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Golden beacon electronics song Shiqiang Beidou nine questions and nine answers (9)

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Interviewee: Golden Airlines Song Song Shiqiang General Manager

Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Struggle in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years, "Kinghelm" brand in the Beidou Navigation Radi-frequency transmission connector industry has a well-known, Jinhang standard KH series Beidou product is applied to automotive electronics, [敏感词] navigation positioning antenna long-waveless time, microwave RF cable industry has influential and reputation. The "Beidou Expert" public account for Jinhang marketers vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, and the development of the Beidou business is shouting, not only to make the Beidou business, but when a lifeline.Jinhang standard (www.bds666.com) is a company that started from Huaqiang North. Song Shiqiang has been thinking about Huaqiang North to develop transformation and exploration, and write a lot of articles for Huaqiang North. Huaqiang North has become a platform for the prosperity of prosperity and reform and opening up. Mr. Song Shiqiang is also actively conducive to Shenzhen's economic development and reform and opening up, and many research articles are published in authoritative media, providing new ideas to Shenzhen economic development and reform and innovation.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager, Golden Airlines, Entrepreneurship in China

Interview Media: No. 1 Coveng Road is the media of Ai Yi (www.iceasy.com), focusing on the semiconductor chip industry character, event, product. Subsequent content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine

Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang About Beidou Nine asks 9 Answers (Nine):

What role will I play in the future Jinhang standard in the Beidou industry chain?

My country's satellite navigation and location service industry has developed very quickly. According to the "White Paper, China Satellite Navigation and Location Service Industry Development" shows that in 2020, my country's satellite navigation and location service industry has reached 403.3 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 16.9 more than 2019. %, Expectation to 2025, will directly form a size of 5-1 billion / year, the overall market size, with the overall output value of 8,000-100 billion yuan. Under the good situation of the Beidou Industry, we will have a golden standard (www.bds666.com) must seize this thousand-year-old opportunities.


The Beidou Industry Chain is mainly divided into the top three links in the upstream infrastructure, the midstream Beidou intelligent terminal, downstream operation service. The upstream infrastructure is mainly chip, board, antenna, etc., our Jinhang standard transmits this piece on the development of the Beidou antenna connectors upstream of the Beidou Industrial Chain. The card has been taken by Trimble, Novatel and Javas, etc., and now domestic manufacturers have broke through the status of technology monopoly in gradually grabbing the market, and the mid-swearing GPS intelligent navigation positioning terminal, plus sports health and other functional market prospects. The downstream geographic and location operation service development is also very good.



The famous calligraphy family Chen Yongyi is the Jinhang standard KINGHELM inscription "Golden Airlines Guide Beidou"

Jinhang standard is very clear in the product and market positioning. In terms of the special high-precision antenna of Beidou military, Jinhang standard is based on Huaxin antenna; in the customization of military anti-interference connector terminal joint, learning to the lanterner connectors; in civil In terms of Beidou GPS antenna, Jiaxing Jiali Antenna Company under the Beidou Group of the Market Company; "Kinghelm" newly developed RF board terminal TYPE-C connector and other products, TETCE connector and Molaique Schwan and other domestic and foreign counterparts.


 Jinhang standard KINGHELM RF Board Terminal Ceramic CHIP Beidou Antenna GPS Antenna Series


The Jinhang Standard R %& D team has three doctors, 18 master's degree, professional Beifou GPS navigation positioning and radio microwave engineering technicians, the invention patent and many software copyrights obtained by multi-GPS Beidou Navigation Location Products. Jinhang standard continues to invest in new product research and development, and spare no effort in the "Kinghelm" brand.

Jinhang standard in the future of the Beidou industry chain, adheres to the "autonomous controllable" research and development production route, master the core value and pricing power of the product, combined with the development of Jinhang standard "Kinghelm" brand development, use R %& D and brand two-wheel drive, To ensure that the golden governor has developed steadily and rapidly, firmly grasp the advantages of the Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry upstream of the Beidou industry chain.



 Jinhang standard KINGHELM brand KH series Type-C connector female


After the product R %& D production, Jinhang label is stabilizing the GPS Antenna RF microwave connector market of the car Beidou GPS antenna. It will continue to work harder in the high-precision Beidou B3 navigation antenna military organic array special connector cable. Developed various type-c connector, IPEX, SMA and other radio frequency connecting plate end seats, etc., continue to consolidate the position of Jin Hangguan in the Beidou Industry.




In terms of brand building, Jinhang standard is that quality products will speak, "Kinghelm" Beidou GPS antenna products and supporting products have good cost performance. Not only provide the Beifou GPS antenna, but also provides a supporting RF cable, RF terminal, RF type radio frequency plate connector TYPE-C connector, etc., provides customers with RF signals to transmit a dragon service. The second is that the Kinghelm brand has long online publicity and promotion, pay attention to Internet marketing traffic. The Hunting Network is a well-known electronic component trading platform, which has always supported the domestic substitution of the semiconductor. This "Hunting 618" promotion activities, including the full gift, grab the big ticket, the discount of the discount, the preferential strength It has a lot of history. Jinhang label Kinghelm Sarko Micro Slkor semiconductor participated in this 618 promotion as a domestic alternative brand.Mr. Song Shiqiang said that the Hunting Network (www.ichunt.com) is a Jinhang Standard Kinghelm Sarko Micro Slkor All-Net Marketing Important Ring, Jinhang Standard is also in the Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Huaqiang Electronic Network (WWW. HQEW.com), only Mall, hard city, Baidu Baidu love purchase, Jingdong JD e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688, Huaqiu Mall, collection China new network and other e-commerce platforms have been fully launched, and achieved impressive Sales Results. Kinghelm is a good job in the CIS system of the company and the product, and vigorously do the promotion of Beidou soft text, participate in the various exhibitions of the Beidou GPS industry, improve the company's influence and brand reputation, let Jinhang standard products and Kinghelm brands have good industrial ecology .


The general manager of Song Shizhi is awarded for the electronic peer of the GPS Salon, Huaqiang North, and


Beidou BDS is a big country, which can break the monopoly blockade of GPS, which makes us not subject to people, and is an important promoter in the civilian field, which can be applied to the national economy side. We have to promote good Beidou maintenance Beidou uses good to fight. Jinhang standard electronic company has operated the "Beidou Expert" WeChat public number, propaganda good Beidou system, telling the history of Beidou stories, science, good-fighting knowledge, and contribute to the development of Beidou. For the development of the Beidou business for the power of the motherland, in order to our Golden Airlines, all our Jinhang standard Kinghelm all employees have been working hard, I hope to work with the Beidou peers!



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