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What do you know about TWS Bluetooth headset?

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What is the hottest 3C product in 2019? Tws Bluetooth headset. With the development of technology, Bluetooth headset has become a trend used in voice communication. It is small and cost-effective, making TWS Bluetooth headphones more and more popular. In order to lay out in advance, Jinhang label Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) In order to lay out in advance of Bluetooth headset TWS, the company's production small volume ceramic CHIP antenna KH2012, KH3216, KH5220 and other models have been cooperated with a lot of TWS schemes, such as Qualcomm ( CSR), Heng Xuan (BES), Airoha, Rui (Realtek), etc., can directly replace the Village Murata, TDK, Roma Rohm, Taiwan Wancheng, Yongye, ACX, Huacai and other brands.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM product ceramic CHIP antenna KH5220-A56


TWS Features: TWS Bluetooth headset does not need a wired connection, get rid of the traditional headset's wire constraints; the left and right headphones constitute a standing system, listen to songs, calls, and wear. Perfect sound experience: ear version of voice, video call, music enjoyment, mountain climbing, safe driving, etc. are not bound. Jinhang label Kinghelm WiFi antenna, antenna switching line, GPS Beidou antenna is made, ceramic CHIP antenna products are not only applied to TWS Bluetooth headset products. It can extend to all audio fields (TWS speakers, TWS smart wear products, etc.), every category innovation or seize market opportunities, it is enough to make your market!


At this stage, the shortage of TWS: Equivalent of battery life is in all issues, according to the statistics of the single-ear battery capacity between 25-60mAh, the maximum battery life is a single time delivery time is no more than 3 hours, of course I believe Subsequent this piece will be better, provided that battery technology breaks through.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM product ceramic antenna KH2012-A20


Second, it is a bottleneck of wireless transmission distance. The TWS headset is different because the TWS headphones itself is a wireless call to the Bluetooth technology. During the actual use process, the complex environment, circuit itself, radio frequency interference, etc., limits its use distance; according to measured data, current The mainstream market is 10 meters, and the farthest is only 15 meters. At present, according to the domestic application scenarios, it is clear that users' experience needs. Who can solve the problem of transmission distance, meaning that there is absolute advantage in this industry!


Jinhang standard KINGHELM product ceramic antenna KH6010-A54


Kinghelm not only Beigute antenna, GPS antenna, antenna cable, etc. In addition to high popularity, the newly developed ceramic CHIP antenna has the advantages of high temperature, low loss, stable quality, small size. And can be The Hall element SL1613, SL1615, MOS tube SL2301, SL2302 and other products of SL1615, MOS tube SL2301, SL2302 are very popular in the market.


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