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TWS earphone ODM / OEM top 25

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 2020 is the year of reshuffle of TWS earphone industry. Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic to the world, the rapidly developing TWS earphones suddenly pressed the pause button, and countless small and medium-sized TWS earphone brands relying on Amazon did not sell at all, resulting in the survival of the fittest in China's TWS earphone industry chain.  

Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have quickly entered the field of TWS headphones, and will comprehensively layout the TWS headphone product line from high, medium and low ends. The new upstarts of TWS headphones will directly affect the market trend in the next three years, that is, who can get TWS orders from Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and vivo, and who will win in the TWS industrial chain.

In 2020, the focus of TWS headset competition is TWS ANC. For TWS headset ODM and OEM manufacturers, how to expand TWS ANC production line has become the key to competition. An arms race is quietly unfolding.

In the past two years, four TWS earphone ODM and OEM manufacturers have successfully IPO. According to the research of Xuri big data, haoen acoustics, Lianchuang Hongsheng, Tianjian electroacoustics and Liesheng electronics should also be preparing for IPO. Only from the past mobile phone ODM manufacturers, there were only three or four successful IPOs, and others failed.

From this point of view, it will be extremely difficult for TWS earphone ODM and OEM manufacturers to go public.

Top 25 TWS earphone ODM / OEM companies (ranking in no order)

1. Lixun precision

As a leading precision manufacturing enterprise in China, Lixun precision entered Apple's airpods supply chain in 2017. With the strong demand for airpods series headphones, the company's TWS business continued to grow at a high speed.

In 2019, the revenue of Tencent precision was RMB 62.516 billion, a year-on-year increase of 74%. Among them, the revenue from consumer electronics is 52 billion yuan, accounting for 75% of the total revenue. Apple's business contribution to airpods is great.

2. Goer shares

Goethe acoustics is a leading global electroacoustic manufacturer integrating acoustics, optics, wireless communication and other technologies. Shared most of Apple's airpods orders with Lixun precision.

In 2019, goer's revenue was 35.1 billion yuan, of which 14.8 billion yuan came from intelligent acoustic machines, accounting for 42% of the total revenue.

In 2019, the annual production capacity of goer's intelligent acoustic machine will reach 142 million. In June, RMB 4 billion bonds will be issued, including 2.346 billion yuan of investment in dual ear true wireless smart headphones, and an annual output of 28.6 million dual ear true wireless smart headphones will be added. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of goer intelligent acoustic machine will reach 171 million.

In addition to OEM Apple's airpods, the customer base also includes oppo, Harman, Google and Amazon.

3. Jiahe intelligent

Jiahe intelligent was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2019. It is a leading manufacturer of electroacoustic products in China.

In 2019, the revenue was 2.3 billion yuan, and the revenue from headphones was 2.035 billion yuan, accounting for 90%. It is preliminarily estimated that the revenue of TWS headphones will be 1.4 billion yuan in 2019.

Customers include Wanmo acoustics, Lenovo, iFLYTEK, Migu, go out and ask JVC and Harman.

4. Kone electron

Kone Electronics was listed in Hong Kong in 2013, mainly engaged in ODM business of audio, video, electroacoustic and smart home products.

In 2019, the revenue was HK $8.147 billion, of which the earphone revenue was 10.55%, accounting for 13%. The main customers are Harman and so on.

5. Yingtong communication

Yingtong communication was successfully listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2017. It specializes in the R & D, production and sales of a series of products such as earphone cable, earphone semi-finished products, earphone finished products, USB data cable and smart bracelet. It is a leading global service provider of overall solutions for smart audio products.

In 2019, Yingtong's communication revenue was 1.108 billion yuan, including 550 million yuan of earphone revenue, accounting for 50%.

6. Chaoyang Technology

Chaoyang technology was listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2020. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of electroacoustic products. Its products are mainly headphones and electroacoustic product accessories.

In 2019, the revenue was 828 million yuan, including 359 million yuan of finished headphones and 1.14 million pieces of sales. TWS customers include Wanmo, Xiaomi, apple and Samsung.

7. Fujiko industry

Fujiko industry was listed in Hong Kong in 2000. It mainly produces headphones, speakers, microphones and hands-free headphones. In the first half of 2019, the revenue was HK $744 million, including HK $566 million, accounting for 76.1%. Customers include Harman, etc.

8. Beauty law

Meilv industry is a world-famous leading electroacoustic manufacturer. It was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2000. Its main products include speakers, MEMS microphones, headphones, etc.

In 2016, Meilv industry sold 51% of the equity of Meite, a Suzhou factory whose main business is micro speaker modules, to Lixun precision. Apple orders will be received by Meilv industry and then transferred to Meite for production. In 2017, Lixun precision again established a joint venture with Meilv to establish Guangdong Lixun Meilv Electronics Co., Ltd.

In addition to OEM Apple's airpods, Melo also OEM TWS headphones of international brands such as Sennheiser, JVC and Bose.

9. Jiangxi Ruisheng

Founded in 2006, it is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in electroacoustic manufacturing, electroacoustic solution provision and intelligent wearable product manufacturing,

Focus on the R & D, production and sales of high-end headphones, Bluetooth headphones and intelligent wearable products.

The main customers include oppo, vivo, Yijia and other well-known mobile phone brands at home and abroad, Netease, kugou music platform and JD e-commerce platform.

10. Antexin

Founded in 2016, it is founded by Bluetooth acoustic experts from international manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Philips, focusing on the R & D and production of TWS headphones. There are nearly 200 R & D personnel. In 2019, the revenue exceeded 500 million yuan, and the shipment volume of TWS exceeded 5kk. As of June 2020, the shipment volume had exceeded 10kk. Customers include oppo, Meizu, Harman and Lenovo.

11. Konexin

Founded in 2005, it has its own TWS brand cannice and makes ODM at the same time. The monthly output of TWS headphones exceeds 10 million. TWS customers mainly include stroller, Haman, Meizu, etc

12. Horn acoustics

Horne acoustics, founded in 2001, is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of electroacoustic products such as speakers, microphones, headphones and mini sound

Production and sales. In July 2018, Lansi technology took a stake in haoen acoustics, holding 15%. The revenue in 2018 was RMB 900 million, and it is estimated that the revenue in 2019 has exceeded RMB 1 billion.

TWS customers include skull, Harman, vivo, iron triangle, thunder snake, etc.

13. Yi Lisheng

Founded in 1986, yilisheng is an international manufacturer of electroacoustic products with R & D, production and distribution capabilities. Its products include high fidelity equipment, multimedia and communication headphones, Bluetooth products, condenser microphones, ultra-thin speakers, etc. The customer base includes JVC and beats.

14. Dongju Electronics

Dongju Electronics was listed in Taiwan in 1993, focusing on the professional field of 3C products. It is a global ODM 3C product manufacturer. TWS customers include beats and jabulan.

15. Flextronics

It is a listed company in the United States and a world-famous OEM foundry of 3C products. TWS customers include beats, jabulan, etc.

16. Magic acoustics

Founded in 2013, Wanmo acoustics is an innovative Internet company focusing on acoustic earphones, R & D and design of intelligent software and hardware. It has TWS own brand 1More and TWS earphone ODM. It is backdoor to reach electroacoustic and seek listing.

TWS customers include Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, thunder snake, Nubia, etc.

17. Foxconn

World famous ODM manufacturer of 3C products, and TWS customers include apple.

18. Lianchuang Hongsheng

Lianchuang Hongsheng is a subsidiary of Lianchuang Electronics (002036). Lianchuang electronics holds 22.67% of its shares. Its main products include stereo Bluetooth, Bluetooth noise reduction headset, TWS headset, etc. its main customers include Huawei, vivo, Samsung, Amazon, Panasonic, Foxconn, TCL, ZTE, BYD, magic sound, Harman, etc

19. Fengheyuan

Shenzhen fengheyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the production plant of Taiwan sunitec in the mainland. Customers include Anker, etc.

20. Baitai

Baitai is a high-tech enterprise committed to designing and developing high reliability and low-cost wireless communication products, embedded software and solutions for consumer wireless products.

In 2019, the revenue is 133 million yuan, and customers include Harman, Jiahe, sannuo, etc.

21. Jingxun software

Jingxun software is a provider of intelligent lighting and wireless audio solutions. It has completed round B financing, led by Chuang Dongfang and Midea capital, and followed by AVIC wireless, anda capital and old shareholders. TWS customers include Harman, etc.

22. Wallett

Wolette Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2008, mainly engaged in the professional development of Bluetooth module, WiFi and NFC sensing solutions. TWS customers include Harman, etc

23. Sky key electroacoustic

Tianjian electroacoustic Co., Ltd., established in 2015 and located in shangou Industrial Park, Gongjiang Town, Yudu County, Ganzhou City, is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of micro electroacoustic components, consumer and industrial vehicle mounted electroacoustic products. At present, preparations are being made before IPO.

Customers include Harman, Xiaomi, oppo, etc.

24. Sound hunting Electronics

Liesheng electronics is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, formerly known as lanmi, with a monthly output of more than 1 million TWS headphones. The customer has Xiaomi, etc.

25. Sannuosheng Zhilian

Sannuosheng Zhilian was founded in 2012, focusing on the audio field. As of 2018, sannuosheng Zhilian's R & D and manufacturing bases are located in Nanshan, Songgang, Shenzhen and Beihai, Guangxi. The total number of employees is about 5000, including about 500 R & D personnel.

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