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Hagrid communication has won a new wireless communication and Beidou navigation business contract of 342 million yuan

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The latest Beidou-3 series chips developed by Higer Communications will participate in the 2021 China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference

Higer Communication is one of the few major equipment development experts in the industry who specialize in wireless communication and Beidou navigation at the same time. In the field of wireless communication, the company has the widest user coverage, the widest frequency band coverage, and the most complete product series. The No. 3 core technology system has repeatedly won the first place in scientific research bidding competitions and maintained its leading edge. For special institutional users, the company's market breakthroughs have achieved remarkable results, and many major projects related to the future main ordering direction are among the best in the bidding, successfully shortlisted, and the future market space is broad.

In 2021, Higer Communications will focus on the annual business theme of "stimulating the vitality of the organization, surpassing itself by benchmarking, and opening a new chapter of Higer's '14th Five-Year Plan' development". International market entry", focusing on major scientific research projects, continuously building core technology competitiveness, the main business development trend is good, market expansion and operation management have achieved remarkable results, and the cumulative amount of announced special institutions operating contracts has exceeded 1.3 billion yuan since the beginning of the year.

In the future, Higer Communication will adhere to the strategic positioning of high-end high-tech manufacturing and high-end modern service industry, and actively seize the new round of market opportunities with the help of its profound technical accumulation in the application field of special institutional users and the advantages of the company's package of system solutions. Consolidate and increase market share. At the same time, the company will increase the layout of Beidou navigation, satellite Internet, intelligent unmanned system, 5G, simulation simulation, conduction test and other business fields, further enhance the market competitiveness of industrial applications and mass applications, and lay a solid foundation for future sustainable development. Base.

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