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"Tsuen" attack to become an expert in connection industry

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With the development of 5G and IoT technologies, new hot applications are emerging in the electronics industry, which are empowering thousands of industries and bringing the electronics manufacturing industry into a new stage of development. As a part of electronic manufacturing, how will connector companies seize the opportunity of the development of the times and stand out in the industry? Today we came to the Dongguan branch of Hanquan Group to interview Mr. Yang Yikang, vice president and marketing director of Hanquan, to see Hanquan How to seize the opportunity and lay out the future.


Hanquan Group was founded in 1990 and listed in Taiwan in 2009, focusing on R&D and production of electronic precision connectors, optical communication components, flexible cables, cable assemblies, PCBA electronic boards, electronic products and other products.

"Quan" surface layout, product lines continue to expand downstream

Hanquan's business strategy is as "complete" as its name. Under this strategy, Hanquan connectors have appeared in various fields such as consumer electronics, industry, automobiles, network communications, optoelectronics, IoT, and computer peripherals. Products also start from connectors and continue to extend downstream to wires and then to module accessories. In 2015, Hanquan established Opro9, a brand of Apple accessories and smart home products, to provide customers with complete and consistent services from professional design to components and systematic production.

According to reports, Hanquan's layout in the connection industry is divided into two categories: one is wired connection, and the other is wireless connection. Yang Yikang said that at present, Hanquan has cooperated with well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Home Depot and Xiaomi in terms of smart lamp sockets and smart electric sockets, and also cooperates with Apple in the production of U disk product components. At the same time, Hanquan also uses adapters as a springboard, so that Hanquan wires and connectors can be extended in these products. "In addition to our sales strategy of 'people and cars', our vision is to become an expert in connecting industries," said Yang Yikang.


Extending from "traditional" areas to new ones

Hanquan started with consumer electronic products, and has continued to develop on-board connectors. At present, it has become a major supplier of consumer electronics companies such as notebooks and TVs. Under the popularity of the "home economy", Hanquan's performance growth in 2020 has reached more than 30%.

Under the boom of 5G and IoT, Hanquan has gradually expanded from traditional consumer fields such as mobile phones and laptops to 5G communication, smart home and automobile fields, and is constantly expanding its market share in new fields. "Three years ago, the proportion of home appliances and automobiles only accounted for 3%-5%, but this year, both have doubled and grown to nearly 10 points." Yang Yikang said.

In the second half of the year, Hanquan will continue to implement the strategy of "comprehensive layout" and will continue to expand into new areas. "A relatively big improvement is that we will get the ISO13485 medical certification, which means that we will deploy in the direction of medical care. At present, we are already helping some hospitals to make simple combinations of connectors and sensors. In the future, we hope that through the These resources have transformed the Dongguan factory into a factory focused on the medical sector." Yang Yikang said.

During the interview process, we can clearly feel: Hanquan's biggest feature in connector application terminals is "big and complete", so how do they achieve "complete and refined" while being "big and complete" ”, and provide excellent service in every field?


Seven major factories precise service

As we all know, the standards of each factory are fixed. In order to respond more effectively and quickly to the needs of customers in different fields, Hanquan chooses to use different factories to serve customers.。

According to reports, Hanquan's South China factory is more focused on power supplies and foreign customers; the Suzhou factory is oriented towards TV and notebook customers, and pays more attention to efficiency, time and product unit price, so the East China factory will have higher requirements for automation; Chongqing The factory is more focused on making FFC wire products; while the Anhui factory is located in the middle of East China and West China, so the Anhui factory is responsible for processing connectors and wires, and then distributing the products to various customer groups across the country.

"After the layout in China, we went to Laos to set up a factory to do some more basic processes." Yang Yikang said that although we are a Taiwanese company, we are actually rooted in the mainland, based in China and looking at the world.

Moving towards digitalization and refining products

Back to the product itself, how will Hanquan refine the product? In the Hanquan production workshop, the person in charge told us that the current production automation degree of Hanquan can reach 75%-80%, and advanced equipment will be added every year. Introduce equipment and technical personnel.

In the past two years, Hanquan has mainly focused on the development of Type-C and high-frequency and high-electrical connectors in connectors. "Type-C is nothing more than designing the transmission capabilities of high-frequency transmission Gen1 and Gen2, and then comes the investment in automation, because most of the high-frequency and high-electrical connectors are used in some relatively high-end equipment. Therefore, whether it is electroplating or automated manufacturing, we will try our best to achieve 'high yield, high efficiency, and high manufacturing rigor', and through these three highs, the dimensions of this product will be the best."

In addition, Hanquan has also introduced the intelligent software system MES and intelligent reporting in production, and gradually established its own digital factory. After two years of adjustment, Hanquan's digital production has now become normalized.

Yang Yikang said that these two systems are to better control the production line control. Each employee can report the production data to the head office according to the production line, and then the head office will report the production data to the head office according to the production status of each factory. to adjust and schedule.


Three core competencies stand out from the industry

Looking at the domestic connector market, there are many types of connectors, and the "price war" in the connector industry is becoming more and more intense, and the possibility of "involution" in the future industry is very great. So, how does Hanquan stand out in the market competition? Yang Yikang believes that there are the following three points:

First, for 30 years in the industry, Hanquan has a certain reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. Only with the trust of customers can Hanquan be able to do so long in this industry;

Second, continue to optimize automated production;

Third, the product category is complete and the investability is high, which also makes customers more dependent on us.

In addition, Yang Yikang also said: "When we are moving in the directions of 'all', 'people and cars', wired and wireless, we will subdivide the factory, manage the management in place, and connect the sales team with customers and factories. If the connection is done well, the effect will be gradually reflected. We are a connection company, so we are very concerned about the degree of connection between customers and us, the degree of connection between factories and factories, products and costs. The degree of connectivity between them, the combination of these dimensions will become Hanquan’s advantage.”


By walking into the Hanquan Group today, we have seen the full range of Hanquan's products, the essence of quality, the wide range of fields involved, and the wide range of sales, and we have also seen how Hanquan can be "large and complete" at the same time. Guaranteed to be "complete and precise".

In the first half of this year, as the haze of the overseas epidemic has not dissipated, the popularity of the "home economy" has continued, and the global demand for household products is still strong. Superimposing the advantages of Hanquan's four major business groups, seven factories, digital production, and comprehensive layout, Hanquan's performance in the first half of this year has increased by more than 40%.

The world of electronic products is developing rapidly, and Hanquan will continue to expand into new fields. We also look forward to Hanquan continuing to use its product "quan" to explain the future.

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