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Kingholm is a product of Bluetooth headset TWS

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     Golden beaconkinghelmDeveloped by the companychipCeramic antenna filter series, with advanced scientific formula and unique technology, is controlled by a team of senior experts in Taiwan, with excellent quality,KH2012KH3216KH5220KH6010And other models, applied to Bluetooth headsetTWSAnd other products. Can directly replace the village fieldMURATATDK、Roma ROHM, Taiwan Wancheng, YongyeACX, Huake, and domesticSunlordShunluo and other manufacturers work together to serve customers and provide cost-effective and competitive Bluetooth antenna products.

     The applicable product type is appleAirPods, Huawei, XiaomiSamsungRamblerAnker, Astrid, YongweiB&OEtc., coveringQualcomm(CSR), hengxuan(BES)、MTKofComplexation(Airoha), Ruiyu(REALTEK). torch core(Actions), Ames(amsJerry, Zhongke Lanxun, etc.Bluetooth headsettwsBoth are equipped with wireless charging box as standardBroadcombroadcomBCM59356CelfrasLianzhiCWR500COPOKuperweiofCP2021CP203Sarkozy microslkorwww.slkormicro. com)Hall ofHall switchSL1613THSL1613TLSL1623THslkorField effect transistorSL2301、SL2302、SL3904etc.The models are all popular products, which can be compared with the golden navigation markkinghelmAntenna products such askh3216kh2012Supporting use. All products are in Alibaba stores(https://dgic2010.1688.com/)Are sold.


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