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New Working Clothes of Kinghelm and Slkor

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                   May 8, 2022 saw Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) and Slkor (www.slkoric.com) had a lively atmosphere and that all employees wore uniform custom-made working clothes happily. Everyone took pictures of each other. General Manager Mr. Song Shiqiang convened employees to take a group photo and released it on WeChat Moments, WeChat Channel and Tik Tok. All those embodied the company’s prosperous development and vibrancy. 

Group Photo of Employees at Headquarters of Kinghelm and Slkor

                  With bottom color of red, new working clothes of Kinghelm and Slkor are well made of high-grade fabrics and imprinted with Kinghelm’s logo “Kinghelm” and Slogan “Kinghelm – Connecting BDS” and Slkor’s Logo “SLKOR” and slogan “Slkor – A SiC Expert”. Employees got very energic after wearing new working clothes. Word of Kinghelm is silk screen printed as cyan and word of Slkor is silk screen printed as yellow. Colors of offices of the two companies are also very harmonious and contains the idea of harmony and co-growth in Chinese culture. Particularly, at the position of left shoulder blade on back of working clothes, logo brand is upward by 30°, which embodies mental outlook of liveliness, generosity and positivity!   

Local Area of Slkor’s Working Clothes


Below shows the reasons why Kinghelm and Slkor request employees to wear uniform working clothes:

I. Show and Set up Enterprise Image

Uniform working clothes can embody the enterprises’ strict and standard management and comprehensive image. Employee image is uniform, tidy and generous. Logos and slogans of Kinghelm and Slkor are shown on working clothes, just as a mobile billboard. Kinghelm and Slkor request employees to wear uniform clothes, and besides clean and tidy appearance, employees should keep their working clothes tidy and clean. All those are products hard to be developed and made. Meanwhile, uniform working clothes also convey our confidence in producing good Kinghelm antenna connector and Slkor diode, triode and field effect tube. 

Kinghelm’s Employees Were Wearing Uniform Working Clothes



II. Embody Standardization and Improve Cohesion

Kinghelm and Slkor’s developing constantly since their establishment doesn’t separate away from employees’ efforts and struggles. It, however, is under the premise that employees recognize corporate and enterprise culture, which is also embodied in working clothes that represent the companies. 

Uniform Working Clothes of SlkorMicro’s Employees


As pointed out by Mr. Song Shiqiang, working clothes are the core resources of regulating production efficiency. Employees of Kinghelm/ Slkor are the companies’ valuable wealth and everyone should work happily in company. An enterprise could give full play to its efficiency only when employees are united as one. Therefore, it is necessary to improve employees’ cohesion if wanting to improve enterprise efficiency. Uniform working clothes are conductive to embodying company’s commonality and even staff’s good cooperation, strengthening enterprise’s sense of pride and employees’ sense of belonging and enhancing enterprise’s cohesion.

III. Embody Enterprise Culture

As said by Mr. Song Shiqiang, enterprise without cultural element cannot develop into a large company, and uniform working clothes are a significant carrier of establishing corporate culture that employees recognize really, reflecting employees’ mental outlook, embodying enterprise’s cultural connotation and passing on corporate culture. Mr. Song requests all employees to abide by core values of Kinghelm and Slkor of “integrity, progress, tenacity and detail”: Develop “integrity” quality, “progress” attitude and “tenacity” spirit; cultivate the ability of controlling working details, highlight unity of knowing and doing and meet customer’s needs first. Enterprise culture, which emphasizes implementation, inheritance and practice, should become every employee’s core guidance in work and even the constant endogenous force for enterprise development, so as to promote Kinghelm and Slkor to advance forward steadily and build Slkor into a leader in domestic semiconductor industry by seizing opportunity of “domestication”. 


Board of Slkor’s Corporate Culture


Integrity – employees of Kinghelm/ Slkor should be sincere, diligent, dedicated, concentrated, specialized, innovative and practical; pursue high quality, keep improving and become persons of integrity.

Progress – Persons of Kinghelm/ Slkor should improve in work every day and emphasize professionalism, learning, innovation and accumulation, so as to improve their own business ability comprehensively and grow together with Kinghelm and Slkor.

Tenacity-- Persons of Kinghelm/ Slkor should have firm belief in winning and spirit of perseverance, wolf-like cooperation and indomitability, overcome all difficulties and adversities and always keep the never-say-die spirt of Kinghelm and Slkor.

Detail—Persons of Kinghelm and Slkor should control nodes in work, highlight simplification and quickness, start well and end well, keep optimizing and finish delivery to customer accurately; emphasize details in work and improve themselves further.

IV. Specify and Restrain Individual Behaviors

Everyone could realize they have entered work state immediately wearing working clothes and their behaviors and speeches stand for image of Kinghelm and Slkor. Company’s working clothes are the embodiment of self-discipline, professionalism and devotion to duty, which has function of specifying employers’ behaviors and enhancing sense of discipline and promotes rapid development of Kinghelm/Slkor.

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Kinghelm is conductive to connecting BDS. Kinghelm kh series products increased data electrical signal transmission connector, precision connector and connector terminal products in recent years, including various connectors such as plate end/wire end, miniature terminal, WTB (wire to board), wire to wire, board to board and IDC connector and SIM deck, USB C, TYPE-C, HDMI, RJ45 interface, connector assembly, PCB board connecting terminal, pin header/female header, pluggable part, thimble spring and crimping terminal.



Product Display on Slkor’s Website (www.slkoric.com)

Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkoric.com) has key technical personnel from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University, who lead the company’s development through new material, process and product and master internationally leading third generation semiconductor SiC power device technology. Slkor’s products include three series of products of integrated circuit: diode/triode, power device and power management chip. Slkor has developed from an IP design company into a national hi-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and sales service and “SLKOR” brand has increasingly famous reputation in semiconductor industry. Besides displaying products and publicizing “Slkor” brand, official website of Slkor (www.slkoric.com) also carries out the activities such as technical exchange, idea discussion, information exchange and data inquiry and gradually becomes one of the most important platforms for coordinated development in semiconductor industry.


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