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2019 phase I purchasing manager Salon

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On March 10, 2019, the "2019 Procurement Manager Salon" jointly organized by the purchasing industry, Jinhang Standard Kinghelm Electronics and Victoria Technology Jointly held successfully held in the Exhibition Technology Building. The main purpose of this salon: Ding to invite the elite of the purchase of the industry to exchange, build a platform for employers to learn from each other. Salon Themes Around the Development Trend of Third Generation Semiconductor Development.


     In the invitation of this event, Mr. Li Wei, the founder of the Purchase, Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang, Mr. Zeng Shuo, General Manager of Victival, and the senior for more than 20 years from ZTE, well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprises. The purchase of Teacher Zhang is shared by everyone, exchanges experience. Before the event start, everyone is happy to visit the Golden Airlines label company, listening to the introduction of the staff's "Kinghelm" Beidou Series for the golden air standard.

       Mr. Song Shiqiang introduced the Jinhang standard KINGHELM products

       Founder of Purchasehood - Li Wei     

Before the Salon begins, Mr. Li Wei, the founder of the Purchaser First, introduces the original intention of the "procurement world" and the development process and the significance and value of the procurement manager salon. The purchase community is initially created in 2016, a group of platform organizations voluntarily composed of senior managers in procurement supply chain management. For enterprises, between enterprises and governments, the role of "link" and "bridges" have been played between the upstream industrial chains.

The procurement industry is mainly focused on integrated consumer electronics terminals, focusing on intelligent terminal, electronic electrical, electronic cigarette, automotive electronics and other industrial chain industry materials technology application analysis and trend, regular organization industry technical summit and industry forum, help Industry development. Mainly provide industrial chain, production and research, new technologies to drive, reshape the industry chain value chain.

       General Manager of Jinhang Standard - Song Shiqiang                
The first guest of the salon activity - Mr. Song Shizhi, General Manager of Golden Airlines, shared the "Development and Trend of Third Generation Semiconductor". Mr. Song Shiqiang analyzes the types of third generation semiconductors from the world's macro situation, the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign manufacturers, listing the main applications, namely new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic, microwave communications and other industries. And introduced that with the improvement of the technology level and the application scale, the third generation of semiconductors such as silicon carbide SiC will gradually decline, and the third-generation semiconductor has better development prospects and business value.

Flag Technology General Manager - Zeng Shuai 

The second share of salon activities Sharing guests Mr. Zeng Shuai, the general manager of the vision technology company, shared the "What should I do in China". Teacher Zeng was talented from the front line of the market. He explained three major shifts in the semiconductor industry. Detailed to explain the status quo of Chinese semiconductor, indicating that China's semiconductor industry design company has more and more opportunities, while Also called on us to support domestic chips, let the Chinese chip go to the world.

       Finally, Mr. Li Wei, Mr. Li Wei, and the two senior supply chains, together with the procurement of the occupational development planning, process establishment, management innovation and knowledge, and the procurement manager under the topic and the procurement manager. Dialogue and Communicate, live topics, direct stamp the property of professional pain points and industry, the atmosphere is warm, rushing to the answer; the purchase of salons, also held a award ceremony.

After the event, Jinhang Standard Kinghelm also prepared a rich dinner for everyone. In the dinner, everyone exchanged the business card, exchanged each other, all said that the event has got a lot of dry goods. The organizers will continue to organize more activities to provide more management frontier information for more procurement practitioners, allowing semiconductor research and development and production of the original factory to conduct simpler and direct communication.         

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