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Kinghelm golden beacon R & D, production and sales series short messages, built-in combined Beidou antenna, accept customization!

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With the Jinhang standard (ww.bds666.com) company technology accumulation and the company's cutting-edge technician radio frequency engineer, Jinhang Standard Kinghelm used the mastery of Beidou Navigation Positioning Technology to gradually develop. In successfully developing antenna for selling BDS, compatible with the GNSS measurement antenna of North Hand GPS Gllonas, multi-frequency spiral antenna, recently launched an Beidou BDS short message external antenna for KH-658 Integrated module, short message built-in combination Beidou antenna KH-858 and other KH series Kinghelm brand DE-king antenna.

Kinghelm developed short message built-in combination Beidou antenna KH-858


 Shenzhen Jinhang Boot Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) new product Beidou short message combined multi-layer built-in antenna KH-858 is as follows: 1.Kinghelm Gold Styard KH858 Product Description:

Golden Airlines KH858 Beidou Short message antenna is a signal built-in combination antenna for the Beidou B1, the SF Satellite signal, and signal built-in combined antenna that transmits the Beidou L band. The antenna unit gain is high, the direction map beam is wide, has good high, low angle performance; the antenna material of the ceramic process, so that the antenna has good high-temperature impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., can work for a long time. Widely used in carrier, laundry, car, handheld equipment, Beidou intelligent terminal and other fields.


2. Kinghelm Golden Airlines KH858 Product Features:

Jinhang marker KH858 Beidou Short message antenna part uses semi-separated design, enhances the isolation of each antenna unit, reducing the influence of antenna on accuracy error, and the phase center is stable; 

The antenna unit adopts the feedward, the antenna unit gain is high, the directional map beam is wide, and the low elevation angle signal is received, ensuring that the antenna can be normal at a very serious special occasion; a good circularly polarized axis ratio and gain bandwidth; Easy to integrate; can be customized according to customer needs.

Support satellite signal

Output impedance

50 ohm

B1 / L1 station wave ratio



B1 / L1 polarization gain (right rotation polarization) (active LNA gain 28dB)

≥ -10dBi (elevation 30 %& deg;) ≥ 3dBi (elevation 90 %& deg;)

L standby



L Polarization gain (left rotary polarization)

≥ 0.5dbi (elevation 30 %& deg;) ≥ 2.5dBi (elevation 70 %& deg;) ≥ 4.5dBi (elevation 90 %& deg;)

S standing wave ratio



S polarization gain (right rotation polarization)

≥ -0.5dBi (elevation 300 %& deg;) ≥ 2.5dBi (elevation 70 %& deg;) ≥ 4.5dBi (elevation 90 %& deg;)









≤φ76 * 75 * 12.5 mm (acceptable)



Output Interface

MCX (acceptable customization)


95% is not condensed

Storage temperature


Operating temperature



3. Kinghelm Gold Boots KH858 Main Technical Parameters:


4.Kinghelm Gold Boots KH-858 Product Structure Dimensions



Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard, as my country's comprehensive strength of China and the complex situation between China and abroad, and the complex  environment, our will increase their efforts to protect the safety of our people's lives and property, for the people's happiness The great revival of the Chinese nation. Beidou BDS system and our Golden Airlines (www.bds666.com) developed the Beidou Army Antenna GPS Antenna Connector, etc. The defense and market is also the focus of the future of Jinhang standard.

Jinhang standard KINGHELM short message built-in combination Beidou antenna KH-858 physical map


KH858 is a reception for the north to fight B1, S frequular satellite signals, and the signal built-in antenna of the Esbeic L-band L-band, the gain of the antenna unit is wide, and the direction map beam is wide. High, low angle properties; special processes antenna material, which makes the antenna have good high-temperature impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which can work for a long time. Widely used in carrier, board, car, handheld equipment and other fields. The antenna part uses a symmetric design, reducing the influence of the antenna to accurate error, the phase center is stable; the antenna unit uses the feedward technology, the antenna unit gain is high, the direction map beam is wide, and the tandem angle signal is well received, ensuring serious special occasion of the antenna Can normalize the star; good circularly correlation axis ratio and gain bandwidth; small size, easy integration; Jinhang State Company can also customize the customer demand.

Golden Air Story Kinghelm Microwave Lab RF Engineer In Detecting Annoma


The founder of Golden Airlines is Mr. Song Shiqiang, he also invested in Shenzhen Sarko Micro Slkor Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com), Sarko Microsemic Semiconductor is a company developed from Huaqiang North, introduced silicon carbide SiC mode from South Korea. Pipe field effect tube power device technology Opened the Greater China Application Market, which in the style of replacement of domestic alternatives and the general exhibition. Mr. Song Shiqiang asked Sarkova's colleagues, Sarko Micro R %& D and IP and other elements must be "independent controllable%% The Key Vision is "leaders who become a domestic power device".Song Shiqiang's propaganda science science's Beidou and semiconductor articles "" Beidou expert "Jinhang Song Song Shiqiang said that Beidou satellite, Beidou positioning navigation and Beidou antenna RF transport connector%% Song Shiqiang talks about Beidou BDS (on, bottom) %% Gold Airlines Boots Beatou Application Area. %% " "Beidou Wars GPS China Core is in the grip!Self-edited by electronic enthusiasts, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China Coveng Road No. 1, Cove Wen Tailai and other media and self-media reproduced, also serial in the official website of Jinhang Standard Company, and the effect of the reaction is very good!


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Kinghelm BDS, Glonass, GPS GNSS multimode measurement antenna

Jinhang standard is a national high-tech enterprise, and it is far a leader in the Beidou GPS antenna industry. Jinhang standard Kinghelm provides customers with RJ45-RJ45 network, USB network interface connector, RF connector, coaxial cable connector, Type-C connector, HDMI interface TYPE-C interface, pin roller, SMA, FPC antenna, FFC antenna connector, antenna signal transmission waterproof joint, HDMI interface, USB connector, terminal block terminal, terminal block terminal, terminal block, radio RFID tag, GPS positioning navigation antenna, communication antenna antenna connection line, 2.4G Glue Rod Antenna Suction Antenna, 433 Antenna 2.4G4G5G Antenna, GPS Module Antenna, etc. Widely used in aerospace, communication, instrumentation and security, medical and other industries. At present, Jin Hangjian Company has vigorously promotes the application of the Beidou antenna radio frequency cable and other applications!

Kinghelm gold standard multi-band spiral antenna SMA head can be horizontally covered 360 no dead end

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