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Kinghelm Brand Beidou Antenna Connector and Other Products Actively Make "Domestic Alternative Products"

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Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) has been working in Beidou GPS antenna and connector industry for more than ten years. The earliest products of "Kinghelm" brand, Beidou navigation and positioning module and Beidou GPS antenna, directly replace the GPS module and navigation and positioning GPS antenna from the United States. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, the founder of Kinghelm has contributed to the "Domestic alternative products" of BDS in the application market of Beidou system in China!

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The corporate culture wall of Kinghelm and the slogen "Kinghelm connecting Beidou"


The "Kinghelm" brand of Kinghelm KH series products include Beidou GPS antenna, radio frequency adapter, electrical data signal connector, terminal and connector, customized automobile and motorcycle wiring harness, industrial medical connector and B3 frequency point connector of military missile-borne special positioning navigation antenna.

Kinghelm's products include Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna, IPEX terminal and RF patch cord, and its products have developed into WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LORA, Zigbee, UWB and GSM antenna series, RFID tag, RF patch cord, military standard RF connector, microwave antenna, SMA, SMB, FAKRA RF seat, coaxial cable and so on. Kinghelm also has data electrical signal transmission connectors, precision connectors, connector terminals and other products are plate end and wire end, micro-terminals, wire to plate, wire to wire, plate to plate and piercing connecting connectors, as well as SIM deck, USB C, TYPE-C, HDMI, RJ45 interfaces, connectors, PCB board connection terminals, Pin Header, Female Header,plug connector, thimble springs and crimping terminal. Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. undertakes customized development from customers, accepts customized non-standard antenna ceramic pieces, signal amplifier boards and cables, and has produced navigation and positioning antennas and wiring harnesses for automobiles and motorcycles, and customized products such as dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof connectors for military missile-borne, scientific research units and school industrial medical customers.


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The corporate culture wall of Slkor, "honest, diligent, tenacious and detailed"



The connector products of Kinghelm can replace B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B2B-PH-K-S, B4B-PH-K-S of JST, A2001WV-2P,A2001WV-3P,A2001WV-4P,A2001WV-5P, A2001WR-4P of Changjiang connector, TE 640445-2, TE 640445-3, TE 640445-5, TE 640445-6, 640388-3 and KH-(2400)-J505-JB, KH3216-A35 of KinghelmJ can replace HX-mh2604p, HX-AUST007, HX-AUST002, HX-CH7005A, KH3216 ceramic antenna, KH5220 ceramic antenna, KH ceramic antenna of Huaxin antenna

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Publicity Map of Kinghelm Website (1)

KH-AF90DIP-112, KH-TYPE-C-16P, KH-MICRO5P-ZH, KH-XH-2A-2, KH-XH-PT.TJC3, KH-XH-2A-2 connectors of Kinghelm can replace electrical ECT818000157, ECT818000251, ECT818000500, ECT818000417, ECT818000531, ECT818000276, Amphenol 473521001, Amphenol A1001WR-S-2X08PD01 connectors, 050170001, 4molex MOX 72192001, Molex 473460001, 1050170001, 4Molex 72192001, 5033981892, Molex 670688000, 530470310 connectors and B2B-XH-A, B4B-Xh-A, B4B-PH-K-S, B6B- Xh-a, B5B-XH-A, A2541HWV, A2501WV, A2001WV, A3963WV, A2541WV, A2501WV of jst, and the crimping connector of Kinghelm can replace 430300001, 39000038, 430310001, 502128000, 39000040, Changjiang HX-CH7005A, Changjiang Connector A2012-TP, A2006-TP, Changjiang Connector A1251-tp, A2001-TP, Changjiang Connector A2008-TP-A of molex and the crimping connector of Kinghelm can replace TE 1123343-1, TE 1670146-1, 2 TE 82109-1, TE 1-104480-3, TE 964269-2.

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Publicity Map of Kinghelm Website (II)

Slkor semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com), the brother company of Kinghelm invested and operated by Mr. Song Shiqiang, is also making efforts to "Domestic alternative products" in the field of electronic components and strive to become "the leader of domestic semiconductor industry". Slkor (www.slkormicro.com)' s power management IC can replace TI Texas Instruments, ON ONsemi, ST STMicroelectronics, IR, MPS, Atmel, AMS and other brands.


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The slogan of Slkor"Becoming the Leader of Domestic Semiconductor" 



SLSS41F of Slkor can replace Honeywell SS41F,  Hall sensor SL-302B of Slkor can replace AKM Hall sensor SS41F, field effect mos tube SL2301 of Slkor can replace CJ, LRC VISHA, CJ2301, LP2301LT1G, SI2301CDS, field effect mos tube 2N7002,2N7002L of Slkor can replace CJ, LRC, VISHA, onsemi 2N7002, 2N7002L, the power management IC of Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) can replace TI, ON, ST, IR, MPS, Atmel, AMS and other models; Slkor's power management IC, Slkor linear regulators SL4275, SL4284, TO-252 can replace IR TLE4275, TLE4284, Slkor's power management IC, Slkor linear regulator SL54620RHLR can replace TI, TPS54620RHLR, Slkor's power management IC, Slkor linear regulator AMS1117-1.8 can replace AMS1117-1.8 of AMS AG.

Kinghelm and Slkor have achieved initial results in the "Domestic alternative products" of their products after years of efforts, and they have ushered in an explosion point in 2022, which has already achieved the rapid development of the two wings planned by Mr. Song Shiqiang a few years ago. We hope that all sectors of society and customers will support Kinghelm and Slkor more, and do their part for the localization of China's electronic information industry and the "Independence and controllability" of the industrial chain!


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