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Golden beacon participates in 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition

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The three-day elexcon 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition has come to an end. It is an important professional event in South China and a wind vane for China's electronics industry. The exhibition focuses on new technologies and applications in AI Artificial Intelligence, smart home, Internet of things, smart cars, industrial intelligent systems and new energy.

Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the event. Kinghelm, founded in 2007, is a national high-tech and double soft certification enterprise. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of Beidou satellite navigation and Internet of things terminal application hardware, and provides Beidou logistics information intelligent system solutions. The display of Beidou series antenna, Beidou module and other products carried by golden beacon attracted a large number of electronic manufacturers to stop and consult about the types, uses, quality and other problems of golden beacon antenna and module. The Beidou Logistics Intelligent Information System (www.bds666. Com), which is being developed by golden beacon, has won the attention of target customers for the first time. Many companies have expressed their intention to cooperate and develop together in the future.

The "kinghelm" brand series products launched by golden beacon company are widely used in satellite navigation, location services, Internet of things, smart city and new energy vehicles, logistics information monitoring and settlement and other fields. It mainly includes: BDS / GPS satellite navigation module, high-precision positioning module, supporting series of antennas, OBD, T-box and other vehicle intelligent hardware and logistics informatization solutions covering the whole process. At present, it is cooperating with China heavy truck, Nanjing Jinlong, BYD and other former loading plants and Aerospace Science and industry.

Jinhangbiao electronics has close cooperation with many electronic commodity stations such as Lichuang, liexin and Yunhan. This time, it is to join hands with Lichuang mall to participate in the exhibition.


The golden navigation electronic is also very fruitful, and there are as many as 330 people who wish to cooperate with WeChat at the scene. The number of fans of WeChat official account is 650. It proves that the products of golden navigation mark company are recognized by more professionals and favored by more people in need.



Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, said that we are now preparing for listing. This exhibition is just the beginning for more people to know us, recognize us and recognize us. In the future, we will produce more and better products to give back to customers and society, and make greater contributions to the cause of Beidou. Next year, we will take better and richer products to the electronic exhibitions in Shanghai, Hong Kong, the United States and Munich, Germany


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