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Kinghelm invited Lu Chunshui, a famous electronic industry trainer from Huaqiangbei, to the company for internal training

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On September 18, in the public meeting room of Shenzhen Longhua New District Exhibition Technology Building, Jinhang Standard Kinghelm invited the International PTT certification vocational trainer, and Mr. Lu Chunshui, International NLP Senior Trainer. " When challenges to knock on the door. The company has developed rapidly, how to build a team of high-efficiency wolf performance, and to meet the serious challenges from the outside, how to adjust their self-cultures in the encounter difficulties and setbacks, is the Jinhang marketer team in development The topic needed in the face. Mr. Song Shiqiang, the general manager, has always emphasized the training of talents and teams to introduce and walk out with each other. This time, the teacher hired outside to the company to train employees and enhance the quality of employees.


Introduction to the personal profession of Huaqiang North Famous Electronics Industry Trainer Lu Chunshui


Teacher Lu Chunshui is a leader of Huaqiang North Electronics Industry Training. International PTT certified vocational trainers, international NLP senior executives, "positive energy thinking" copyright owners, IPTA International Certification, "When challenges to knock "It is an authorized course with international copyright, and is authorized by Robert Dilz, USA. In this training, Dr. Chunshui, in order to make Jinhang marketers better experience and work in work, we will put forward our daily faces, such as: the challenge encountered every day, if there is no performance? Do not pay? Customer complaints? Influence of uncertainties such as price increase, delivery The communication between colleagues, the opposition and conflict between the department and the department, etc., and put forward the solution with everyone.


Gold Airlines Kinghelm Colleagues Interaction with Lu Chunshui Teacher


Golden Airlines Kinghelm Colleagues and Lu Chunshui teacher's live experience game


At the training site, in order to mobilize the atmosphere Lu Chunshui, Jinhang standard Kinghelm's employees came to the stage to experience this training purpose in a happy atmosphere, which is the employee of Jinhang standard (www.bds666.com). Be better serving customers in future work.


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Golden Airlines Kinghelm in the Interior Training Scene of the Exhibition Technology Building Public Meeting Room

Golden Airlines Kinghelm's brother company Sarko Micro Slkor Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) colleagues also participated in this training. In order to increase this training effect, Song Shiqiang General Manager also invited the Golden Airlines' agent of Shenzhen, Zeng Shuai, the general manager and colleagues of Zeng Shuai, and the person in charge of Huang Xiang, the head of the Sarko Micro Semiconductor Huaqiang North Image Store, and others participated. Training.


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