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Kingholm engineers answer common problems and solutions in the processing of automobile harness and automobile connector

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At present, most of the automotive wires are implemented in accordance with the industry standards developed by international standards or automobile vehicle manufacturers: ISO 6722, JISO D611, SAE J1127, QC / T730, VW60306, etc., Jinhang standard company Kinghelm brand products are strict Production and processing according to this rule! According to the product structure of the car harness, the automotive wire can be divided into single coreless shielded, single-core shielded, multi-coreless mask, multi-core has four large categories. Among them, the single coreless type of automotive wire is most common, the amount is also the largest, since the conductor structure of the single coreless wireless wire is relatively simple, the insulating layer is thinner, so the single-coreless wireless wire is most likely to have a conductor filament, back stock, pressure Line, oxidation, etc. Our Jinhang label Kinghelm's engineer in Tangxia factory production line is explained by one by one!

One a single.Cause Analysis and Solution of Jinhang Standard Engineer
The conductor filament is one of the most problems encountered during the production of the automobile wire harness. The most direct reason is that the outer diameter of the filament portion is large, and the core of the extruder cannot be successfully passed to the extruder. Until it is broken. The conductor filaments have seriously affected the extrusion efficiency, causing the number of zero-head lines to increase the number of products.

The engineers of Jinhang markers analyzed that there were several aspects:
(1) Welding: There will be no joints during the continuous production of the conductor, and the joint needs to be welded, the most extensive, simple method is currently cold welding, welding the monofilament, thus ensuring the required conductor length . If the conductor is welded, if there is no polishing at the joint, the solder joint will protrude, and the filament cannot be caused by extruding the core; or the single wire with other monofilaments and other monofilaments, resulting in monofilament Close, it is also easy to occur in the extrusion process.
(2) Tooling mold: If the beam line model used in the conductor is not uniform, or the beam line is worn, it will inevitably cause the thickness of the conductor outer diameter of the strand, then the extrusion of the same size, outside The diameter conductor naturally cannot pass the extruder core, which also causes a filament.
(3) Raw materials: The raw materials used in the current conductor production have two types of monofilament and filament. There is no difference in external pairing tension during monofilament production, making it easier to cause. According to statistics, most of the filaments occurred on the conductor produced by monofilaments.

Jinhang standard engineer handles the solution

(1) When the monofilament welding should ensure welding quality, after the welding is completed, it needs to be smooth, round, round and round, and avoid welding slag. Further, after the welding is completed, all monofilaments at the solder joints are placed together with a plastic tube or other suitable tool, ensuring that all monofilament lengths of welding are consistent.

(2) When the conductor is produced, the appropriate eye model should be selected: the size of the eye size is 0.002-0.005mm larger than the conductor, and the eye model requires high wear resistance, high strength, high degree of lightness, it is recommended to use the polyprotic model or Diamond mold and do a good job in regular inspection and maintenance, preventing the aperture from being large due to excessive wear, causing the thickness of the conductor after the strand to become large; the implementation of process discipline is very important, prohibiting the same specifications of the eye using different specifications mold.
(3) Try to use the tandem for conducting the conductor, and the silk is pulled out from the multi-head brigadier, which has a relatively good stability and consistency, which avoids the length of the monofilament and the elongation difference. Pizza caused.

Two. Cause Analysis and Solutions of NGM

Jinhang marketer analyzes the reasons for the formation of Backlets

The main phenomenon of conductor back stock is manifested in the case of extruding the surface of the wires or depression, which is as follows:
(1) Equipment tension: When the conductor is produced, the strander will strand together, if the tension of the stranders is unstable, or the tension between each single wire is inconsistent, resulting The tensile force of each monofilament is inconsistent, and the stretched monofilament is easy to jump out of the stranded position of the original conductor, which is manifested as a negative stock.
(2) Subline: Milies have a slotted question plate before entering the beam machine, and if the single wire does not follow the arrangement rules, it will cause irregularity, the strand is not tight, and finally leads the conductor to not round or back. Shares, jumps, affect the extrusion process.

Solutions for gold air standard engineers
(1) Wail tension of the beamline generally has two types of air pressure control and gravity hammer control. If it is a pressure control, since the compressed air is not stable, the tension is unstable, it is recommended to replace the gravity control. After applying a certain weight of the heavy hammer, the tensile basically does not change, ensuring stable placement tension.
(2) Single wire must be divided into line according to the arrangement, and several monofilaments are strictly prohibited into a stranded machine that directly passes through the tabloid. This ensures that monofilaments are arranged in accordance with the structure of the conductor. Prevent the jumps and back shares of the monofilament to arrange irregularity.


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Three. Cause Analysis and Solution of Golden Airlines

Cause Analysis of Crossing Crots (www.bds66.com)

The conductor lines generally occur during extrusion, as the name suggests, the conductor is pressed by the conductor of the upper layer, resulting in unlaw lines, which generally can be solved by reversing, but there is also increased labor costs. Impact affected product delivery. There are three reasons why the conductor lines are caused:

(1) Variation of pad: The conductor for automotive wires is relatively high, and if the shaft is deformable during the turn of the shaft, it is easy to cause the external force such as impact, and it is easy to cause the cable width when the conductor is produced, and "a big one is small. "The phenomenon eventually leads to the conductor line.
(2) Conditioning: Currently, the domestic beamline machine generally uses manual adjustment cable width. This is a high demand for the skills and experience of operators. It must be set to the width when booting. The foundation can ensure that the lines do not press in the subsequent production process.
(3) Receipt tension: If the internal wire tension is too small, it will cause the cable that is not tight, that is, the row, the conductor will be vibrated, bumps and other external power during the transfer, and the conductor shares and shares of the row. It is easy to slide, resulting in a conductor line.
Golden Airlines Standard Engineer (www.bds66.com) Bad Solution
(1) The conductor pad is preferably used in stainless steel, and on the one hand, it prevents the shaft from reducing the chances of deformation during transport.
(2) When replacing the specifications or axes, depending on the specifications of the conductor and the size of the shaft, the cable position is reasonably set, and then accelerate to the speed of the process required to be arranged normally. In addition, if an infrared induction automatic winding wire is used, the conductor line can be avoided.
(3) Internal pairing tension should not be too small, otherwise it will cause a conductor row; but it will not be too large, otherwise it will easily pull the conductor, need to debug according to each machine, each specification is debugged, summarizing each machine , The tension of each specification.


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Four .Golden Airlines labeled engineers analysis and solutions

    There are very many factors that cause the conductor oxidation. In addition to the reasons such as the raw material itself, the wire drawing process, the oxidation problem produced during the tuning process.

Analysis of Causes of Wire Oxidation of Jinhang Standard Engineer
(1) Human body touch: The conductor is in the production process, if the employee does not wear a glove directly to contact the conductor, the moist sweat is attached to the conductor surface or sweat directly to the conductor, which will directly cause local oxidation of the conductor. Black, affecting the next process.
(2) Packaging: The conductor envelope can effectively prevent the conductor from contacting the oxidation of the conductor to avoid the conductor oxidation, but the PVC plastic film is easily chemically reacted, or some PVC film will precipitate some small molecules. Oil-shaped contaminated conductor, thereby causing the oxidation of the conductor.
(3) Storage: Southern Region, especially Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, while 6, July, the rumizers in July, the condition of the conductor oxidation is particularly obvious, mainly due to the high air moisture, causing the conductor to be oxidized with humid air contact.

Jinhang standard (www.bds666.com) engineer wire oxidation solution
(1) The automotive wire beam conductor is in the production process, and the operator must wear gloves to prevent the touch of the hand from oxidation of local conductors. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent the body's sweat droplets fall to the conductor, especially when the hot weather is hot.

(2) Use a plastic film that is high and undefined, it is recommended to use a PE film, low cost is not easy to distuely dispel, and no chemical reaction with copper conductor contacts.

(3) The conductor should be stored in a dry environment, to partially compromise the moisture, so the conductor warehouse needs to be sealed and configured to configure the moisture and temperature and humidity. When the environment is greater than 75%, the wetting machine must be turned on to reduce environmental humidity and prevent the conductor oxidation.


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