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Jinhangbiao electronics song Shiqiang Beidou nine questions and nine answers (8)

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Instrictions: Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard Electronic Song Shiqiang, Song Shiqiang, Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics, in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry, "Kinghelm" brand in the Beidou Navigation RF microwave industry has a well-known, Jinhang standard kH Series Beidou Products are applied to automotive electronics, military navigation positioning antenna long-waveless, microwave RF cable industry has influential and reputation. The "Beidou Expert" public account for Jinhang marketers vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, and the development of the Beidou business is shouting, not only to make the Beidou business, but when a lifeline.The Jinhang Standard (www.bds666.com) is a company that has developed from Huaqiang North. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development of Huaqiang North, and writing a lot of articles in Huaqiang North, and calling the business environment of Huaqiang North. I hope that Huaqiang North has become a beautiful business card for the prosperous representatives and reform and opening up results of Shenzhen. Mr. Song Shiqiang is actively conducive to Shenzhen's economic development and system reform, and many research articles published in domestic authority media, providing new ideas for Shenzhen urban economic development and institutional reform to open new perspectives.

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard Kinghelm, in the early days of Huaqiang North Office


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Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang About Beidou Nine asks Nine Answers (8):

Which product is the most popular in Kinghelm? Please explain the reason.

I think this problem is divided into three parts, which is the three time periods of the Boostel, now and later explosions products.

A few years ago, the best product sold by Kinghelm brand, is GPS Beidou Double-Modular Car Antenna and a supporting car IPEX cable. The product's non-standard ceramic sheet, from the formulation of ceramic powder, ceramic sheet mold opening, commissioning, silver paste printing, welding detection of the PCB board cable, and the customization of non-standard plastic shells, The Jinhang Standard R %& D team is independently completed. Just started to cooperate with the channel sales of "two customers and one danger%% Wait, with the Jinhang labeling antenna product market vigorously expanded, gradually entered the car front market or became a secondary supplier of parts for automobiles.The main customers of Golden Airlines have Nanjing Jinlong, Nanjing Ford and Headquarters China Heavy Truck in Jinan, most of which apply special vehicles for military. Golden Spaceholder product quality has been very demanding automotive-level certification, the company has steadily improved in supply chain management, incoming material management, product standardization, quality control, product consistency, and customer business services. Jinhang standard and Shaanqi Group, BYD car, Xiaopeng Automobile, etc. began to cooperate with small batch supplies, and there is a large amount of orders when waiting!

 Kinghelm Beidou GPS Double Model Car Internal Outside Satellite Navigation Location Antenna Series


At present, the new IPEX RF seats in Jinhang label Kinghelm have a very good market, the IPEX RF seat is full of radio coaxial first generation IPEX board end patch antenna, model is KH-IPEX-K501-29, extensive Apply PCBA / FPC panel to board connection, Beidou GPS intelligent terminal, smart city, car network, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other products and industries, Ti-PEX brand 20314 -001E-01 and Gigalane's CMJ-S01-001, is the explosive product of Gold Airlines in Zijian Mall (www.szlcsc.com).

Jinhang standard KINGHELM new IPEX RF board end seat UFL joint in Ziqi Mall
The new RF SMA connector, which is also introduced in Kinghelm (www.bds666.com), and the model is KH-SMA-K513-G, which can be associated with the SMA product of Yau HRS Village Murata, which is suitable for various types. Electronic products.

Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard, and Zhang Yinsheng, deputy chief of the Mall, attended the signing ceremony of Golden Airlines Sabu Micro

Going into information society, 3C digital products and intelligent information terminals increasing, more and more information transmission and delivery scenarios, Type-C connector can charge a signal transmission and other interfaces, function combination is high The market prospect is getting better and better. The gold sabard has developed a variety of Type-C conners, including the Type-C connector such as STM stem STM dump SMT, and is applied to a plate HYBIRD double-row SMT waterproof (waterproof level IPX4-IPX7) ) TYPE-C connector, etc. You can provide a TYPE-C connector for the customer to provide a TYPE-C connector.

King's new product KINGHELM new product KH-TYPE-C-16P model TYPE-C connector

Finally, we said that our golden air standard (www.bds666.com) future product layout. With the maturity of Beidou BDS system, my country's comprehensive national strength is increasing, my country's game will become more tough and comprehensive, in order to defend our people's labor results, for the Chinese nation to be respectful, my country The military military industry will have a big investment in great investment. Jinhang State Company built high-performance microwave far away dark room in Tangxia Factory, purchased network analyzer, salt spray testing machine, temperature and humidity double 85 tester, high and low temperature tester and other experimental detector. In response to military and other special industries, a series of products such as Beidou [敏感词] bouquet high-precision antennas and non-standard custom connectors are also the focus of Jinhang standard company. These products are highly accurate, with good quality, and currently supply in several military units.With the development of Jinhang standard, the richness of the nautical navigation, the golden air standard continues to strengthen the product development and business of the antenna, the Roland C antenna, the Beidou, the geomagnetic antenna, anti-interference Beidou antenna RF cable. Expand, these will have new explosive products for Jinhang standard!


Kinghelm Golden Airlines developed Beidou [敏感词] bourse high-precision military antenna

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