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Golden beacon song Shiqiang's Beidou nine questions and nine answers (3)

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Interview Target: Song Shiqiang Shenzhen Jinhang Baoji Navigo Electronics (www.bds666.com) General Manager


Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhang Standard, promotes Beidou in Huaqiang Lecture Hall


Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Struggle in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years, "Kinghelm" brand in the Beidou Navigation Radiofrequency microwave industry 哟 Propogenous name and influence, KH series Beidou products are applied to automotive electronics, [敏感词] Navigation Positioning Antenna Long-wavelength Transmission When the antenna, the microwave RF cable industry has a visibility and influence. The "Beidou Expert" public number of Jinhang marketer vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, the development of the Beidou business, but not only the Beidou business, but it is doing it. The Jinhang standard is a company that is developing from Huaqiang North. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development of Huaqiang North, writing a large number of articles in Huaqiang North, thinking loudly in the business environment of Huaqiang North, hoping Huaqiang North Become Shenzhen A beautiful business card showing a prosperous representative and reform and opening up.



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Interview Media: "No. 1 Coveng Road" magazine, Ai Yi (www.iceasy.com), focus on reporting semiconductor chip industry, incident, product.


Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang Nine asked 9th:


Please introduce the gigma companies and cooperative enterprises and collaborators of Jinhang standard and elaborate!

Our golden air standard products are divided into two parts: military high-precision Beidou GPS antenna custom connectors and civil estuary GPS antenna cables, we all have advanced companies with giddons.

[敏感词] high-precision Beidou GPS antenna, Jinhang standard mainly targets the domestic Bei Duo Tong Group Huaxin Antenna, Huaxin Antenna R %& D, produced, the high-precision antenna, the quality variety rich market share, is the object of Jinhang standard. In the military special connector custom terminal, Jinhang label learning to the lanterner connectors, Tongmao electronics is rich in quality and stable, and is very competitive in non-standard fixed opening and private models.


Jinhang standard Kinghelm Beidou GPS test antenna


Civil Beifun GPS Antenna Connectors, Jinhang Standard to Jiaxing Jiali Antenna Company, subordinate subordinate subordinate in the market company. Jiaxing Jiali has developed production antennas of ceramic slices, sintering and commissioning a dragon production, and car Beidou GPS antenna is better in the market. Gold Airlines "Kinghelm" RF Board Type-C Connector Section, Gold Airlines Standard Subcommitter TE Tetike Connector Molax Well HRSL Signal Siege Foxconn and other domestic and foreign walks, their products selectable Strong applications are also relatively wide, help Jinhang standard products quickly introduced new customers to open the market!


Golden Airlines Kinghelm RF Board Delivery FAKRA


In recent years, USB and TYPE-C interface are in smart phones, laptops and automotive applications, and will become the only interface between the next 10 years of electronic equipment, electricity and data transmission. USB, TYPE-C head is swept throughout the intelligent terminal, Jinhang standard company caught this trend!


Golden Air Story Kinghelm RF Board Delivery FAKRA Springs Beidou GPS Antenna Series


Jinhang lauga plans to set up an overseas sales department, sell the "Kinghelm" brand Beidou GPS antenna connection line connector board end seat and other products to foreign markets. The Golden Airlines label burys the development of products to engage in production management system and product standardization. The antenna connector cable is the product of the lack of German Tianbao TE Tetike connectors, Molax, Fujikang and other brands, Jinhang is marked with price advantage, good Service, there is a fast and advantage. Mr. Song Shiqiang said that the golden air standard has some model antenna connector products to open the mouth of the international market, and the growth of foreign markets will become a growth point of Gold Airlines.



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