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When typhoon meets Beidou

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Typhoon "haigebi" is approaching step by step. Strong winds have blown in Liuzhou Bay, Sansha Town, Xiapu County, Fujian Province. Nearly 100 fishing boats have been parked neatly in the Bay, and all 541 fishing boats have returned to Hong Kong for shelter or nearby. This is due to the Beidou terminal (Beidou position indicator) installed on the fishing vessel. Using this terminal, the management department can locate the accurate position of the fishing vessel in real time, and timely notify and remind offshore fishing vessels to return to the port for shelter.


In 2019, 12000 fishing boats in Fujian Province began to install Beidou position indicator. As the terminal equipment of "Fujian marine and fishery emergency command decision support system", Beidou position indicator realizes the functions of ship automatic identification, positioning, alarm and so on.

"This is the first time that the Beidou position indicator has played a role in typhoon defense. According to the 'hagby' defense deployment, fishing boats are not allowed to operate in the fishing grounds in eastern Fujian and outside Fujian before the typhoon warning is lifted. At present, fishing boats are completely invisible in these areas." According to relevant personnel, on the evening of August 2, a fishing boat lost power at sea. The Beidou position indicator showed that there were other fishing boats nearby, so they immediately contacted for rescue. Finally, before the typhoon, the ship that lost power was towed back to the port safely in time.

It is understood that the Beidou position indicator has the anti disassembly sensing function, and the built-in battery can supply power independently for 5 years, ensuring the 24-hour real-time online positioning of each fishing boat. In the computer system, the coastal areas of Fujian are densely covered with fishing boats displayed as triangular symbols. Click any fishing boat icon to jump out of the fishing boat's registry information, contact information and so on. Through the mobile phone or computer, you can master the position of the fishing boat in real time. If it is not within the safe range, the staff will remind it in time, which is very helpful to prevent and resist Taiwan.

Nowadays, fishermen have rich means to obtain information. Weather and wave information will be sent to Beidou terminal at the first time. There is safety guarantee for both fishery production and typhoon prevention and resistance. This year, beidou-3 global system has realized global networking and officially opened its service. In Fujian, a large marine province, Beidou system will undoubtedly have wider application space in the future.

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