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Warmness, happiness, harmony, and vitality! employees of Kinghelm and Slkor together with their kids come to the company to celebrate the International Children's Day!

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                   The growth of "children" is the "concern" of employees, and also the "concern" of Kinghelm and Slkor company. On the occasion of "June 1" Children's Day, The administration department of Kinghelm/Slkor organized and arranged an activity of "caring for the growth of employees' children and building the home of the enterprise".


                       On the afternoon of May 28, 2022, there are children's laughter from Slkors conference room from time to time. The conference room of Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) was filled with balloons of different colors and upbeat children's songs were played. As the general manager of Kinghelm and Slkor, Song Shiqiang with the colleagues affectionately said hello to the children, wish them live healthy and happy lifeand extended his best wishes. Besides, he said the company will pay close attention to the children's growth organize more meaningful activities, and make the company become "family" as well as a solid backing for the staff.



                        Song Shiqiang, the general manager, gave each child the most popular gift-- Bing Dwen Dwen, which is 10CM tall and lovely, and the children queued up for it. After that, all the children express many thanks to uncle Song in chorus with their sweet, innocent, pleasant voice for the surprise he brought to them, how happy they are!



                     During the talent show, the children werent shy at all, some recited ancient Chinese poems, some sang nursery rhyme, some performed martial arts, and all kids fully showed their talent and skills. In the question answering part, the children spoke enthusiastically and answered the questions actively, and the children who answered the questions correctly won beautiful prizes. The pure and happy expression of the children is the most beautiful scenery in the hearts of adults, and the parents also were brought back to their carefree childhood days.



                 The company also specially prepared KFC hamburger chicken fries, Yakult, cola, coconut juice, nori, Oreo cookies, cake, Liuliu plum and delicious fruits, children happily had the food, eating, laughing and enjoying it. During the activity, the employees accompanied their children and looked at their smiling faces. The employees feel that their children are really happy nowadays, and we have the momentum to work in the company as Kinghelm and Slkor are developing rapidly.


                     This activity not only brought joy to the children, but also promoted the parent-child communication among employees of Kinghelm and Slkorwhich increased the affection between family members and enhanced the confidence and energy of the company. In the future, the administration department of the company will actively organize various kinds of activities according to the needs of employees in order to meet their spiritual needs and create a happy office and healthy working atmosphere when they are in busy, so that their fatigue in the job and life can be released and relieved, and they can devote themselves to work again with bright mental outlook and more abundant energy. The two Companies Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) and Slkor (www.slkoric.com) have developed rapidly in recent years, due to the hard work of the employees and their families behind them.




                          What Mr. Song usually said most to everyone is that we work hard is for the happiness of our family. If we manage ourselves well, we can do a good job in our families, only when we take good care of our families and educate our children well can we succeed in our careers and make contributions to our society and country. Therefore we will carry out more such activities in the future, so that the staff and their families can share the achievements brought by the development of the company.














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