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Golden beacon kinghelm layout Huawei ecological chain

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Golden beacon ElectronicsSales of Huawei 4G and 5g series LTE modules supporting 4G communication antenna


Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R & D and production"Kinghelm" brand automobile Beidou antenna, GPS antenna, antenna connecting line, microwave RF connector and Beidou GPS module used in navigation and positioning products (www.bds666. Com). Golden navigation mark products are widely used in Beidou satellite navigation and positioning timing and other fields. At present, kinghelm1688 series products of golden navigation mark company have new business expansion on Customized Terminals of non-standard RF wires of automobile harness connectors, which is also a new direction of transformation and development of golden navigation mark in the future.


  Golden beaconKinghelm RF Engineer debugs 5g antenna in microwave darkroom


Under the new situation, the pressure of market competition is increasing. Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden navigation mark, believes that good quality is the most key factor to stand out in the market. The second is to be supported by innovative technology development. The third is to do the ecological layout and construction of the industry. For example, in terms of the ecological development of the industry, the golden beacon is selling wellAt the same time as GSM and 4g5g antennas, kingelm brand is also similar to HuaweiQualcomm BroadcomMTK MediaTekYiyuan, ZTE, guanghetong, Lexin, Jiutong IOT, etcLTE communication module manufacturers or agents cooperate with solution providers to sell their 4G communication module, 5g communication module, WiFi module, Bluetooth module and other products with very good results.


Kinghelm golden beacon 4G antenna paired with Huawei LTE communication module


For example, the golden beaconKingelm's GSM, 4g5g antenna RF adapter and Huawei Huawei's LTE communication module agent solution providers cooperate to sell kingelm's (www.bds666. Com) 4G antenna kha1668 together with Huawei's 4G module Huawei TD-LTE wireless data terminal me909s-821av2 (including the old version of me909s-821a and the new version of me909s-821av2), and provide customers with 11.617.12.00.00 and other software, It provides customers with one-stop solutions for communication terminals, digital technology, Internet of things and Internet of vehicles, and quickly occupies the market.


Golden beaconKinghelm antenna connecting line products are shipped in large quantities


Golden beaconKinghelm takes Beidou GPS antenna connector as its main product, and closely cooperates with Sacco micro slkor's IGBT drive module and silicon carbide module (www.slkormicro. Com), focusing on the ecology of automotive electronics and new energy automotive industry for nearly 20 years. This year's COVID-19 automobile industry has a good environment. Therefore, the golden navigation company is doing a good job in Internet marketing of wifi antenna for the GPS bus antenna of the Beidou automobile company. It also extends some of the technology of the automobile antenna's radio frequency and microwave common technology, which is the new energy of Nanjing's golden dragon automobile, China heavy duty truck and Liuzhou Wuling new energy. Xiaopeng automobile has customized some non-standard wire connecting wires, private mold terminal connectors, automobile harness and other products. The harness terminal khs1668 customized by kingholm has entered the supply chain of Daewoo new energy vehicles in Korea. Daewoo Automotive in Korea requires a very strict reporting, certification and assessment process. At the same time, wire products also meet the requirements of maintaining high stability in extreme environments, such as double 85 test. Therefore, golden beacon has made corresponding improvements in R & D and production technology, testing equipment and testing process, such as adding constant temperature and humidity tester, RF microwave darkroom and other equipment. Golden beacon products can replace some products of international guangse, Amphenol, te Tyco, Foxconn and domestic leading enterprises of Yangtze River connector and Lixun precision connector. Golden beacon also customizes non-standard private model products such as antenna special connector for Military Enterprise Research Institute.

AndHuawei LTE communication module paired with kingholm golden beacon 4G antenna


Have a brilliant future in Chinese new energy vehicles, because the main supply chain of new energy vehicles is in China, and the main market is also in Chinese mainland, such as BYD, Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden navigation mark, said.BYD, Tesla Tesla, KaVo new energy, Xiaopeng automobile and Weilai automobile are all in China. In recent years, the new energy vehicle market will increase significantly, which also provides development opportunities for domestic connector manufacturers, and is also the future development goal of golden beacon kinghelm (www.bds666. Com).


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