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Research on the fundamental transformation of government functions from the perspective of connotative large Ministry Reform

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On the afternoon of August 2, 2016, the general manager of Song Shiqiang, Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Co., Ltd., was appointed by the Shenzhen Municipal Economic and Information Committee and SME Department, and participated in the Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the China University of Political Science and Law. The fundamental transformation study of government functions. As the only representative of Shenzhen SMEs, Song Shiqiang has combined the actual situation of SMEs, combined with macroeconomic law, close to the development of information intelligent era, refer to the international domestic advanced experience, and seriously prepares it, wrote up to 4000 The report of the word, I hope to contribute to the government's simply decentralization to promote social and economic strength. The report was agreed with experts from Shi Yaming, and said that after the meeting, the general manager of Song Shiqiang was responsible, and conscientiously consolidate the practical problems raised at the symposium.

 Dear Shujun Secretary, leaders, all experts, everyone good afternoon! Thank you very much for the Shenzhen Economic and Information Committee and SMEs to give me and communicate opportunities. I combined with the above topic to do the following simple reports in the actual situation facing Shenzhen SMEs:


一 、Transforming to the big market small government

According to the stage of my country's current reform, we should use the thinking orientation of small governments in large markets.


A、Create a service-based government

  In the primary stage of reform and opening up, there is still not much social economy and social elites, and the government needs to guide. The model of economic development is more of resource consumption and enjoyment of demographic dividends, and Keynes models investing in government planning is the simplest. Practical routines require a strong government to carry out efficient resource integration coordination, as well as policy tools to allocate incentives. However, at this stage, the economy has reached a certain scale, thinking, and has grown up through the middle class in the market economy. The economy needs to use the market that can only be adjusted, the market itself will speak.

Remove national strategies and security areas, you should increase your own autonomy, encourage free competition, encourage and protect your entrepreneur, and promote economic development through social and corporate innovation. The government should not be a athlete, and the referee and logistics service will be good. Give power into the cage, is the consensus of social development to at present. The front time, Dong Mingzhu, who gave Li, said to Prime Minister, we don't subsidize, don't policies, as long as the government regards us. As far as a side reflects that the government needs to review the management of the company's control, too much is too dead. This is more valuable to SMEs.

B、Buy social professional services

The government has adopted a large and full management model. Social services not only be both aunt, but also a model of a referee athlete, sometimes often shirtless. Nowadays, social division is more professional and systematic. Many services are required for specialization and organizational efficiency, and there is cost-effective consideration, which is precisely the government's short board.

 Our Shenzhen is a better exploration, and the proportion of civil servants is the lowest in the country, the highest efficiency. The government pays money, please do a professional thing, you can do a good job.

C、Compromise to market rational

 A few days ago, the net approximation is legally recognized. I think the government is a great progress in the rational compromise between the government to social economy. The speed of social development is getting faster, and all new technological and economic models have emerged in emerged, and the social development and progress have been quickly promoted. The government adopts encouragement, inclusive, and recognized attitude towards the best annotations of innovative society.

Breaking the model of the Chinese thousand years of traditional game "winner to eat%% Constitutional compromise to the market is the best cooperation and win-win development model in many ways.

D、Rational public opinion

We have found that in every investment and political achievement, we are inseparable from the government's vigorous (even excessive) publicity, support, advocacy, such as solar photovoltaic, steel cement, etc., often left, support and encouragement Sparkling. This is also the case. If you don't have it, you must be cold and clear. The government has no rational planning and guidance, repeated investment not only wasts social resources, but also hits the enthusiasm of practitioners.


 二、Reduce business burden promotes economic development


A、Too much increase is too fast

  Since the reform and opening up, the tax increase is too fast. From 1995 to 2012, our GDP increased by 8.6 times, and the total wage increased by 8.8 times. However, the tax increased by 16.7 times, of course, there are other expenses plus more, and suppressed social consumption and investment.

What I am particularly said is that companies in Europe and America are different, and my country is taxing in circulation. In 2014 as an example, my country's production tax is 15.64%, Switzerland is 2.6%, and the United States is 6.6%, Japan is 8.41%. The government is over-squeezing the company's funds or profits, which is not conducive to the company's technical research and development, innovation and SMEs sustainable development.

B、The focus on the levy needs to be adjusted

 In addition to the driving tax too much, this piece of property tax is minimal. my country has an average of 26.75%, and the United States is 80.26%, Japan is 53.54%. So we saw that we speculated on our root-fried land, the investment industry is really dry, and there is a lot of money to make charity, which is not conducive to the re-allocation of social wealth.

Of course, the process of the privatization of privatization, but we need to be reform in this regard and should be adjusted with taxation.

C、Labor Contract Law and Minimum Wage Standard

  The "Labor Contract Law" and the minimum wage standard introduced in the past few years have been suffering from illness. The Labor Law seriously opposes the workers and investors, or the previous class struggle, did not take a harmonious development to do guiding ideas, but also promulgated too early, not only suppressing the development of SMEs, shortening the window period, but also reduced workers The dependence on job position has increased uneasiness.

  When the population dividend in the mainland and the remote area is not completely released, some of the quality manufacturing industries are squeezed to the underdeveloped countries such as Southeast Asia, and the good time to cultivate the cultivation of talents in wealth. We metaphor The introduction of this law is not a cage to change the birds, and it is a killing chicken.

  The minimum wage standard is to move other national routines, there is no guiding significance. The minimum wage standard is introduced to drag the whole staff, and should be decided by the market. The government should make an article on the improvement of the skills and optimization of the industrial structure, and do a good job of guiding publicity rather than for face a knife.

D、Efficiency Thinking and Social Development

  The social development efficiency of information age is very high, especially the development and popularization of mobile Internet. The efficiency and thinking of the government will not be able to drag down the development of slow social development. In legal governance, social security, administrative approval, policy guidance, interventions, should be strengthened to ensure the effectiveness of new industries, new models, and new technologies. In individual regions and areas, you can use a special green channel (such as a self-trade zone), etc.

  Shenzhen now "three certificates one%%

  Examples of just Gree can also explain that the government's control is sometimes lagging, but it is dragged down the development of the company.


 三、Encourage private capital


A、Reduce folk capital financing costs and investment entry threshold

  The government investment has grown faster in recent time, and folk investment growth is weak. This shows a lot of problems. I simply say two.

  The first point is that private capital financing costs are very high. According to conservative estimates, the annualization rate of loans in folk investment in the second quarter of this year may approach 10%, more than 6% of the financing costs of large-scale state-owned enterprises, and seriously weaken the competitiveness of private capital.

  The second point is that the channels of private capital investments are not smooth. On the one hand, some industry state-owned enterprises occupy a monopoly, but corruption is serious, and the efficiency is low, and civil capital is not possible to enter these markets. On the other hand, in some industries have been released, there is still a phenomenon of glass doors and revolving doors.

Therefore, it is also possible to hope that the private capital is expected to hope, and some projects make the civilian capital, and finally there are two phenomena that invest overflow. Casting the investment circulation will be beneficial to the healthy and rapid development of the national economy.

B、Calling resource allocation, etc.

  In the fully competitive industry, it is already a reward. It is difficult to own and can be mobilized. Under the premise of consuming minimal resources, a huge contribution to the country's GDP, taxation, employment, and innovation is an important part of the national economy. Its engine entrepreneur is more competitive.

  Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs around me have more than 100 hours a week, and I am afraid of fear for the development of enterprises. Entrepreneurs have not received their attention, they have received a lot of unfair treatment, some people say that China's entrepreneur is in the journey, part of the road to walking. In terms of natural resources, social resources, public power distribution, more guidance and norms should be given to private SMEs, but also to reduce thresholds to make private enterprises and state-owned enterprises have fair competition with the same competition.


四、Purify market environment


  Now the market environment is very bad, the liar and Lao Lai are rampant, the liar has designed a lot of traps, which makes people can't prevent it. A batch of victims, but the alarm is unable to force, even if it is finally caught in the liar. After the liar has a hand, change it again and open it, and a group of people are being deceived. Lao Lai is a luxury home, which is not given to the supplier. The company has a bankruptcy, there is a good way to continue to do business, and we will do not ask for money. Gold Airlines label also suffers from harm.

  SMEs are relatively weak in terms of risk management, and their legal knowledge is relatively lacking. It is often the largest victim. I hope that the government has built blacklists on the relevant companies and personnel information, and also conducts more publicity and strengthening efforts, reducing the cost of enterprises, so that everyone will use the normal production and business activities.

 There are also harassment phones, online fraud, telecom fraud, information disclosure, information trading, etc., someone has to receive hundreds of harassment calls and SMS a day. The government should keep up with technical management to legislation in this regard, and the people have turned!                            


Thank you all!     


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August 2, 2016   


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