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Guanghetong and 5G+AIOT wireless communication solutions appeared at the 2nd China Smart terminal Industry Development Conference

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Every technological change will bring about the continuous upgrading of industrial manufacturing. Today, we have entered the stage of Industry 4.0. Digital and intelligent technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things are leading the iterative upgrade of the manufacturing industry. The interaction between humans and machines tends to be intelligent and collaborative.

On July 10, in order to discuss how intelligent terminals drive Industry 4.0, the 2nd China Intelligent Terminal Industry Development Conference "Intelligent Manufacturing - Industry Terminals and 5G Universal Modules Help Intelligent Manufacturing" special speech event was held at Yibin International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leading company in 5G communication modules, Broadcom was invited to participate in the conference.

In order to promote the new technology evolution of 5G industrial private network and carry the development demands of customers in the intelligent manufacturing industry, Guanghetong actively participated in the "Zhangxing" 5G private network laboratory initiated by China Mobile. Relying on open laboratory resources, Guanghetong will work with partners to build a test environment for the intelligent manufacturing industry, and promote the further development and implementation of the industrial private network.

                                                                 Released by China Mobile's 5G Industrial Private Network Laboratory

Qualcomm, Ziguang Zhanrui, Dahua Co., Ltd., and many other Guanghetong ecological partners, as well as other cloud computing and 5G communication giants, appeared at the conference, and conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as 5G industrial applications, 5G enabled manufacturing, and 5G general module applications. . Luo Jun, general manager of the market development of Guanghetong Internet industry, and the guests had a roundtable dialogue on how 5G can better help intelligent manufacturing.

                                                     "How 5G Can Better Help Smart Manufacturing" Roundtable Dialogue

When it comes to how 5G modules can help intelligent manufacturing, Luo Jun, general manager of the Internet industry market development of Guanghetong, shared relevant insights from the perspective of industrial Internet development and the challenges faced by wireless communication modules. "The scenarios of the industrial Internet are becoming more and more complex, and the idea of using one module for multiple industrial scenarios needs to change. At the same time, modules also need to actively combine artificial intelligence and 5G independent networking technologies to implement applications in multiple scenarios." , Luo Jun also shared the AGV car that can be widely used in warehousing and smart logistics, and the inspection robot and drone used in heavy industry. These terminal devices have built-in Guanghetong 5G intelligent communication modules to improve their stability and reliability in communication, information security, deployment flexibility, and at the same time achieve high computing power. "Of course, the wireless communication module industry is also facing some challenges now. Modules still need to continue to focus on industrial vertical value applications and invest more resources in the development of customized modules."

                                              Luo Jun, Director of Internet Market Development of Guanghetong, participated in the roundtable dialogue

The evolution and breakthrough of various digital intelligence technologies such as 5G have brought new development of intelligent manufacturing, and 5G industry terminals and modules have become an important driver for thousands of industries to move towards digital intelligence. Guanghetong has been deeply involved in the IoT wireless communication module industry for many years. In the future, it will continue to cooperate with all parties in the industry to innovate intelligent industrial-grade terminals, jointly build industrial terminals with high computing power, and promote the development and application of terminal products in the 5G industry.

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