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Golden beacon kinghelm, Sacco micro slkor

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 Kinghelm company(  www.BDS666. COM) R & D and production of Beidou antenna, wifi antenna, GPS antenna, Bluetooth ceramic antenna connecting wire, SMA board end IPEX seat sub connector and other products! More products and information can be paid attention to the "Beidou expert" official account. Founded in 2007, golden beacon kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise and a senior member of China satellite navigation Association. Kingholm company is located in Tangxia, Dongguan. The environment is clean and tidy, the management is standardized, the technical backbone is experienced, and the employees have received strict training. Kingholm has passed the ISO9001 quality certification.

     Sacco micro slkor  

        The company has two microwave darkrooms for antenna R & D and commissioning, more than 6G network analyzers, three automatic flow production lines, more than automatic wire cutting machines, wire stripping machines and wire terminal machines, as well as salt spray laboratory, constant temperature and humidity tester, plug-in tester, wire swing tester, automobile simulated transportation tester, 360 degree rotation tester, 90 degree bending tester, ROHS tester Drop test bench, anti fracture tester, melt index tester, spectrum analyzer, comprehensive tester, signal generator, oscilloscope, comprehensive tester and other test and detection instruments. Kinghelm products can be used together with high-voltage MOS tubes, medium and low-voltage MOS tubes, MOSFET MOSFET IGBT single tube products of Sacco micro slkor technology company, as well as hall hall elements, thyristor bridge diodes and triodes of Sacco micro slkor. Welcome to browse
 www.SLKORMICRO. COM, pay attention to the "silicon carbide expert" official account!  
     Golden beacon kinghelm  
           "Slkor" brand was founded in 2005, specializing in the design, production and sales of power components. The technical backbone comes from Infineon Infineon, Mitsubishi, IR, Ti Texas Instruments, on ansenmey and other industry-leading technology enterprises. It mainly produces MOS FET, CoolMOS, power management IC, FRD, hall hall components, SCR, IGBT single tube, SiC silicon carbide components, etc. In 2010, we began to research, develop and produce the third generation semiconductor silicon carbide SiC components, and its design, process and performance rank among the top in the world. Slkor MOS tube is widely used in lithium battery protection board, intelligent sweeping robot, TWS Bluetooth headset, electronic cigarette, outdoor lighting and other industries. Silicon carbide SiC devices are mainly used in the field of energy Internet. The application industries include charging piles, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, high-power switching power supply and uninterruptible power supply. They are also used in military and aerospace fields.

        In 2015, Shenzhen Sacco Micro Technology Co., Ltd. was established to be fully responsible for the operation of slkor brand in Greater China.
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