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Sacco micro slkor vigorously sells LDMOS products

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Shenzhen sacaoweiSLKORhttp://www.slkormicro.com)R & D products of Technology Co., Ltdtwo thousand and fiveIn,research and developmentHeadquartered in Busan, Korea, specializing in power componentsThird generation semiconductorDesign, production and sales of. Products includeMOSFETCOOLMOS. power managementICFRD, HallhallComponentsIGBTSingle tube moduleSiCSilicon carbide and other devices.



Sarkozy micro slkor team relies on the third generation semiconductor silicon carbideSiCAfter years of precipitation in the industry, oxide semiconductors have been successfully developedLDMOSProducts. Model isSL647,Philips can be completely replacedPhilipsofBLF647,Widely used in5GSmall base station, radarmilitaryRadio and other industries.Vigorously cooperate with relevant scientific research institutes,In Huawei, ZTE and other productsaboveIt is also beginning to be used on a small scaleYes。 Sacco micro slkorofLDMOS productsMore models of relevant frequency bands will be launched one after another. Please look forward to it.




Sacco micro slkornewThe high voltage MOS FET product sl13n50f has been widely used in inverter, PC power supply, outdoor waterproof power supply and other fields.High cost performance,It can directly replace svf13n50f of Silan Shilan micro and cs13n50fa9h of China Resources Huajing.



The MOS tubes sl2300, sl2305, Hall switch sensors sl1603, sl1605, IGBT tubes sl40t120fl, sl60t65fl and other products developed and produced by Sacco micro slkor are widely used in the fields of floor sweeping robot, Bluetooth headset TWS, LED lighting, power adapter and so on. They can also be used together with the chip ceramic antenna of golden navigation mark kinghelm (www.bds666. Com) in Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc. Com) Huaqiang electronic mall (www.hqew. Com), Alibaba(https://dgic2010.1688.com)And other platforms are selling in large quantities.


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