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Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm Talks about Beidou Industrialization

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The Beidou antenna is a strategic industry in China, in which Beidou chip is the core component, which will occupy a very important position in future consumer electronics and mobile terminals. It will play an important supporting role in the development of the whole Beidou and even the information industry, and will become a growth pole of economic development.


As a member of Beidou industrial chain, how does Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. position its coordinates in the industry? How to make the company's discovery point to new goals with the help of Beidou's development? We have some thoughts on the understanding of Beidou industry and the development of the company.


Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) is a company focusing on the industrialization development of Beidou. Kinghelm has gradually developed into an enterprise integrating software development and hardware integration in Beidou industry from acting as the module and antenna of Beidou products and providing customers with a series of electronic components dedicated to Beidou products with independent brand "Kingkelm". Such as Beidou positioning, navigation, signal transmission and other modules, Beidou GPS antenna connector custom communication antenna base, etc. The "Tourism chartered buses, commuter buses and vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals” satellite positioning vehicle driving recorder promoted by the Ministry of Communications, and the Beidou positioning anti-theft intelligent lock independently developed and promoted, etc. Completes the Beidou monitoring anti-theft and BDS666 Internet of Things smart cloud layout, the transformation to software product development and software enterprise construction and innovative national high-tech enterprises. Kinghelm brand has a high popularity and reputation in Beidou industry.



Beidou chip is the most basic and core part of Beidou industrial chain. The independence and scale of Beidou chip determine the success or failure of Beidou industry. At present, there is still a certain gap between our Beidou chips (including RF and baseband chips) and modules and those of the same type in the world. Mainly reflected in the R&D and production capacity of chips. In the research and development of chips, due to the late start, insufficient technical and talent reserves, small market sales and no scale advantage, the market in this area is controlled by foreign MTK, BroadcomQualcomm and other companies. The level of wafer production is also the bottleneck. Now foreign enterprises can achieve 14 nanometers, Taiwan Province can achieve 28 nanometers, and China is still 40 nanometers. The functional gap of the product is mainly manifested in: first, the power consumption is large, second, the volume is large, and third, the accuracy is poor. SiRF of the United States, UBLOX of Switzerland and MTK of Taiwan Province are more technologically advanced than domestic enterprises. We are constantly learning and integrating foreign advanced technologies, and believe that after three to five years' efforts, the gap will surely become smaller and smaller. With the support of government policies and broad domestic market prospects, technology and talents will gradually precipitate and accumulate, which is the fertile ground for the development of Beidou.




In the field of consumer electronics applications, smart phones are the most widely used at present, and wearable products will also explode. Beidou's industrial development still requires the technical indicators such as product precision, power consumption and volume to be improved, and the price to be lowered. Mass consumer goods are quite sensitive to price after all. To make consumers adapt and accept Beidou more in application, a good experience is the king. Our agent, Xi'an Aerospace Huaxun Technology Co., Ltd. is contacting with a large mobile phone manufacturer, preparing to apply Beidou chip to mobile phones, and the research and development is almost done now. Of course, this also needs the further promotion of the government and society, and also expects the maturity of the market and technology. At present, the requirements of consumer electronics on navigation and positioning are not very strict, and some are just concepts or gimmicks. However, with the improvement of product quality, the user experience is getting better and better, which is when the sales volume rises.


Beidou /GPS antenna-external antenna 


Beidou industry is a new industry, and GPS in the United States is very mature. If Beidou wants to compete with GPS in the world, it must be supported by national policies. It is not only related to the national economy and people's livelihood, but also related to many aspects of ordinary people's lives. If you leave the support of the state, you will probably be killed in the cradle by foreign brands. It is said that "Several Policies on Promoting the Development of Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry" is being submitted for approval according to procedures. One of the contents is that it will support 20 million consumer electronic terminals to apply Beidou satellite navigation, and at the same time support financial and electric power fields. Transportation is an important field of pilot popularization of Beidou's civil use. Beidou's vehicle terminal has gradually spread to different types of vehicles such as public transportation, rental, official business and school bus since the demonstration project of the Ministry of Transport in 2013. In the future, location-based advertising, social networking, security and other services will become important services of mobile Internet. In the electricity market, Beidou is mainly used for timing. If the accuracy of Beidou chip can be improved, it will have a big market when the power is connected to the grid, because China's power market is also the first in the world, and it has a bright future.



Beidou /GPS antenna-- Ceramic built-in antenna


This is the historical law. The development of major technologies should take the road of promoting the army with the people, leading the people with the army, supporting and promoting each other, and finally promoting the great development of society. Many civilian technologies are driven by  technologies, which support, verify and promote each other through the use of civilian. Besides transportation, wearable devices and mobile phones are gradually using Beidou. More and more people accept and support Beidou, and the technology is becoming more and more mature. The development of Beidou will also promote the development. It is Beidou's sacred mission to enrich the country and strengthen the army. We all work together to strive for this great goal!


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