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Good news! Kinghelm’s online shop will be launched on Alibaba international platform

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Good news! Kinghelm’s online shop will be launched on Alibaba international platform (https://kinghelm.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.siteadmin.0.0.7e553333umhkrC)


Kinghelm’s online shop, which has been prepared for a long time, will be launched on Alibaba international platform at 11:58 a.m., August 18, 2022. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm, said that this moment is very important for all colleagues of Kinghelm. Since its establishment, Kinghelm has been doing well in the development of new products and quality control, at the same time, Kinghelm has been focusing on the standardization and internationalization of its products and learning from global first-class brands. The opening of Kinghelm’s online shop on Alibaba international platform is not only an important symbol of Kinghelm’s internationalization, but also a comprehensive test for Kinghelm in the aspects of management, products, publicity and promotion. (https://kinghelm.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.siteadmin.0.0.7e553333umhkrC)


Kinghelm’s online shop on Alibaba international website page


      Alibaba international platform was established in 1999, and it has become the main platform to promote the digitalization of foreign trade, which is in line with the digital development of Kinghelm in recent years. "Make the world smaller, and make bigger business" is the slogan of Alibaba international platform, and Alibaba is also one of the platforms to realize the dream of "Kinghelm, connecting Beidou and embracing the world". Alibaba has served more than 26 million active corporate buyers from more than 200 countries and regions. Kinghelm has more than 2,000 product categories and serves more than 5,000 customers. After stabilizing the domestic market, now Kinghelm hope to serve more overseas customers through the platform of Alibaba International. Alibaba International can obtain many trade opportunities and orders by showing and promoting suppliers' enterprises and products to overseas buyers, and it is one of the preferred online platforms for export enterprises to expand international trade. As the world's largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, Alibaba International Logistics has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and it will integrate the resonance with ecological partners to redefine global freight standards through digitalization. "Door to door" service capability is one of the key directions: goods are delivered from the factory to the domestic port and customs, enter into the overseas port by sea, land and air, then customs clearance, tax payment, and final terminal distribution will be finished step by step.



Kinghelm’s English website page


"Alibaba International" also provides one-stop shop decoration, product display, marketing promotion, business negotiation and shop management and a full range of online services and tools, in order to help the enterprises reduce costs and develop the international market efficiently.




Kinghelms USB-Type-C series on Alibaba International


Recently, in order to prepare for the launch of Kinghelms Alibaba international platform, the staff of Kinghelm have worked overtime, and the colleagues of its sister company Slkor (www.slkoric.com) have also come to help. They pay close attention to every detail in their work, the product publicity pictures are required to be very beautiful and gorgeous, and the product description translation is carefully reviewed, striving to achieve the "faithfulness, expressiveness, elegance". In short, Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) wants to show its excellent products and brand image to customers all over the world!




Kinghelms Beidou GPS ceramic antennas


             Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., a national hi-tech enterprise, is a member of "GNSS and LBS Association of China", "China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce" and "Guangdong Connector Association". It has, moreover, obtained many patents and software copyrights pertaining to the Beidou brand. Kinghelm specializes in the technology research, product design and manufacturing and sales service of microwave RF signal transceiver, micro electronic connector and interconnection system products. Kinghelm’s technical team is from Tsinghua University, UESTC and expatriates with R&D capability of high-quality and high-performance products. Kinghelm has obtained ISO9001 management system certification, and IATF16949 automobile quality system certification, UL, TUV, RoHS, REACH certification are in the application.


               Kinghelm’s brand products KH series include Beidou GPS antenna, RF connector, electrical data signal connector, terminal, plug-in unit and the three categories: customized automobile and motorcycle wiring harness, industrial medical connector as well as military special antenna connector. "Kinghelm connects Beidou", it’s the slogan of the company and Kinghelm grows with the development of Beidou. Kinghelm begins with providing Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna, IPEX terminal and RF connector for auto factories involved in the national project "Two kinds of buses and CDG vehicles", and its product categories have expanded a lot, such as series antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LORA, Zigbee, UWB and GSM communication antenna, RFID tag, RF patch cord, GJB RF connector, microwave antenna, auto SMA and SMB, FAKRA RF connector, and coaxial cable.



Kinghelms USB-Type-C on Alibaba international website page


Kinghelm has a manufacturing base with automatic production lines, which is located in Tangxia, Dongguan. The manufacturing base is equipped with automatic wire-cutting machine, terminal machine, dispenser, cable assembly machine and other equipment, experienced engineer team and well-trained workers can complete mass product delivery on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. In addition, Kinghelm has a complete range of these testing instruments, such as microwave full-wave anechoic room, network analyzer, high-speed oscilloscope, salt fog testing machine, high and low temperature testing cabinet, which are capable of the debugging of high and low temperature, double 85 test and intelligent hardware antenna signal. Kinghelm added all kinds of connectors such as data electrical signal transmission connector, precision connector, connector terminal, including board end, wire end, micro terminal, wire to board, wire to wire, board to board and Insulation displacement connector. Besides, there are SIM socket, USB C, Type-C, HDMI, RJ45 interface, plug-in unit, PCB board connection terminal, pin header, female header, plug and unplug parts, thimble spring, crimping terminal, etc.


                   Kinghelm undertakes the customization of non-standard ceramic antenna, signal amplifier board and cable. Moreover Kinghelm has provided navigation and positioning antennas and wire harness for automobiles and motorcycles, and dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof connectors for industrial medical customers. As a private high-tech enterprise, Kinghelm actively participates in the "civil-military integration". In addition, Kinghelm launched Beidou B3 RF military antenna and special connector, which have been awarded by the superior for their high quality and excellent guarantee. And Kinghelm's "Three Military Certificate" qualification is in the application!



Kinghelm’s RF antenna connector products


      The products" of Kinghelm are applied to many fields such as high-speed railway, new energy vehicle, wireless intelligent terminal, IoT, IoV, smart city, smart home, industrial equipment, industrial Internet, scientific research, military and national defense and other fields. Adhering to the corporate culture of "integrity, progress, tenacity and detail" and the corporate ethics of "Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you", under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, Kinghelm takes root in the Beidou industry and contributes to the development of the society and the prosperity of the China!


Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.com.cn) has been learning from many foreign enterprises, such as Amphenol, Tyco, Molex, Hirose, LUXSHAREICT, Yasaki, JAE and the domestic enterprises, such as Guizhou Aerospace Electrical Appliances, Yonggui Electrical Appliances, Hexing Group, Shaanxi Huada Technology, Shenzhen Tongmao Electronics, Suzhou Ruikeda, Yihua Shares, Xinwei Communication, Rihai Communication, Wutong Holding, and Huaxin Antenna. The field of new energy vehicles is an important growth point of connector products, such as high power density battery pack, battery charger, inverter, and DC-DC controller. Song Shiqiang, CEO of Kinghelm, said that the connector products are gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight, wireless and intelligentization. Kinghelm's connector products can replace JST's B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B2B-PH-K-S, B4B-PH-K-S, Changjiang connector A2001WV-2P, A2001WV-3P, A2001WV-4P, A2001WV-5P/A2001WR-4P and Tyco TE640445-2, TE640445-3, TE640445-5, TE640445-6, TE640388-3. In addition, Kinghelms KH-(2400)-J505-JB and KH3216-A35 can replace Huaxins HX-MH2604P, HX-AUST007,HX-Aust002,HX-CH7005A.



Kinghelms RF antenna connector terminal products


The products of Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) can be used together to give customers all-round service and experience!



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