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New website of kingholm company www.bds666.com Com revision, new page, new column, new content, new direction

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Golden beacon company's new websitewww.BDS666. comSince the revision went online, in the previouswww.kinghelm. cnOn the basis of the website, plates are added and content is optimized, emphasizing that content is the king. The vision of Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon company, is that the new website is not only to publicize golden beacon company andkinghelmThe window of brand products, but toBDS666Website as a platform to build BeidouGPSantennaWiFiAntenna connector industry is the forefront of information divergence at home and abroad, RF, microwave and2G4G5GA science and technology park for technology exchange, a feast for the exchange of ideas in the Internet of things, the Internet of vehicles industry and the Internet industry, and a salon for the collision of various views. With the help of many academic masters and industry veterans, they have become Beidou engineers, salespeople and so onGPSBluetoothWIFIAnd other communication practitioners are the source of learning progress and thinking.



       In the column of industry experts, a column was opened for distinguished experts led by Tsinghua University. There are Lin Xueping, President of Nanshan academy, who is famous in the industrial Internet and industrial software industry, Zhao Min, Professor of Tsinghua University and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University, a senior expert in the industrial automation industry and one of the authors of the best-selling book casting soulMr. Liu DachengMr. Qi Dafeng, thinker, communicator and promoter of offline Internet, etc.

       Mr. Lin Xueping,Graduated from the Department of thermal engineering of Tsinghua University, general manager of Beijing lianxun Power Consulting Co., Ltd. and deputy director of consortium Research Institute of intelligent manufacturing society of China Association for science and technology. He has deep research on intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet and global manufacturing innovation system, and is very familiar with international manufacturing cutting-edge technologies and innovation models. In recent years, hundreds of influential articles have been published, including Harvard Business Review, Outlook Weekly and other magazines. Books such as interpretation of intelligent manufacturing terms and interpretation of American Institute of manufacturing innovation have been edited and published on the industrial Internet, industryEDAThe industry has a great influenceHe is also a visiting professor of Tianjin University

       Mr. Zhao Min, master of Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, distinguished professor of Tsinghua University,incumbentGeneral manager of innovision.Zhao MinThe professor is enthusiastic about public welfare,long-termMore than writing,He has held a number of social positions: executive director of smart Research Institute, executive director of China Invention Association, Ministry of industry and information technologyDeputy Secretary General of CPS Development Forum, expert of the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, member of the expert committee of China manufacturing enterprise innovation and innovation development alliance, member of the expert committee of China Industrial Technology Software Alliance, member of the national industrial information security expert advisory committee, and distinguished lecturer of the cadre training center of the National Committee. Founder of u-triz theory. He has authored (co authored) innovative methods, TRIZ introduction and practice, knowledge engineering and innovation, TRIZ advanced and practical combat, three body intelligent revolution, interpretation of intelligent manufacturing terms, and other works. He is an internationally famous industrial software and industrial 4.0 expert.

       Liu Dachengsir,Vice president of Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University and director of logistics industry research center,Tsinghua UniversityDoctoral director, Department of industrial engineering,"40 outstanding experts in transportation and logistics in the 40 years of reform and opening up". In 2001, the first undergraduate course of "supply chain management" was opened in Colleges and universities across the country. So far, he has been a special writer in the logistics supply chain column of economic reference daily of Xinhua News agency. His pioneering and cutting-edge views have a very strong influence and has been read nearly in the past three yearsten100 million person times

       Mr Qi Dafeng isFounder of offline Internet mode, graduated from the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University and external director of a large state-owned enterprise in Hunan Province. With many years of working experience in traditional enterprises and more than 10 years of Internet experience, cross-border thinking and in-depth essence, it can analyze the great changes taking place in the market and provide direction, ideas, paths and methods for traditional enterprises to transform into Internet modeMr Qi DafengIt is of great practical value to insist on sending out a thought with unique opinions every day and find a unique way to penetrate into the world.

And the industry is famous for thinking and daring to tell the truthGeneral manager of Shenzhen Yuchen Technology Co., LtdYin JinguoGreat work, sir《The key of intelligent manufacturing lies in the innovation of production paradigm》、《Interpretation of rhinoceros factory: ten thousand factories go to the cloud and reconstruct the industrial chain》And other articles are widely praised in the industrial Internet and industrial automation software industry.


       In addition, golden beacon companyBDS666The famous columnist column of the website also invited Wu Bo, a well-known writer in the electronic components industry, and Dr. Zhu Junshan, a well-known cultural man in Huaqiangbei, to set up a column to pass on scriptures and give treasure to people in the integrated circuit industry, answer questions and answer questions, which was welcomed by the electronic components BeidouHigh praise from GPS industry personnel.

       Vice president of Lichuang mallCEOWu Bosir,He was the editor in chief of semiconductor technology, a Chinese core journal, Anxin mallCEO, Huntsman SVP, etcHe is now the Deputy Secretary General of semiconductor application alliance and the chairman of the component special committee of Shenzhen electronics chamber of Commerce, a well-known writer in the electronic distribution car industryyesHua qiangbei is the collective idol of the landlady.Dr. Zhu Junshan is a doctor of microelectronics sealing and testing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in distributionMCU of St STMICROELECTRONICSHe is the founder of Sino Italian French company, a famous entrepreneur and social activist in Huaqiangbei, and an entrepreneurial mentor. He leads his hometown in Hunan on his ownMore than 600 villagers got rid of poverty and became rich. They are also life mentors for the landlady of Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, wrote with Huaqiangbei as the big IP. Huaqiangbei praised Huaqiangbei, took Huaqiangbei's business model and economic transformation as the starting point, took Huaqiangbei's business landlords as the drainage point and focus, wrote with humor, explained the truth of doing business and being a man in simple terms, and wrote for golden beacon website www.bds666.com COM and famous columns add a lot of interest. In order to purify Huaqiangbei's business environment, Mr. Song Shiqiang has been advocating and thinking about all kinds of problems in Huaqiangbei's economic transformation. He hopes to build the real and illusory "Huaqiangbei" into a magnificent business card of Shenzhen and reform and opening up.



       Long WeiERPChen long, general manager of softwareR & D director of Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronic Technology Co., LtdKang FeiZou Qingsong, general manager of Hongtu WeiyeAuthor of "heart beating" Hengmai macrocompanyGeneral manager Zhang Liheng etc.They have set up columns on the golden beacon website.  



       Golden beacon companyIt is a national high-tech and double soft certification enterprise,As a senior member of China satellite navigation Association, it has obtained ISO9001 (04617q13625ros) quality management certification system and is improving iatf16949 automobile quality management systemApplying for relevant qualifications of national military industryThere are senior rf engineers from overseas returnees, hardware development mold engineers, advanced network analyzer, microwave darkroom, salt spray test tester and other instruments and equipment,Welcome customers to golden beacon electronicswww.BDS666. com)Customized non-standard private mode RF testing equipment, private mode connectors and other special products to provide customers with one-to-one services.


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