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Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, participated in the third Tsinghua Alumni Association of jimicrogrid semiconductor summit

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On June 25 and 26, the fifth Jiwei semiconductor summit was officially opened in Haicang, Xiamen. The theme of the summit was "heart and mind are printed, changes have Kunpeng". Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhaibiao, and Zheng Zhangbiao, deputy general manager of sacaowei, were invited to attend the summit. On the evening of the 26th, the summit grandly launched the Alumni Association. The third Tsinghua Alumni Association came on the stage again. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, participated in the activity.

Golden beacon company's vibrant front office Mingtang


At this forum, Wei Shaojun, director of the Institute of microelectronics of Tsinghua University and vice president of China Semiconductor Industry Association, made a theme report. Yang Yuxin, CMO of black sesame, and Chen Feng, CMO of Ruixin micro, respectively presided over the round table. The "wide neck band" led by Li Yanfeng of Galen electronics also performed enthusiastic rock programs.



"Wide necked band" Li Yanfeng is performing


Professor Wei Shaojun pointed out that the balance of the global semiconductor supply chain has been broken by multiple factors, coupled with the profound and lasting impact of the epidemic, and the United States, Japan and Europe have invested heavily to start independent and safe supply chains, and the global supply chain restructuring has been started. Under this changing situation, China's semiconductor industry should attack, realize that the development of China's semiconductor will be a protracted war, and always seek a breakthrough based on innovation.



Professor Wei Shaojun, director of Microelectronics Research Institute of Tsinghua University, gave a speech


The round table of black sesame CMO Yang Yuxin discussed how long the lack of core and capacity will last, Zhang Pengfei, chairman of Broadcom integrated circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhao Guoguang, vice chairman of hengxuan technology, Li Wei, chairman of Shanghai Xinsheng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Hui, chairman of shengmei semiconductor Peng Qihuang, senior vice president of Siemens EDA and President of Asia Pacific region, expressed wonderful views.


After that, Chen Feng, CMO of Ruixin micro, including Huang Qing, managing director of Huadeng international, Li Quansheng, managing partner of Datai capital, and Shen Qiang, partner of Jiangmen venture capital, conducted in-depth discussions on the hot spots and trends of semiconductor investment.



Ruixin micro CMO Chen Feng, Huadeng international Huang Qing, Zhenghe Island Xue Jun Roundtable


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Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of jinhangbiao sakiwei


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The semiconductor summit held by jiwei.com this year is the fifth. It has become a stage for thought collision and wisdom exchange between experts and entrepreneurs in the semiconductor industry, and a platform for discovering opportunities and promoting cooperation. Mr. Song Shiqiang said that the summit had a great harvest. His trip to Xiamen not only built the ecology of golden beacon bds666 Sarkozy micro semiconductor circle, but also broadened his horizons and fully understood the development trend of global semiconductors. It is of far-reaching significance for the development and growth of golden beacon kingelm antenna Sarkozy micro SLOR semiconductors in the future and moving towards the world.

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