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Golden beacon kinghelm sets up billboards in Huaqiangbei

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In order to deeply cultivate Huaqiangbei market and penetrate kinghelm brand, Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666. Com) recently set up a billboard in Huaqiangbei. Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, known as "the first electronic street", is also an electronic component fair that will never end. We chose to post the golden beacon kinghelm billboard near exit a of Huaqiang road of Shenzhen Metro Line 1. It is crowded here, close to Shennan Avenue with heavy traffic and convenient transportation. Next to it is the direct store of Sarkozy micro slkor brand, which is prominent and conspicuous, We can bring the contents of the billboard of golden beacon (www.bds666. Com) to everyone's eyes at the first time.


Golden beacon kinghelm billboard in Huaqiangbei


The content of the golden beacon billboard is "golden beacon, focusing on antenna for 14 years, Beidou GPS navigation and positioning antenna, military antenna, Beidou B3 antenna, customized non-standard antenna, RF connector board end socket sub connector, automobile antenna and automobile Harness", and there is also the website of our golden beacon company www.bds666 COM and website QR code, as well as the contact number of senior engineer Tu Gong: 17679054880. In order to adapt to Huaqiangbei's customer inquiry, Tu Gong QQ number: 1539983332, so as to better and faster serve Huaqiangbei's customers!



Contact information of golden navigation mark in Huaqiangbei


This time, golden beacon kinghelm has set up billboards in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. The main purpose is to better publicize the golden beacon kinghelm brand and R & D products in Huaqiangbei market, and promote the Beidou GPS positioning antenna, RF coaxial cable signal connector, RJ45 data port, RJ45 interface, network HDMI interface connector, RF connector adapterType-C connectorHDMI interface, type-C interface, pin and bus arrangementSMAAdapter, FPC antenna, FFC antenna connector, antenna RF signal transmission waterproof connector, HDMI interface, USB connector, terminal line, terminal block terminal block, RF RFID tag, positioning and navigation antenna, communication antenna antenna connecting line, rubber stick antenna, sucker antenna, 433 antenna, 4G antenna, GPS module antenna and other products, It can better penetrate into all aspects of Huaqiangbei electronic industry and raise the brand and sales of kinghelm in Huaqiangbei market to a higher level; This time, kingholm sent a senior engineer, painter, to provide one-stop and considerate service, and also to timely and accurately reflect the Beidou GPS antenna connector and customization needs of Huaqiangbei customers to the headquarters of kingholm. The commissioning, R & D and customization of built-in external antenna connectors and other products of intelligent terminals and other products that need to be debugged by customers coming to Huaqiangbei. Real time information and samples can be quickly transmitted to the factory of golden navigation mark company in Tangxia, Dongguan. The FAE engineers and R & D team of the factory will make use of the nearby microwave network analyzer, microwave far-field darkroom and other equipment at the first time, Provide solutions for customers.



Content of golden beacon kinghelm advertisement in Huaqiangbei


Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhaibiao, led jinhaibiao company to start a business. Therefore, after jinhaibiao company and kingelm (www.bds666. Com) became bigger and stronger, he has always paid attention to Huaqiangbei, studied Huaqiangbei, wrote a large number of articles to analyze the traditional Huaqiangbei business model, thinking and exploring for the development, prosperity and transformation of Huaqiangbei, In order to make suggestions and suggestions for purifying and standardizing Huaqiangbei's business environment, make a loud voice, spread and praise the grass-roots entrepreneur culture of Huaqiangbei's landlady's courage to fight and never say die, and hope that Huaqiangbei will become the gold card of the great achievements of reform and opening up in Shenzhen. Huaqiangbei is not only the Huaqiangbei of the landlady struggling in Huaqiangbei, but also the Huaqiangbei of Futian District, Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen is also Huaqiangbei in Guangdong, the pioneer and landmark of China's reform and opening up.



"Beidou expert" gold navigation beacon "written by Mr. Song Shiqiang, including Beidou satellite, Beidou Positioning and navigation and Beidou antenna RF transmission connector《Hua qiangbei, I can't forget you》"Jin hangbiao kinghelm song Shiqiang talks about Beidou BDS (up and down)", "the first in Shenzhen in eight years", "Jin hangbiao song Shiqiang talks about Beidou bds666", "Bei Dou yo yo bds666, now 500 million users 2025 or benefit 7 billion people! Jin hangbiao details Beidou application field." 《Is it so terrible that the global electronics industry chain is decoupled from China?》"Things about Huaqiangbei electronic circle", "where is Huaqiangbei going", "suffering and glory: the road of integrated circuit localization (Part I)", "suffering and glory: the road of integrated circuit localization (Part II)", "Beidou war GPS China chip is in control!" A series of articles, such as the transformation road of Huaqiangbei distributors (top, middle and bottom), and the road of Huaqiangbei electronic enterprises' difficulty relief and development (top, middle and bottom), were published by electronic enthusiasts, Shenzhen famous self media Shenzhen dream, gelonghui, and Africa network, Huaqiang electronic network, Xilan network's science and technology column, Shenzhen business daily, Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper, silicon carbide experts, electronic circle It is reprinted by the media such as the procurement circle, No. 1 Xinwen Road, Xinwen station and we media, and also serialized in the column on the official website of golden navigation mark companyhttp://www.bds666.com/page19, the reaction effect is very good!


Jinhangbiao in the RF Laboratory of Dongguan Tangxia factory


Kingholm provides customers with rj45-rj45 network, network interface connector, RF connector adapter, coaxial cable connectorType-C connectorHDMI interface, type-C interface, pin and bus arrangementSMA, FPC antenna, FFC antenna connector, antenna signal transmission waterproof connector, HDMI interface, USB connector, terminal line, terminal block, terminal block, RF RFID tag, GPS positioning and navigation antenna, communication antenna antenna connection line, rubber stick antenna, sucker antenna, 433 antenna, 2.4g5g antenna, GPS module antenna, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, communication, military industry, instrumentation, security, medical and other industries.


If you have any relevant needs, please contact Mr. Tu, the person in charge of jinhangbiao Huaqiangbei, Tel.: 17679054880, QQ: 1539983332.


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