., Ltd., Kinghelm's brother company, has also achieved a compound growth of 40% per quarter, achieving the goal of two-wheel drive by Kinghelm and Slkor, which was planned by the founder Mr. Song Shiqiang many years ago.

Why did Kinghelm double its performance? Is the reputation of "Kinghelm" brand in Beidou antenna RF cable industry getting higher and higher? Mr. Song Shiqiang, the general manager, thinks that he has done the following.

金航标kinghelm  3年来的在军工特种天线和汽车线束站稳脚跟 

 Kinghhelm has gained a firm foothold in military special antenna and automotive wiring harness in the past 3 years


First, it is also very important to do a good job in risk management and control of Kinghelm's supply chain, and to respond quickly to the requirements of end customers. Stable product quality and stable delivery time can make the front-line sales staff of Kinghelm better serve customers.

Secondly, the variety of products has been increased. On the basis of the previous radio frequency connection lines of Beidou antenna and GPS antenna, Kinghelm has added new products such as coupler, connector, terminal connector, USB C, HDMI, IPEX, SMA, SMB, etc., and has also gained a firm foothold in Beidou B3 frequency antenna, military and medical harness connector, automotive wiring harness and industrial custom connector!


金航标kinghelm  8年来专注在连接器接插件端子座子

Kinghelm has been focusing on connectors and terminal connectors for 8 years


Thirdly, we pay close attention to the team building of Kinghelm. The product quality and personnel of Kinghelm's factory in Dongguan are becoming more and more stable, which not only increases the front-line sales staff, but also strengthens the positions of customer service, warehouse management, brand promotion and other professional engineers, such as RF microwave connectors, and gives more and more support to the front-line sales. Kinghelm's talent training adopts the way of inviting in and going out, the echelon construction of talents and the training of all staff will be strengthened, the number of teams is also increasing, the per capita output value is constantly increasing, and the team's collaboration and individual combat effectiveness have been steadily improved.

Fourthly, Kinghelm continuously strengthens the publicity and promotion of the Internet. Kinghelm Company has always attached great importance to network publicity and promotion in brand building of "Kinghelm". Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm, is an Internet opinion leader, who has been actively supporting for the development of BDS and Beidou industry in China. Mr. Song Shiqiang has studied the business ecology of Huaqiangbei and paid attention to its development and transformation. As an enterprise coming out of Huaqiangbei, he has always had very deep feelings with Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang, Kinghelm and Slkor are first-class online celebrity brands, which drive each other. Kinghelm cooperates with Internet platform companies, such as Lichuang Mall, ICkey.cnIchunt.comAllchipsElecfans.com, and Sekorm.com. Through the Internet platforms, Kinghelm products and Kinghelm brand can be quickly displayed in front of R&D engineers in the electronic industry through PC screens and mobile phone screens. Our new salesman of Kinghelm, on the first day of employment, can obtain orders, which fully proved that this was the result of years of hard work and Internet marketing of Kinghelm.


 kinghelm  15年来专业在北斗GPS天线射频转接线

Kinghelm has been specialized in radio frequency patch cord of Beidou GPS antenna for 15 years


Fifth, it is to continuously strengthen the platform construction of Kinghelm Company, and make the company a good platform, so that suppliers, employees, agents and customers can all benefit from the platform. Altruism thinking and actions, and accumulation in the commanding heights show today's effect. Therefore, in recent years, Kinghelm has paid close attention to internal management, straightened out the internal management process and corrected the bad links, and the information flow and closed-loop efficiency have become higher and higher. Kinghelm products are becoming more and more abundant, and their standardization and adaptability are becoming stronger and stronger, so that Kinghelm products can be quickly introduced into customers' products. Opening the market with more products, having market share and product penetration, and then combining Slkor products, the effect is remarkable. Kinghelm's new website, www.bds666.com, has been revised, and the effect is very good.

金航标kinghelm 公司的新产品类目

Kinghelm's New Product Category


In 2022, the business goal of Kinghelm and Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) will still be to double the sales volume on the basis of 2021, which requires Kinghelm's supply chain, Kinghelm's brand building, Kinghelm's team and talent echelon building, Kinghelm's intelligent warehouse, Kinghelm's digital information construction, and Kinghelm's corporate culture building going to a higher level. We will work hard to build Kinghelm into a company with fast development and strong strength, write a new chapter of enterprise development, and contribute to the development of BDS in China!


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