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Beidou pilot, gather in Nanchang! Huaxin antenna appeared at the 12th China satellite navigation Annual Conference

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Yuzhang Gujun, Hongdu Xinfu. The stars are divided into wings and the earth is connected to Henglu. In the early summer of May, we gathered in Nanchang, the city of heroes, to celebrate the grand opening of the 12th China satellite navigation Annual Conference (CSNC).

With the theme of "spatio-temporal data and enabling the future", Huaxin antenna appeared at Beidou Xingtong booth T11 with a variety of high-precision positioning and data transmission products,Communicate and cooperate with experts, scholars and enterprise customers in the field of satellite navigation from all over the world, share innovative achievements, discuss the development of the industry, follow the current situation and participate in the grand event.


At present, Beidou satellite navigation technology has been fully integrated into all walks of life and has profoundly changed people's way of production and life. With the deepening development of "Beidou" and "Beidou", various industries put forward higher requirements for the innovation and application of Beidou satellite navigation technology.This year, Huaxin antenna participated in the conference with four series of products: Surveying and mapping, intelligent network connection, special industries and wireless data transmission radioIncluding UAV antenna, multi Netcom small built-in measurement antenna, Beidou dual-mode vehicle antenna, intelligent network antenna, e-radio base station radio, large S-band vehicle communication antenna and other products, which closely demonstrated the latest technical achievements of Huaxin antenna in the field of satellite positioning.


New products in each exhibition are always the focus of the audience. On our booth,Multi Netcom's small built-in measuring antenna gains a large number of "fans" with its "small figure", it adopts self-developed ultra-light microwave composite materials, with low antenna loss and light weight. On the premise of ensuring the same performance, the antenna volume is reduced by half, which provides key technical support for the miniaturization of GNSS terminal equipment.

With its smooth shark fin shape design and industry-leading product functions, the intelligent network antenna has attracted the attention of many exhibitors,Facing the field of intelligent network connection and automatic driving, Huaxin intelligent network connection antenna deeply integrates high-precision GNSS antenna, 5g / 4G communication antenna, v2x communication antenna, am / FM antenna, WiFi / Bluetooth antenna and other technologies to effectively reduce the complexity of on-board system communication and improve the communication performance and efficiency of the whole vehicle while realizing high-precision positioning, It can meet the needs of vehicle road coordination and automatic driving of intelligent network connected vehicles.


The booth was very popular

In addition, at the booth, Yi, a class a pure electric car jointly built by Jiangling group and Renault group, attracted the attention of many customers. Yi's intelligent cockpit is equipped with a dual screen single SOC host system jointly developed by Renault Jiangling group and Beidou Xingtong Zhilian Technology (bicv)In terms of navigation and positioning function, Hexin Xingtong and Huaxin antenna, um220 positioning module based on Beidou / GNSS and high-precision positioning antenna are used to provide centimeter positioning accuracy for vehicles, it can realize full-automatic unmanned driving in closed areas.


Driverless car - Yi

With this event,Huaxin antennaWang zhangchun, product director, shared the theme of "development of intelligent networked vehicles enabled by positioning and communication integration technology", from the perspective of industry development, it shared the current situation and development trend of intelligent network antenna, and the role of Huaxin antenna in the development direction of enabling intelligent network automotive industryThink and explore, and show a variety of new smart Internet connected vehicle antennas on site, including hx-aust002, hx-ault002, hx-ault006, etc.

Annual meeting site


The annual meeting was very popular. Many guests stopped at Beidou Xingtong Huaxin antenna T11 booth, consulted the company's product related information, had close communication and interaction with the on-site Huaxin antenna technical experts and product team, and deeply discussed the development trend of the industry. Huaxin antenna technology and product team listen carefully to the demands of each customer and give the best suggestions and solutions.


Chairman of Beidou Xingtong Zhou accompanied the leaders of the provincial Party committee to visit the booth


HuaSignal antenna technical experts and product teams have close communication and interaction with customers

The annual meeting will last from May 26 to 28, and the wonderful will continue. Welcome to Beidou Xingtong Huaxin antenna booth and participate in various activities. Huaxin antenna technology and product team and many heavy new products are waiting for you at T11 booth~

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