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Kinghelm Antenna Connector Expands Overseas Market

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       Since its establishment, Kinghelm Company (www.bds666.com) has won many honors and is a senior member of GNSS and LBS Association of China. Kinghelm adheres to the tenet of "Efficient and Quick Response to Customers, Stable and Reliable Quality", which makes the sales and market share of products such as Kinghelm Beidou GPS antenna in China keep rising, and products such as antenna connectors gradually enter into overseas markets.



According to the news of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) Overseas Marketing Department, products with high standardization and good versatility such as Beidou GPS positioning antenna connector are one step ahead in opening up foreign markets, and many overseas customers have already purchased in batches from Kinghelm Company. Since South Korea Daewoo New Energy Vehicle customized the lithium battery protection harness of new energy vehicle in Kinghelm in 2020, South Korea JIN TECH Company purchased a small batch of USB connectors with model KH-91-US01-QT from our company. After strict testing by customers, all indicators are very good, with good stability and high cost performance. South Korea JIN TECH Company will gradually become a deep cooperation customer of Kinghelm.


Kinghelm KH-91-US01-QT Specification 


In addition, Jabil Circuit Group applied for KH3216-A55 ceramic patch antenna sample from Kinghelm Company, which has successfully passed the test and started small batch trial production. Now Jabil Circuit Group is conducting in-depth business negotiations with Cheng Yujie, deputy general manager of Kinghelm, and will purchase Kinghelm ceramic patch antenna and other new products in large quantities. Jabil Circuit General (Jab Technology) Jab Group is located in Florida, USA, with 90 bases in 23 countries around the world, and is currently the third largest electronics manufacturing service company in the world.


Kinghelm KH3216-A5 Products


With Kinghelm's increasing influence in Beidou industry and the company's management, system and qualification, Kinghelm's IPEX high-end board socket KH-IPEX-K501-29 connector has successfully entered the Taiwan Province market. Lite on Group of Taiwan Province purchased IPEX connectors in bulk from Kinghelm Company, and Lite on Group expressed the hope that Kinghelm could become a long-term supplier.


Kinghelm IPEX Plate End Connector KH-IPEX-K501-29


At present, Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) has started negotiations and cooperation with enterprises in Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, and initially opened up overseas markets. In the future, Kinghelm will continuously improve the market competitiveness of Beidou GPS positioning and navigation antenna products, further explore the overseas market of Kinghelm products, and make Kinghelm an international brand of Beidou GPS positioning antenna. Shenzhen Kinghelm Company will also become an international company with influential voice in Beidou industry.


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