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China Radio and television: 5g base station + TV Tower collaborative coverage! 5g NR broadcast for trial commercial use of next Winter Olympic Games

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On September 1, when the 2021 World 5G Conference was held, Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Radio and Television Network Group Co., Ltd., shared a theme report on "China Radio and Television Leading the World's Latest Progress in 5G Broadcasting" during his participation in the 5G New Audiovisual Forum.

Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Radio and Television Network Group Co., Ltd., said about the significance of broadcasting in the current broadband Internet era:

On the one hand, before the large-scale use of millimeter waves, the mobile communication network was always limited by the bandwidth. Communication operators strived to strive for better spectrum resources, and the bandwidth would also limit the quality of users' Internet usage. Before the large-scale use of millimeter waves, the It is a promising technical direction to provide point-to-multipoint broadcasting public services based on the combination of broadcasting technology and 5G cellular network;

On the other hand, the new 3GPP standard system is also considering the key business standards of wireless communication broadcasting, so scenarios such as emergency broadcasting and emergency communication can support new practical scenarios by combining 5G wireless communication technology and broadcasting technology system. China Radio and Television has also jointly developed a technical standard system with domestic and foreign partners to realize the further integration of broadcasting technology and communication technology. , you can receive the channel programs of CCTV1 and Beijing TV1, as well as 360-degree, VR multi-view video streams. Since broadcasting mainly plays a major mission of disseminating the voice of mainstream culture, especially at the site of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China Radio and Television will be able to transmit VR, AR and other audiovisual content through 5G NR broadcasting.

▊Transmission architecture of 5G NR broadcast

China Radio and Television's 5G NR broadcast consists of two transmission methods:

On the one hand, it is based on the broadcast signal of 5G cellular base stations, mainly through the 480,000 5G base stations jointly built and shared with China Mobile for broadcast signal transmission; The tower transmits 5G broadcast signals, so that even if the user's mobile phone does not have a SIM card, the signal can be received.

It is worth noting that China Radio and Television's 5G NR broadcast enables seamless switching between unicast and broadcast functions. Unicast is a way of watching online video through a mobile phone, which requires traffic to realize on-demand viewing of video, while broadcasting does not require traffic. In terms of terminal adaptation, 5G broadcasting needs to be universal in terminals, and can be upgraded and adapted at the software level to distinguish it from mobile TVs such as CMMB.

Through the coordinated transmission of 5G cellular base stations and TV towers, high coverage of indoor and even in-vehicle mobile scenarios can be achieved. (When only relying on TV tower coverage, the signal density for mobile reception coverage is not enough, so the cooperative coverage of cellular base stations can complement each other.)

In 3GPP, the 5G wireless communication technology standard started from Release 15, and the current 5G hardware is basically finalized. The previous 5G broadcast technology system can only rely on the relevant system in the 4G era. Therefore, the hardware of mobile phones, base stations, CPEs and other equipment relying on R-15 needs its hardware promotion to adapt to support 5G broadcast functions. During this period, China Radio and Television is taking the lead in the establishment of 3GPP projects to promote the expansion of the new standard system to support broadcasting functions without changing the core network, base station, and terminal hardware. For example, China Radio and Television is promoting the establishment of 5G New Radio multicast broadcasting related projects. , which will promote the maturity of the world in the 5G NR broadcast industry chain.

Zeng Qingjun said that the 480,000 700MHz base stations jointly built and shared with China Mobile are required to have the function of supporting 5G NR broadcasting when bidding, so 5G NR broadcasting is mature in terms of the domestic industry chain.

▊Why can China Radio and Television lead the development of 5G NR broadcasting in the world?

Through the 5G broadcast transmission test conducted in Beijing from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, and the transmission test conducted in Shanghai not long ago, the overall effect is still satisfactory. As mentioned above, the advantage of broadcasting signals transmitted by large radio and television towers is wide coverage, but the disadvantage is that the coverage of indoor scenes is limited, but for mobile terminals, the advantages of cellular networks can make up for the lack of fixed coverage of television towers. In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, 5G NR broadcast trials in Nanjing will also be carried out as soon as possible.

Since the mobile cellular network focuses on the transmission of handheld terminals, the TV tower focuses on fixed transmission (traditional antenna reception). for a "television".

Watching 5G video and broadcasting through a handheld terminal, the biggest highlight is the interaction. It should not only be interactive (in the form of on-demand) like a cellular network, but should also be able to interact with the screen. For example, panoramic video can be realized in the scene. support.

Through the previous test experiments, part of the current 700MHz total 45M bandwidth is used for time-sharing broadcasting, so more bandwidth resources can be used to broadcast more channels. At this stage, 5G NR-based broadcasting is still being promoted by China Radio and Television, breaking the previous pattern of only establishing a radio and television standard system abroad and digesting and innovating in the domestic later stage. Therefore, it can be said that "China Radio and Television leads the development of 5G NR broadcasting in the world" .

At present, the actual construction of 480,000 700MHz stations is already underway. How to further realize the public service scenario of promoting 5G broadcasting in the future? Zeng Qingjun said that in the future, he will actively apply for applications like the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau. In addition to the transmission tower of CCTV, 5G base stations must also be installed on the transmission towers of other districts and counties. For general TV signals, zoning is not meaningful, but emergency The zoning of broadcast is of great significance, and public service delivery such as emergency broadcast can be carried out for a specific cell at that time.

According to the plans of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and other plans, the 5G NR broadcast standard can be tested for commercial use during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. As mentioned earlier, the R-15-based 5G mobile phone can be used to achieve functional services, and through continuous software upgrades, based on 5G cellular Under the hybrid mode of base station + radio and television transmission tower, the pre-commercialization of 700MHz during the Beijing Winter Olympics will be realized through the program platform of wired and wireless integration and the entire emergency broadcast platform.

▊Differentiated development scenarios of 5G in radio and television

To sum up, the overall goal of China Radio and Television's 5G NR broadcasting is to enable traditional radio and television services to enter mobile terminals through the hybrid transmission coverage of 5G cellular mobile base stations and radio and television towers, and to enable interactive integrated information services to enter mobile terminals. Really realize the terminal communication and everyone communication of radio and television.

The key point of 5G NR broadcasting is not to change the hardware technology system (R-15) based on 3GPP technology, such as the core network, base stations and terminals, in order to support 5G NR broadcasting services. Zeng Qingjun said: "The innovation of the application is how to combine the programs transmitted by the TV tower and the programs transmitted by the cellular." Through the 5G core network, the joint coverage of the TV tower and the cellular base station can comprehensively provide a wide range of cable TV and wireless networks. service.

The role and mission of radio and television are different from those of the traditional three operators. "To truly achieve the 5G development goal, we are not building the same phone calls, Internet access or live video as the three major operators. We want to form differentiated services. The most important highlight is 5G NR broadcasting." Zeng Qingjun said that in the future, China Radio and Television 5G will also have services such as emergency broadcasts, specific To B and To G categories.

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