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Feng Wei's huge wave after scientific research and innovation

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  On November 16, 2019, at the 19th World Productivity Conference, because a name we are familiar with is particularly concerned. Mr. Feng Wei, a young deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Co., Ltd., won the honorary title of "2019 Excellent Innovation Entrepreneur" issued by the 19th World Productivity Conference, China Productivity Society.


  Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Jinwan Marriage, Shenzhen City, was established in 2007. It is a national-level high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise, developing a BDS / GPS antenna, WiFi antenna, antenna connection line, a CHIP ceramic antenna and other products. Products apply to car navigation positioning, TWS Bluetooth headset, Internet of Things, smart cities, etc.


  The award was the first time for Vice General Manager of Feng Hangshui, who has got an international award. As early as 2018, Feng General led Jin Hangjian Kinghelm team and Xiamen University scientific research team participated in the "Nerve Substanti Technology Innovation" competition, which is hosted by the National Defense Technology Innovation, the Central Military Commission Science and Technology Commission, China Disabilities Ying, Shenzhen Economic and Information Committee, Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Government and other co-organizers, Jinhang standard and Xiamen University joint team have obtained a single innovation technology award.


   Feng always has an innovation of Jinhang standard products, and continuously launches the Kinghelm series new product occupation market, and there is also an innovation of management model. On the basis of the initial basis, the organization architecture and workflow is continuously optimized, and the efficiency of the company. Reduce costs have made excellent contributions, and the technology is also paying attention to innovation, and the internationally advanced most scientific technical learning and digestion is used in the R %& D and production of gold standard. In the innovative work, not only innovative courage, but also a way to innovate, not only take the lead in order to focus on innovation, and encourage the team of the guidance to innovate.


  Treating Work Feng always is always meticulous, strive to innovate attitude, in total Feng Wei is a sunny, love sports big boys, is a boy's chasing boy on the basketball court, also known as dare to fight "Little Aviver" Sen. The basketball team "Revival" team "Revival" team with the ethnic group of the essays is a national revival, the country's revival, and a lot of awards have been harvested in the amateur competition. 



  Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang, said: This award is the work of Mr. Feng Wei and the affirmation and spur of Jin Xikko company. Mr. Feng Wei is not only the researcher in scientific research innovation, but also the huge waves, hopes that Feng Wei will follow Continue to maintain a positive attitude towards work, adhering to the company's excellent culture, developing more, better Beidou GPS products to give back society, continue to advance towards the goal of listed.


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