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Jinhangbiao electronics song Shiqiang Beidou nine questions and nine answers (7)

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Interviewee: Golden Airlines Song Song Shiqiang General Manager
Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry have been struggling for more than ten years. The "Kinghelm" brand is known in the Beidou navigation, the RF microwave industry has a well-known, Jinhang standard KH series Beidou product is applied to automotive electronics, military navigation Location antenna long-waveleon time antenna, microwave radio cable industry has a sense of reputation and influence.The "Beidou Expert" public account for Jinhang marketers vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, and the development of the Beidou business is shouting, not only to make the Beidou business, but when a lifeline. The Jinhang standard is a company that is developing from Huaqiang North. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development of Huaqiang North, writing a large number of articles in Huaqiang North, thinking loudly in the business environment of Huaqiang North, hoping Huaqiang North Become Shenzhen A beautiful business card showing a prosperous representative and reform and opening up. Mr. Song Shiqiang is actively conducive to Shenzhen's economic development and system reform, and many research articles published in domestic authority media, providing new ideas for Shenzhen urban economic development and institutional reform to open new perspectives.

Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhang Standard, preached in China, "the masters of the country - Confucius"


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Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang About Beidou Nine Question 7:

What are the application markets of the Beidou chip? Which fields are most likely to become hot?

As mentioned above, Beidou BDS satellite navigation system and the US GPS Global Positioning System, Russia Glonass Global Navigation Satellite System and EU Galiler Galileo Location Navigation System, Basic undercoat technology is microwave RF technology, plus data calculation functions The Beidou GPS navigation positioning module includes two major parts of the RF chip and baseband chip, and the RF chip is responsible for receiving the signal sent by the Beidou GPS satellite. The baseband chip is responsible for calculating the corresponding geographic location based on the received signal. Our Golden Airlines Kinghelm's Beidou GPS antenna is responsible for receiving Beidou GPS signal at the front end of the Beidou GPS RF chip, Kinghelm RF connecting line terminals ensure normal transmission of the signal, not being interfered with external interference and no signal attenuation. GPS Beidou Galileo Glolinas Galileo Galileo positioning system chip module function is compatible, Gold Airboster Kinghelm and their paired GPS Beidou antenna cable Type-C connector can be compatible with each other. Application vendors will define products and development markets based on navigation positioning time and space information application scenarios.

Jinhang label Kinghelm RF Beidou GPS Antenna WiFi antenna coaxial cable Beidou chip application market is actually a lot. In the stock market, I believe that all the markets that I have done before GPS before, and our Beifou BDS can be re-done. This market has developed for decades, and the total amount is still not small. In the incremental market of navigation, there are also hot unmanned drivers, developing fast personal intelligent wear products, such as Huawei Xiaomi smart smart watch, and Beidou student card, intelligent pension bracelet, agricultural supply chain, etc. You need to use the positioning of the Beidou BDS. In smart city, military weapons and equipment, Ocean fisheries, Ocean transport, IoT traffic, wisdom agriculture, personal sports health products, etc., these are the application market of Beidou.

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The US GPS system was put into use in 1964. In 1994, the requirements of all-round, all-weather, full-time periods were reached, and the satellite navigation business was almost monopolized through technical advantages and the first strength. The dominant status is mainly based on the US GPS, accounting for 29%, and with the rapid development of China's GNSS industry, there is currently 11% of the global market, followed by Europe, Japan. The international competitiveness of Beidou BDS in the global market is constantly improving. According to China Turnover Institute data, it is expected that the future global satellite navigation will communicate with 5G, Internet of Things, etc., complement each other, ai, cloud computing, block chain, etc. The new technology infrastructure provides precise time and space information.   In the 2020, the Bucheng System has completed the global network, after the "all the way" strategic construction, Beidou application enters the promotion stage. The five major industries and industrial development key cities with traditional development advantages have actively combined national strategies and their own characteristics. Among them, the comprehensive output value of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region surpassed the top of the five regional development, reaching 86.6 billion yuan, and the comprehensive output value of the Pearl River Delta region reached 8.21 billion yuan, the comprehensive output value of the Yangtze River Delta region reached 55.7 billion yuan, the comprehensive output value of the Chinese area reached 39.9 billion yuan, and the comprehensive output value of the western region reached 31.5 billion yuan.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM RF Beidou GPS antenna WiFi antenna external 2.4G antenna glue rod antenna  

Under the premise of these markets, the hotspot field gold standard (www.bds666.com) Old Song is most added. Beidou BDS can also use unique technologies and the advantages of application scenarios, and GPS expand differentiated competition. In the unique Beidou short message signal, Beidou high precision differential, Beidou inertial navigation, high-precision RTK positioning, time and space location information, Beidou foundation, indoor small position data, etc. Less space will become the next hot spot. For example, the Beidou High Accuracy Module of Shenzhen Tiangong Endurance Company (www.skylab.com.cn) is better, and our Jinhang standard Kinghelm's Beidou GPS antenna connection line TYPE-C connector provides customers with service, the effect is very good. They are currently in vigorous research and development of Beidou Positioning BDS + UWB indoor positioning technology, the market prospect is very good.

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