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Kinghelm/Slkor Staff Training Series on Corporate Culture and Ethics

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Just after the Spring Festival in 2023, the headquarters of Kinghelm(www.kinghelm.net)/Slkor (www.slkoric.com) recruited 20 new colleagues in February, and the total number of employees in the company is close to 100, reaching a new number. In order to enable new employees to better understand and integrate into the company, feel the humanistic care of the company, and enhance their sense of identity and belonging, the company’s administration department organized a series of training for new employees—the corporate culture lectured by Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao/Sake Micro In terms of ethics and ethics, Mr. Song cites classics and classics in the whole training process to explain profound and interesting things in simple terms, and skillfully integrates the principles of traditional Chinese culture and Buddhism into the daily work of the company. Everyone said that they have benefited a lot and felt deeply.



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Shenzhen Huaqiang Northern Song Shiqiang said: What is culture? My understanding is relative to "wuhua". Wuhua is to use brutal and powerful means to make the opponent change or submit. The effect is fast and destructive but the sequelae are large. The other party changes, the efficiency is slow but lasts for a long time, and the effect of "moisturizing things silently" is a way of long-term stability. "Hua" here has the meaning of enlightenment, probation, transformation, assimilation and then education. The Tang poetry and Song Ci we usually talk about are the carriers of culture, and philosophy and aesthetics are also symbols of culture. For our kinghelm&slkor to have a long-term foundation and sustainable development, we must emphasize company culture and adhere to the corporate ethics of "sage inside and king outside" and "don't do to others what you don't want to be done to others"!

What is corporate culture? Corporate culture is the value system agreed and followed by employees in the corporate organization, that is, the belief, which is the soul of our company. It is the code of conduct and guidance for employees at work, and a core component of enterprise development. An enterprise without culture cannot develop well and cannot go far. The role of corporate culture is to lead employees to form a huge cohesion and centripetal force, to promote the achievement of corporate strategic goals and visions, and to achieve sustainable development of the organization. You can also inherit the genes of excellent organizational management and management!



Corporate culture training for new employees in 2023


Talking about his own corporate culture, Mr. Song Shiqiang, the founder of Kinghelm/Slkor, emphasized that the rapid development of the company requires a corporate culture that includes core values, vision, mission, and entrepreneurial spirit. A strong driving force for sustainable development. The content of Slkor's corporate culture is the core value of "honesty, refinement, tenacity, and details".


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1.Keeping the right


Kinghelm/Slkor's corporate culture of "keeping the right"


Song Shiqiang said that Slkor/Kinghelm people should be sincere, diligent and dedicated in their work, specialize in fine arts, have high quality and integrity, innovate and do hard work, and be a Sakor micro person who abides by the righteous way. Integrity and simplicity are the foundation for a person and a company to live and work, so the company ranks "keeping the integrity" as the first. The development model of Sakor/Kinghelm is to generate value by positive labor accumulation, without messing up And fancy things, only earn the money you should earn in a fully developed and competitive market. It is very important for the company's style to be industrious, thrifty, simple and steady. "Keep the right and avoid evil"!



The refinement of Kinghelm&Slkor's corporate culture




Song Shiqiang went on to say that "spiritual progress" evolved from a Buddhist term, which means to improve a little every day. "Enlightenment" and "reincarnation" in Buddhism have become secular terms. Now that the society is developing with each passing day, new technologies, new models, and new ideas emerge in endlessly. Kinghelm and Slkor people have to work very hard so as not to lose touch with the mainstream society and ensure that they will not be eliminated. Slkormicro people must go further in their work, focus on professional micro-innovation, and through accumulation over time, comprehensively improve their business capabilities and grow together with the company, in order to achieve the management goals of Slkor and Kinghelm. Our goal of Slkor&Kinghelm is to go public successfully. For this lofty goal, we need to be diligent, accumulate and improve every day, so that our strategic goal is just around the corner.



The tenacity of Kinghelm&Slkor corporate culture



Mr. Song Shiqiang continued: As the old saying goes, "the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life". Slkor's vision is to become a "leader of domestic semiconductors". We maintain a good relationship of communication and cooperation. In the process of struggle, light sweat and tears may also bleed. Slkor people must be able to win battles, persevere, cooperate wolfishly, and overcome all difficulties and adversities in their work. If there is struggle, there will be difficulties and sacrifices, and they will never give up. I hope that Slkor and Kinghelm people will always have a tenacious spirit. There is an old saying "money doesn't come in a hurry", which also explains the reason to stick to one thing. Of course, we can all make a lot of money if we persist until the end!




Details of Kinghelm and Slkor's corporate culture


Mr. Song Shiqiang said that to become a competitive company, the small details and nodes in the work are very important. There are no big things in our company. We just do the small things that we can do well every day, and if we accumulate them over time, we will achieve big things. We Slkor and Kinghelm people should control the nodes in the work, think more and analyze the problems, and then simplify and quickly improve the efficiency. Start with a complete plan, pay attention to the shortcomings of each node during the implementation process and continue to optimize, and finally achieve a good result. Continuous optimization and improvement in details, quantitative change to qualitative change, can make Slkor and Kinghelm an excellent company.



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Finally, Song Shiqiang, the general manager of Slkor and Kinghelm, said: "While we adhere to the corporate culture, we also strictly abide by corporate ethics. If we meet the above requirements, we will do our best. We have to resist the temptation. Let us hold high the banner of core cultural values of "keeping integrity, refinement, tenacity, and details", aiming to become a "domestic semiconductor leader" brand, and always maintain vigorous and enterprising vigor, high spirits, The righteousness of Haoran Tiandi, the courage to move forward bravely, sincere unity, solidarity, pioneering spirit, diligence and pragmatism, walk toward the light, manufacture Chinese strong 'core' products, and build a bright future for Slkor together. Slkor's forward steps are unstoppable! "

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