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Kingholm launches new type-C connector series

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 Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. in Beidou  GPS antenna industry has struggled for many years, accumulated for many years, and finally developed  Development has entered the fast lane.  Kingelm brand has great influence in Beidou GPS antenna connecting line industry, enjoys a high reputation, and its R & D and sales team continues to grow, attracting many industry elites to join,  The product categories developed and produced by the company are more and more abundant, and the golden navigation mark is better  service  Customers create more value for customers.


In the past few years, jinhangbiao has been devoted to the research and development of RF and microwave signal transmission and connection related products, engaged in production management system and product standardization, and also paid attention to team construction and knowledge engineering management. The connection board end of BDS Beidou GPS antenna connector of kinghelm brand is benchmarked with products of German Tianbao te Tyco connector, MOLEX, Hirose Foxconn and other brands. The KH series type-C connector recently launched by golden navigation mark company is welcomed by customers.    

 Golden beacon  company  always  with  Technological innovation and products  bring forth the new through the old  To promote development and R & D  team  Embrace  There is a doctor  three  Master  eighteen  Engineers and technicians  thirty  Many  , focus on Beidou  GPS navigation antenna and related connection products for 14 years    The technical backbone has many years of experience in RF and microwave industry and working experience in large companies, and several others  yes  Returnee elite.  two thousand and eighteen  year  seven  month  twenty-six  It was jointly developed by golden beacon electronics and Xiamen University    Design of artificial hand tactile sensing system based on electronic skin    , participated in the scientific and Technological Commission under the Central [敏感词] Commission    National Defense Science and technology innovation rapid response team    Sponsored    Technological innovation of nerve prosthesis    Competition, won a single innovation technology award!  according to  technological development  "Independent and controllable" idea, golden beacon  Original acquisition  Multiple  GPS  Beidou  Navigation and positioning products  Class invention patents and software copyrights    Golden beacon  There is a production base in Tianlun Industrial Zone, Tangxia, Dongguan. It has built a high-performance microwave far-field darkroom, a network analyzer, a salt spray tester and a dual temperature and humidity analyzer  85 test  equipment  High and low temperature tester  . plug in tester  And other special testing and debugging instruments and equipment for microwave and RF wire rod    Golden beacon  always  Tsinghua University and Xiamen University    
China Aerospace Science and industry group, ordnance industry group and Beidou Xingtong group have friendly relations, smooth communication and pleasant cooperation, and maintain in-depth cooperation in relevant fields.                
       Jinhangbiao has deeply tapped potential in Beidou GPS vehicle gauge antenna and RF connector. Beidou series high-precision [敏感词] antenna and special connector for military industry have expanded sales, stabilized its leading position in Beidou military antenna industry, and vigorously developed a series of new products entering new industries. The KH new series of kingholm, including RF adapter line, RF terminal, IPEX base, SMA board end type-C connector series, has been applied to Nanjing Jinlong bus BYD automobile, China Heavy Truck Group, and sold online on e-commerce platforms such as Lichuang mall, hunting core network, Yunhan mall, Alibaba 1688, JD mall, etc.  

         Golden beacon    www.BDS666. com    The team advocates active learning and professional research  research and development  Innovation, new product R & D follow the market development and benchmark with industry benchmark enterprises.  Golden beacon  K  The new IPEX RF seat launched by inghelm,     The full name is the first generation of RF coaxial  IPEX board end patch antenna base, model:  Kh-ipex-k501-29, widely used PCBA / FPC board to board  Line pair board  Connection, Beidou  GPS intelligent terminal, smart city, Internet of vehicles  move  Internet of things, automotive electronics and other products and industries, benchmarking guangse  U.fi-r-smt of HRS, 20314-001e-01 of i-pex brand and cmj-s01-001 of gigalane are golden navigation marks in Lichuang mall    www.szlcsc. com  )Alibaba  1688 Jingdong Mall JD Wanlian mall hard city  Popular products sold.   



      Golden beacon(WWW.BDS666.COM)Developed on-boardSTM sink plate, STM sink plate short body SMT and other type-C connectors, as well as hybird double row SMT waterproof (waterproof grade ipx4-ipx7) type-C connectors, etc,Golden beacon companyAccept customer entrustment or tailor-made products for customerscustomizedR & D and production of various non-standard productsHeteromorphismType-C connector products.

      Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, said that nowinformation societyTransmission and of informationInteractive applicationMore and more scenes,3CThere are more and more digital products and intelligent information terminals,The Internet of things and the Internet of vehicles will be popularized on a large scale and at a high speed,kinghelmofType-C connectorseriesIt can be multi-purposeMultiple functions in one, charging signal transmission, etcfunctionYou can have oneportDone,It can also be waterproof and dustproof,Type-C connectorofThe future will be better and better.



      Song Shiqiang said the golden beaconwww.BDS666. com)DevelopcertainTo chaseWith the timeslargeTide, NoonlyIn BeidouGPSAntenna connecting lineAnd military products, strengthen R & D and market promotion,Also in the non-standard custom connector marketType-C connectorOpen up the situation and provide customers with high cost performanceMicrowave RF communicationSignal connectionofProducts,Connect golden navigation mark productsThousands of familiespeopleEmployees of shareholders and investorssupplierCreate greater value!


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