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Application of kinghelm RFID tag, RFID antenna and other products in non-contact shopping malls and other shopping scenes

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Jinhang State Electronics (www.bds666.com) is a national high-tech enterprise, integrating development and design, manufacturing, marketing. Jinhang standard Kinghelm product has Beidou GPS antenna positioning navigation antennas, RJ45 network connector USB C interface, RF head microwave connector, coaxial cable connector, TYPE-C connector interface, HDMI interface terminal, SMA adapter row Needle roster, FPC cable FFC antenna, HDMI interface USB C connector, non-standard custom connector switch cable wire, etc. Jinhang standard uses resources such as microwave radiofrequency, equipment, supply chain, sales channels to develop a series of Kinghelm brand RFID labels RFID antenna, widely used in smart logistics, smart cities, unmanned sales industries. The RFID label has been existed since 1948 was invented by Harry Stockman. Today, from the subway pass to livestock tracking, micro RFID tags are widely used.


Today's Golden Airlines' small compilation is to say to the application of Kinghelm RFID label RFID antenna and other products in non-contact shopping scenes.

If consumers can get what they need from the convenience store or the shopping center and other places, do not contact the cashier, this scene is so cool? Since 2015, Amazon has been trying this idea. It is now ready to open a retail store in Seattle, promise to provide convenient online shopping - RFID non-contact technology in the real world. Internet giants such as Jingdong and Alibaba at our country have tried the unmanned shop.


Amazon Amazon Go Store in New York

Go Grocery is a store built by Amazon's timely people, mainly in key links using RFID non-contact technology. This is a 10,400 square feet of shops with department stores, baking foods, agricultural products, beverages and easy-to-cuisine meals. This is a smaller, concentrated grocery store, consumers can find it in the corner of the city block. In addition to the Amazon brand, the uniqueness of this store is also the convenience of its new era. Amazon is known for its customer service, which helps this online retailer have become one of the most trusted and loved brands in the United States.


The Amazon Store team's manager understands that consumers do not want to know technology, they only hope that the problem can be solved. Consumers want to be convenient, this is what they get in the Amazon store. The customer enters Go Grocery, scans the QR code connected to its Amazon account, select the required item, and then leave. All payment details and product tracking are processed through the cloud-based payment infrastructure and a large number of cameras in the background.


Amazon said that automatic driving vehicles use the same type of technique (including machine vision, sensor fusion and deep learning), making it possible to achieve "Just Walk Out" shopping experience. This kind of shopping is too cool, but if the consumer is not in Amazon shopping? Other retail business models are trying to use RFID to copy this experience. The RFID tag can be pasted onto product labels and stickers because of small size. It is superior to a simple barcode because many RFID tags can be scanned simultaneously. These labels are also very effective in RFID inventory management systems.


Figure is a matching interactive mirror using RFID technology


Avery Dennison is known for the use of labels in manufacturing consumer goods and packaging industries, Avery Dennison has actively expanded RFID business, and it has acquired the world's largest RFID label manufacturer Smartracracrac, Avery Dennison's manufacturing plant in Brazil has started. Avery Dennison currently has more than 1,000 RFID patents and makes full use of its relationship with leading consumption brands. These include a product is Oak interactive fitting room, allowing consumers to experience RFID how to trigger the mirror in the interactive dressing room and push the item grade experience. In 2019, Avery Dennison started working with Ralph Lauren to carry out pilot projects, according to a report published in Women 's Wear Daily, all labels on shirts, trousers and other clothing will include an electronic tag. . These labels provide a digital identity to the garment, tracking stocks and providing better after-sales service.

   The advantage of RFID also makes it naturally suitable for convenience stores, and items can be marked and read in batches. This means that retailers can accurately know how many items on the shelves only once a scan. This reduces artificial costs related to inventory inventory and restraint. Amazon wins online retail business through non-contact shopping. Avery Denison is manufacturing digital products to achieve non-contact shopping in the real world.


The RFID tab of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) is used in warehousing logistics, archive information, aviation shipping, clothing retail, wisdom, treatment, manufacturing, wisdom washing, asset management, anti-counterfeiting traceability and other fields. In various applications. From the product selection, to the program design and system platform support, provide users with easy operation and high stability, differentiated, innovative comprehensive technical services.



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