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Jin hangbiao electronics song Shiqiang's nine questions and nine answers to Beidou (6)

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Sugar: Golden Airlines Electronics Song Shiqiang Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Struggle in the Beidou GPS Antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years, "Kinghelm" brand in the Beidou Navigation Radiofrequency microwave industry Jinhang standard KH series Beidou products are used in automotive electronics, military navigation positioning antenna long-wave, and the microwave RF cable industry has a visibility and influence. The "Beidou Expert" public account for Jinhang marketers vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou Copp, and the people and things of Beidou, and the development of the Beidou business is shouting, not only to make the Beidou business, but when a lifeline.The Jinhang standard is a company that is developing from Huaqiang North. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development of Huaqiang North, writing a large number of articles in Huaqiang North, thinking loudly in the business environment of Huaqiang North, hoping Huaqiang North Become Shenzhen A beautiful business card showing a prosperous representative and reform and opening up. Mr. Song Shiqiang is actively conducive to Shenzhen's economic development and system reform, and many research articles published in domestic authority media, providing new ideas for Shenzhen urban economic development and institutional reform to open new perspectives.


Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard (middle) to participate in the State Council Development Research Center System Reform Speech Speech


Interview Media: No. 1 Coveng Road is the media of Ai Yi (www.iceasy.com), focusing on the semiconductor chip industry character, event, product. Subsequent content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine

Jinhang Shi Song Shiqiang About Beidou Nine Question Nine Answers:

What kind of Beidou Chip (module) do you think will be dominated in market competition?

To clear this matter, it will probably explain the characteristics of the white GPS Beidou navigation positioning chip (module) and competitors. Beigu satellite navigation system (referred to as Beidou B DS) and US Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia Glonas Global Navigation Satellite System (Glonass) and the EU Galileo Positioning System (Galileo), technical paths are similar, Microwave RF technology plus real-time data calculation functions, defines the product and market according to application scenarios. The Beidou Navigation Positioning module includes two parts of the RF chip and baseband chips, and GPS Beidou Galileo Glonas chip module features are compatible, including our gold standard "Kinghelm" and their paired GPS Beidou antenna, They are all compatible with each other, and the heat switching of GPS and Beidou can be done.Therefore, the Beidou Chip and other navigation chips face the fierce homogeneous competition in the market, and the Beidou BDS has a technical post-out advantage, which has a shortcoming disadvantage in the market. If the Beidou chip has a market competition to seek development, we must work in the following aspects:

Jinhang standard KINGHELM Beidou GPS navigation positioning module Beidou GPS antenna RF connection line terminal

Precision high quality military and Beidou independent "Beidou short message" market, is not very sensitive to prices, profit is good, but the market body is too small to import too long. For example, the product of the Golden Airlines (www.bds666.com), the products of civilian connectors and other products are typically 24 hours, while the military-level Beidou B3 antenna custom connectors and terminals, salt fog test minimum 96 Hour. In the gold-plated process, it is necessary to use high-purity gold to use the chemical gold. The metal layer of gold plated is thickened. Some Beidou Navigation antennas also have to pass the stringent vibration test, and the antenna cost will naturally go.  

Jinhang standard KINGHELM military-grade non-standard custom Beidou B3 frequency point navigation antenna cable and so on               

The competition of the Beidou chip and the GPS chip is mainly in the field of civilian consumer goods in the Miyundi River, the profit is very large, and the characteristics of the chip in this industry are talked. In China, there are only one few of the companies that do the Beidou chip. Thai microelectronics, Zhongke Microelectronics is still working hard, but the main business goals have been transferred. Huada Beidou is the next show, chip and other products in the Beidou Chip and Beidou Applications are still progressing. Hunan Guobi is still hard, honestly, the crust of weighing these countries is critical to these national teams. The following figure below is a company that is doing an Beidou chip, but I have never seen the product in the market.     
Domestic Ierture Business, Beidou Chip, R %& D     

The current Beidou GPS domestic chip module, the high-end market, such as the vehicle rules, can't fight Switzerland's U-Blox, U-Blox's Beidou GPS chip module market share is far ahead. Consumer goods spelling price ratio, domestic Beifou chip spelling Taiwan's MTK Lianfa, Jedikai's 2035 sets, in a small positioning tracker in a monopoly. In terms of mobile intelligent terminal products, mobile intelligent terminal products, Bo Tong Qualcomm MTK Exhibition Qualcomm is all integrated with navigation features above the core processor, and the Beidou GPS navigation positioning is just a small function. Smart wearable products is a big breakfast, which is essential, but the navigation positioning function is essential, but the endurance, lightweight, and function is a big trend. It is necessary to be a GPS chip (module) in qualification certification, small size, low Power consumption, positioning accuracy, high integration, compatibility, stability, ecological creation, etc. Domestic Beifou GPS chip is relatively late, this is the best opportunity to catch up with GPS chip!
Jinhang standard KINGHELM military-grade non-standard custom Beifun navigation antenna cable SMP connector

Of course, Beidou BDS can also use unique technologies and specific application scenarios in China, and GPS expand differentiated competition. In the incremental market, there are many spaces in the incremental market in differential, inertial navigation, high precision RTK positioning, time-space location information, foundation, automatic driving, Beidou short messages, spatial position data. Shenzhen Tiangong Elementation (www.skylab.com.cn) Beidou module market is better, just walking, they are currently R %& D to the Beidou Orientation + UWB indoor positioning technology, the market prospect is very good.

 Jinhang standard KINGHELM company's new product TYPE-C connector connector series


The WeChat public number of the Jinhang marketer "Beidou expert" is the Beidou BDS drum and calls to spread the knowledge of Beidou Technology Science, I hope that the Beidou System has a BDS666. Jinhang standard website www.bds666.com opened up the "Beidou Expert" column, including the information of well-known experts in the Beidou industry, such as the academician of Beidou Tailings, Mutao expert Cao Chong, Yang Yuanxi, Beidou goddess Xu Ying and other big coffee literature story technical information, etc. There is also the technical analysis of the relevant Beidou navigation positioning technology and the application product solution, etc., spare no effort to promote Beidou BDS. Telling the story of the Beidou, talking about Chinese stories, talking about the story of China's northern humanity, is the mission of "Beidou Expert". There are more people using Beidou, and the Beidou Ecology begins to loop, and our Beidou BDS can say steady victory.


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