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The two ministries and commissions publicized the list of shortlisted projects of 5g + medical and health application pilot, and several projects in the field of early screening and remote diagnosis and treatment were shortlisted

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission announced the list of 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects. A total of 987 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects across the country were shortlisted.

In order to give full play to the characteristics and advantages of 5G technology and focus on enriching the application scenarios of 5G technology in the medical and health industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health and Health Commission jointly issued the "Registration on Organizing and Carrying out 5G + Medical and Health Application Pilot Project Application" in November 2020. Work Notice", to collect and select a group of key units to collaboratively tackle key problems, unveil the list, and focus on forming a batch of 5G+ medical and health landmark applications with advanced technology, superior performance and obvious effects, setting a benchmark and direction for the innovation and development of 5G+ medical and health care, fostering The main force of my country's 5G smart medical and health innovation development.

The 5G+ medical and health application pilot project focuses on 8 key directions, including emergency treatment, remote diagnosis, remote treatment, remote intensive care (ICU), traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, hospital management, intelligent disease control, and health management. A total of more than 1,500 units have applied for the project. After two rounds of selection, 988 units and 987 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects were finally shortlisted.


The fields related to people's life and health are becoming the main battlefield for the scientific and technological competition of great powers. 5G is a new generation of communication technology. The state strongly supports the development of new technologies. 5G licenses were issued two years ago. It is reported that by the end of June 2021, the total number of 5G base stations in my country has reached 961,000, accounting for 70% of the total number of base stations in the world. The number of 5G mobile terminal connections has reached 365 million, accounting for more than 80% of the global proportion. 5G is being widely used in various fields due to its high speed, large capacity, low latency and Internet of Everything. At present, there are more than 10,000 demonstration projects of 5G application in various economic and social fields. 5G can empower medical treatment, health management, and refined hospital operations, and the integration with medical and health care has become an irresistible trend.


Judging from the shortlisted 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects, disease screening and diagnosis and treatment are the sub-fields where medical institutions and enterprises focus on deploying 5G technology for medical digital upgrade. Through 5G wireless network, faster connection and higher bandwidth can be improved. Telemedicine and telecare quality. A number of hospitals, public institutions, industry associations, enterprises, universities, communication operators, research institutions, etc. have applied for tumor remote diagnosis and treatment and remote nursing projects. The finalists are: (incomplete statistics)


5G integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to bring comprehensive improvements at the network level for tumor screening and clinical applications of diagnosis and treatment. For example, 5G + AI + digestive endoscopy diagnosis and treatment can improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, comprehensively optimize the medical service process, and improve the patient's medical experience.

5G empowers some key links in the medical industry, breaks through space and time constraints, and solves problems in the medical and health field. Ultrasound diagnosis is a diagnostic method that applies ultrasound detection technology to the human body to understand the data and morphology of physiology or tissue structure by measuring, discovering diseases, and making prompts. Ultrasound diagnosis is widely used in medical diagnosis as a non-invasive, painless, convenient and intuitive effective inspection method. However, ultrasound diagnosis is based on time-series dynamic images, which has extremely high requirements for image continuity and delay control of long-distance transmission. If the transmission capacity cannot keep up, any frame of ultrasound images will be lost during the transmission process. may lead to misdiagnosis. If the remote transmission of ultrasound images is used to guide interventional therapy, the delay will exceed a certain limit, which will also affect the safety of the operation. Today, with the blessing of 5G, this limitation can be broken and the problem of high requirements on the stability and real-time performance of image data transmission can be solved.

5G + medical health is of great significance to solve the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources. There are certain regional and urban-rural differences in the stock of medical resources in my country. How to enable high-quality resources to provide a wider range of services is an important issue in my country's medical reform. 5G+AI-powered mobile tumor screening vehicles and mobile chronic disease screening vehicles have entered the vast grass-roots areas, realizing a new scenario of smart medical care entering the grass-roots level. Through 5G+AI, county, township, and village-level medical institutions that do not have the conditions can improve their disease screening capabilities, carry out early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of tumors and chronic diseases for high-risk groups, and solve the difficulty of physical examinations and remote physical examinations for grass-roots people.” Pain points", let early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment help achieve national health.

5G has been applied to the screening and diagnosis and treatment of common cancer types, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer. The mobile tumor screening vehicle can be equipped with a grassroots metabolic integrated machine, a blood pressure monitor, a fluorescent immune layer analysis intelligent machine, a low-dose spiral CT machine, a mammography target machine, a color Doppler ultrasound, a self-service kidney damage detection machine, and an intelligent handheld pulmonary function instrument, etc. The early screening equipment covering respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, metabolic, and nephrology departments transmits image data to the hospital's AI (artificial intelligence) image server through 5G technology, and quickly gives test reports and preliminary diagnosis and treatment opinions.

At present, various regions are accelerating the development of 5G technology and expanding more potential application markets. Among the 987 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects shortlisted, 128 are in Beijing, 98 in Zhejiang, 84 in Shanghai, 81 in Guangdong and 67 in Jiangsu. This pilot work has a large number of shortlisted projects and a wide range of fields. It can also be seen that 5G technology is accelerating the integration and vigorous development of the medical and health industry. As the application scope of 5G+ healthcare becomes wider and deeper, the application scenarios become more diverse, and the integration of production, education, research and medical use becomes more closely integrated, more 5G+ application projects will be launched.

The "Notice on Organizing the Application of 5G+ Medical and Health Application Pilot Projects" proposes to support excellent pilot projects in a variety of ways and strengthen publicity and promotion. Encourage all localities to provide support in relevant supporting funds, projects, etc. based on local conditions, create good conditions for the applicant to complete the tasks of the pilot project, create a good policy environment, promote the pilot undertaking unit to complete the project construction with high quality, and strengthen the transformation and promotion of achievements. . The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission will further refine the project management requirements, clarify the pilot project construction requirements, and ensure the smooth implementation of the pilot construction work and achieve actual results.

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