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Kinghelm Develops and Produces 5G Antenna KH-5G-SMAJ-131MM

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To welcome the arrival of the 5G era, the R&D team of Kinghelm Company (www.bds666.com) continuously researched and developed new 5G antenna products based on the common technologies of the previous 2G and 4G antennas and put them on the market. Now, the 5G antenna model KH-5G-SMAJ-131MM is inputted on the market, which has a black paddle shape and SMA-J interface, and can provide wireless transmission service for 5G intelligent terminals of customers. It can be applied to Huawei, ZTE, Tengda and TP-LINK wireless 5G router products, and other small wireless communication devices that use 5G as signal communication.

Kinghelm 5G Antenna KH-5G-SMAJ-131MM




I. Product Drawing:

II. Product Specification:


III. S11 Test Data


IV. Gain and Efficiency Test Data:


IV. Reliability Test Report


A. Storage Environment


       Test temperature, humidity, and air pressure as follows if not specified:

       1. The temperature is-40℃ ~+85℃

       2. The relative humidity is 45%-85%

       3. The air pressure is 86kpa-106kpa

       Result: Electrical and mechanical properties are normal.


       B. High and low temperature test


       Circulate 5 times between 70℃ and -40℃, and then check the appearance quality under normal conditions for 1-2H.

         Result:  The dimensions shall meet the requirements and meet the mechanical and electrical properties.


       C. Steady damp heat test


      The relative humidity is 95 ± 3%, test temperature: 40℃. After 2 hours' test, the electrical performance of the test product shall be measured within 5 minutes after it is taken out, and the appearance quality of the test product shall be checked under normal conditions for 1-2 hours.


       Result:  The dimensions shall meet the mechanical and electrical properties requirements.




    D. Vibration Test


     The vibration frequency range is 10-55HZ, the displacement amplitude is 0.35MM, and the acceleration amplitude is:

     50.0M/S, frequency sweeping cycles: 30 times

     Result:  The appearance, size and electrical and mechanical properties are normal.


       F. Drop Test

       At the height of 1 meter, free fall for three times according to the axis directions perpendicular to each other.


        Result:  The appearance, size and electrical and mechanical properties are normal.



VI. Testing Equipment and Principle:


       1. Test equipment:

       Network Analyzers:

       Agilent 8753D 5071B

       Communications Test Set:

       Agilent E5515C

       3D Chamber Test System:


       2. See the following system diagram for the principle:



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 Kinghelm KH6G-0H-08(DPVA) High Performance Bipolar 6G Antenna Group


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KH-EMI6857-6G Detection Filter of Kinghelm


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