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Kingholm enables Lanling OA intelligent office system - strengthen enterprise information digital management and build a knowledge and intelligent organization

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, especially the development of informatization, Shenzhen Golden navigation markkinghelmAs a high-tech enterprise, in order to better improve the management efficiency of the company in the integration of intelligent office, mobile portal, knowledge engineering management, process management, cost control and information creation office, golden navigation markkinghelmAnd domestic ecologyOALeader-Lan LingLandrayAchieved in-depth cooperation and in this year'seightLanling was officially used in JuneLandrayOAIntelligent office system.


Lan LingLandray-ecologyOADrainager


Lan LingLandraySoftware was founded intwo thousand and oneYear, yesoffice automationOAEcological leader, professional service provider of digital work, and national standard setting unit of knowledge management。 Golden beaconkinghelmwww.bds666. com)In order to better improve the standardization of work flow, facilitate the management of the company, facilitate the rapid promotion of work by employees, and greatly improve work efficiency, Shenzhen Golden navigation mark Electronics Co., Ltd. is also an opportunity for vigorous development, so Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden navigation mark, decided to introduce it. After intensive debugging and a large amount of data import in the early stage, this yeareightYuejin navigation markkinghelmFormal operation.



kinghelmBlue Ling of golden beaconLandrayOAIntelligent office system interface


Current golden beaconkinghelmIn LanlingLandrayOAOn the intelligent office system, the golden navigation mark products and product specifications have been fully entered and started to be used. In terms of management, the golden navigation markkinghelmIn order to enable employees to get a better experience in the era of mobile Internet and enable the company to manage intelligently and conveniently, golden navigation markkinghelmAnd LanlingLandrayOAThe person in charge of intelligent office communicated and decided to access the nail, which also made all colleagues of golden beacon experience paperless and digital process management and knowledge managementkinghelmOur work efficiency has been greatly improved.


Golden beaconkinghelmBeidou built-in short message antennaKH-858[敏感词] antenna


Golden beaconkinghelmThe recent development is very rapid, and the online promotion is very extensive, including Baidu, Baidu aigou, Lichuang mall, Huaqiu mall, lexin.com, tmallone thousand six hundred and eighty-eightAnd other well-known online platforms are in full bloom, and the golden beaconkinghelmThe company's main products are:RJ45-RJ45Network, network interface connector, RF connector, adapter, coaxial cable connectortype-cConnectorshdmiInterfacetype-cInterface, needle and bus barSMAfpcFFCAntenna connector, antenna signal transmission waterproof connectorhdmiInterfaceusbConnector, terminal line, terminal board, terminal block, RFrfidTag, positioning navigation antenna, communication antenna, antenna connecting wire, rubber rod antenna, sucker antennafour hundred and thirty-threeantenna4GAntenna,GPSModule antenna, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, communication, military industry, instrumentation, security, medical and other industries.



Golden beaconkinghelmPicture of factory gate


Golden beaconkinghelmIntroduction of LanlingOAIntelligent office system is of great help to golden navigation mark companyThe company's process management is detailed and clear, which promotes the enterprise's informatization, standardization and process management and the strong knowledge engineering management of golden navigation mark companykinghelmIt will develop and grow in the future and get a good promotion and cardiotonic. Sacco micro, a brother company of golden beacon companyslkorwww.slkormicro. com)Semiconductor companies also launchedLan LingLandrayOAIntelligent office system.


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