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Application of Kinghelm products in “New Infrastructure”

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"New infrastructure" is not a new concept. As early as the Central Economic Working Conference held at the end of 2018, “New infrastructure construction" such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data center and industrial internet was defined. The first executive meeting of the State Council issued a new infrastructure investment support policy, such as information network on January 3, 2020. And the progress will be accelerated after the COVID-19 epidemic. To meet the market demand, the KH series products developed and produced by Kinghhelm (www.bds666.com) Co., Ltd. as per the"New infrastructure" are on sale now.


Kinghelm sucker antenna KH1NB(2.4-4G)C1100-03-A3


5G base station construction:

5G construction will drive the growth of hardware demand such as base stations and terminals, and technological changes will also bring new market opportunities. Components such as antenna, PCB, RF front-end, electromagnetic shielding and other related companies in the industrial chain will gain new growth momentum. Suction cup antenna series developed and produced by Kinghelm: KH1NB(2.4-4G)C1100-03-A3, KH1NB(2.4-4G)C3140-03-A3 and glue stick antenna series: KH-(2400)-K503-JB, KH-4G-SMA-J-157 have been widely used in Huawei and ZTE's schemes. The RF coaxial connector developed and produced by Kinghelm, belongs to the ultra-small surface mount coaxial connector, which has a standard mating height of 1.9mm, 2.3mm, or 2.4mm. It is widely used in mobile phones, wireless communication devices, electronic measuring instruments, Beidou GPS terminal products and antenna connecting lines, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth devices, and any application that requires the use of small coaxial connectors for high-frequency transmission.



Kinghelm Board terminal base  KH-SMA-K513-13G


Big data center:

Big data is increasingly used in intelligent manufacturing. For example, RFID tags used in production lines can not only improve work efficiency, increase accuracy, but also save costs. The RFID tags KH-RFID-23-BQ, KH-RFID-20-BQ and other models developed and produced by Kinghelm are suitable for the application fields such as inventory items location, shelf location, clothes and hats location, book location and file location. Big data is not only applicable to the Companies and Governments, but also to each of us, such as benefiting from data collected by wearable devices such as smart watches or smart bracelets. Chip ceramic antenna KH8010 developed and produced by Kinghelm can be used in wearable devices such as smart watches.


RFID tag of Kinghelm KH-RFID-23-BQ


Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has been paid more and more attention in the field of computer. It has been applied in robot, intelligent security, economic and political decision-making, control system and simulation system. The 2.4G-5db antenna models developed and produced by Kinghelm are KHB-FC-015 and KH1NB(2.4-4G)C3140-03-A3, which are widely used in the security market. It has been widely used in the schemes of Changhong, Haier, Hikvision, Auspicious Tengda and Tongle Security Company.



Kinghelm Chip Ceramic Antenna KH8010       


In addition, there are also a series of construction, including industrial Internet, new energy vehicle charging piles, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, which are the core of this round of growth.



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