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Difficult road and blue thread -- Beidou past events that Chinese people have to understand

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I have written several Beidou articles before, and took this opportunity to delete, modify and reissue them. The full text is 5100 words, which is divided into four parts.

(1) Magic threeStep strategy

(2) A dangerous world andBeidoucarryspeed

(3) EU pig team mate's foot on the door

(4) Catching up from behind is the first opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution

(1) Magic three-step strategy

At more than 10:00 this morning (10:00 on June 23), good news came that the 55th Beidou navigation satellite was successfully launched. With the satellite successfully entering orbit,This means that all satellites of the beidou-3 system are globalofficecomplete


It's not so much the completion of Beidou's global deployment that brings us good news. It's more exciting to say that rabbit's super goal planning ability and super execution ability.

China likes to do everything in three steps. The old three steps are followed by the new three steps. The big three steps are covered with the small three steps. It has played the three-step walk wonderfully. Even the unthinkable thing of putting elephants in refrigerators can be completed in three steps.

Of course, the Beidou system is no exception. In the first step, we will start with Beidou 1 and cover the whole country; The second step is beidou-2 to cover the Asia Pacific region; Third, Beidou 3 covers the whole world.





Beidou 3 is divided into three steps:two thousand and eighteenOne belt, one road, was built by the end of the year to build the basic system of Beidou three.two thousand and twentyIn, the world-class beidou-3 system was built to provide global services;two thousand and thirty-fiveIn, a comprehensive positioning, navigation and time service system with Beidou as the core was built.


In short, I like the unwavering urination of rabbitsThree stepsPlaying with flowers, always from easy to difficult, step by step, from victory to victory. No one on the blue star can stop the progress of the rabbit.



two)A dangerous world andBeidoucarryspeed

President egg has said before that rabbits and pandas are harmless animals and loved by everyone. They are timid. Once frightened, rabbits will pedal eagles and pandas will become iron eaters. We should find ways to suppress them.

The determination to engage in Beidou navigation was also the result of four scares: the first was the Gulf War and the second to fourth was outside the 1990slThe three shames of paying.

In the Gulf War, the U.S. military perfectly demonstrated what modern war is, what military crushing in the new era is, and crushed Iraq, which is known as the third in the world.

In terms of equipment, the conventional weapons and equipment of the Iraqi army at that time were even stronger than those of the people's Liberation Army. Iraq had the largest, complete and modern comprehensive air defense system in the whole Middle East.


During the Gulf War, the United States began to use GPS satellite navigation. Although only 10% of the weapons in the United States have tried GPS precision guidance, these 10% of the precision guided weapons have played a strong combat effectiveness.


For example, the US military has created a "battlefield miracle" in which two missiles successively attacked the same target, and the latter missile drilled into the target through the hole blasted by the previous missile. It is simply a surgical attack.


In terms of casualties, there were 100000 casualties and more than 100000 prisoners in Iraq. In the United States, the total number of casualties was less than 4000. This is undoubtedly a blow to the rabbit who is still deeply reflecting on the success or failure of the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. When our armor has not been practiced well, others have played "informatization".

The US military, which has emerged from the quagmire of the Vietnam War, has achieved Phoenix Nirvana and began to fight information warfare and electronic warfare. Our gap is not a few years or more, but an era.


Everyone in the room was sweating, and his chin almost fell out. He wondered if he was a fake XXX. Many meetings were held to study the Gulf War. Since then, we have proposedStrengthening the army through science and technologyThe slogan sets the goal of winning a local war under high-tech conditions.

Under the influence of the Gulf War, China's military thought has also undergone subtle changes. "Technology determines tactics", which is the first time that the Chinese army has publicly recognized the importance of military technology.


Recognizing the importance of high technology, we have to take action, so after the Gulf War, we installed GPS navigation systems in some missiles.

However, the United States is also bad. Its GPS is divided into civil and military systems, and the progress of civil GPS signal is much lower than that of military. The military version is only used by the US military, even the allies.


In this regard, the accuracy of the civilian GPS version of the missile has been much higher than before, although it is better than that of the U.S. militaryaccuracyIt's ten times less (the American army is accurate to meters).


When Li mouhui, acting governor of Daiwa Province, visited the United States in 1995, the Daiwan Strait was at war for a time. At that time, everyone had the heart to liberate Daiwan, and the military exercise was ready to become a real battle to liberate Daiwan at any time. The PLA fired three missiles at the East China Sea near duwan.


As a result, the first one hit the target accurately, and everyone cheered and ran to tell the story of this success. Then, the second and third missiles were launched. After they were launched, it was suddenly found that they could not be tracked. Finally, the missile deviated greatly from the original landing range.

At first, everyone wondered whether we were launching fake missiles. Finally, we have always believed that the U.S. military has tampered with the GPS signal. First, it may be suddenly interrupted, and second, it may have sent wrong positioning data.

Moreover, China cannot effectively track the two aircraft carrier formations sent by the United States to the XX Strait.


It was as if he had been accurately aimed by others with a sight in the light, and he couldn't find where others were. How to fight this war? It's humiliating to fight.


Instead of humiliating yourself, you might as well go down the slope, find a step, go back and pretend to be your grandson, sleep on the salary and taste the gall, and be ashamed before the snow. So who decided to give up five barrels and reduce the combat readiness level. (there are other reasons, of course).


Everyone is clearly aware that no matter how much money they spend, they have to develop their own satellite navigation system. But think about it with your toes. How could the United States be so stupid to use the U.S. navigation system to guide missiles to hit the United States.


In 1993, the galaxy was sailing normally in the Indian Ocean. Suddenly, the navigation system did not work. In the vast sea, the ship became a headless fly and was forced to stop.


It turned out that the United States made out of nothing and accused our galaxy of transporting big killer raw materials to Iran. It turns out that this is also the reason why the United States has shut down GPS navigation services.

Later, during the Iraq war, the United States turned off the local GPS signal, which led to the loss of accuracy of all Iraqi missiles and could only fall into a passive situation.

In 2019, the United States clashed with Iran, and the United States used the same trick to directly cut off Iran's GPS signal.

In 1999, the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was hit by five US precision guided bombs from different directions, which once again perfectly demonstrated the power of precision guidance.

In short, it's hard to be stuck in the neck at a critical time, but it all paves the way for China to develop an independent navigation system.

(3) EU pig team mate's foot on the door


In fact, China has long been an aspiring big country. Its goal is the sea of stars. It has long recognized that the positioning and navigation system can't be lazy and easy. As early as the 1970s, it began to worry.

The seventh five-year plan put forward many plans, including single star, double star, three-star, four-star, five-star and more stars.


Research, demonstration, re research and re demonstration. Finally, in 1984, the double star scheme was finally determined. After submission, it was approved and two words were approved. There was no money


In the 1980s, the honeymoon between China and the United States, with a relatively peaceful international environment, focused on hiding one's capabilities and biding one's time, and basically focused all his energy on economic construction. Therefore, the money you can save is saved.


In the 1990s, after several humiliations, China, with a certain economic strength, planned to develop a navigation system, so it turned out the simplest double star scheme more than a decade ago and launched three experimental satellites (Double Star scheme, one of which is standby).


In this stupid way, only two satellites can obtain two position parameters, and the user's own altimeter can roughly locate. The accuracy is much worse than American Civil GPS. But it's better than nothing.


But this is obviously not our goal. After all, our goal is the sea of stars. Since we are the pursuers, we should give full play to the late development advantage, advance the positioning and be more advanced than the GPS of the United States. But starting from scratch is not easy, so I consider finding a small partner.


Not only Chinese, but also Europeans and Russians were awakened by the Gulf War. Europe also plans to develop its own navigation system, which is called Galileo system.


Therefore, Europe and China naturally come together. Europe pays for technology and China pays for it to jointly fight the GPS of the United States. In 2003, in order to show sincerity, China remitted 270 million (US dollars) as a red envelope (franchise fee) for joining the group.


But four years later, Europe suddenly kicked China out of the Galileo system, saying that China did not protect intellectual property rights. However, it is said that after they do a good job, they can sell it to China.


Ma Dan, I didn't want to buy it before I started to engage in navigation. The United States will turn off GPS. Won't Europe? Isn't that a truth?

Desperate China has been fooled again. One delay is four years. China has given up this time. It seems that it must rely on itself. In 2007, China began to make full efforts to build its own Beidou navigation system.


During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China has made full efforts to build the Beidou system. As a result, I found that there was no movement in Europe. In several European countries, all kinds of things were wrangling with each other, and the efficiency was appalling.

The efficiency of the United States is also heinous. Obama looked at China's high-speed rail and vowed to develop America's own high-speed rail. After the oath, there is no following. So far, the United States still does not have an inch of high-speed rail, except for Musk's capsule high-speed rail.


The bigger joke comes from the subway in New York. New York Metro Line 2 has been used for nearly a hundred years and has cost a lotforty-fiveUSD100mntwo thousand and seventeenIt was opened to traffic at the end of the year, but there were only three stops, about three kilometers long. However, it broke down on the day of opening to traffic.


Brandenburg airport in Berlin, Germany has also becomeUncompleted residential areaThe star of. The airport was built long agotwo thousand and sixConstruction began in, originally plannedtwo thousand and tenCompleted in.


However, the whole construction process was delayedsixTimes tofourteenYears later, it still failed to deliver on time. The problem is that the investment has not been reduced at all, and the expenditure has been exceededforty-fiveMillion euros.


Similarly, Russia, a neighbor in the north, is also a waste of firewood. Due to the lack of money and talents, Putin's grand aspirations are gradually dashed like soap bubbles.


For example, Russia is also ambitious,two thousand and fiveAnnounced in2~4Ship's aircraft carrier plan, plan2013~2014Years of service.two thousand and sevenIn, it was announced that it would be in the futuretwentyBuilt insixAn aircraft carrier formation.


time outtwo thousand and eighteenIn, Russia was still the only aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov, breathing in black smoke. Results in 2018tenmonthtwenty-nineThe only aircraft carrier floating dock sank in an accident on the pants under overhaul on the th.


This is embarrassing, that is, from now on, Russia's only aircraft carrier has no place to maintain and repair. Maybe you have to have the cheek to find rabbits. Er Mao's craft has been lost.


However, Russia still has the ambition of being a big country and insists on developing its own navigation system - GLONASS system. However, due to lack of money, the project has been stopped and stopped. When new satellites are launched, almost old satellites should be retired.


In order to save money, Putin made up his mind and announced the use of the United StatesGPS signalReceiver levy25%Putin is also fighting for his own navigation and let the United States pay for its navigation.

(4) Catching up from behind, Beidou and the fourth industrial revolution

China accidentally rushed ahead of Europe. I'm a little embarrassed. Why? Because the orbital resources in outer space are actually limited. Like the theater, there are front row positions, rear row positions and second floor positions. There are middle positions and two sides.


Over the Asia Pacific region where China is located, there are a total of 194 geostationary satellites, which have almost been occupied. Six satellites were even crowded in the orbit at 110 degrees east longitude. Moreover, the frequency band resources of satellites are almost saturated.

△ the geostationary orbit is a circle of satellites around the earth


According to international practice, the orbit and frequency band of satellites are on a first come, first served basis. Under such circumstances, of course, China will seize the channel resources, which will inevitably encounter the problems of satellite orbit and frequency competition.


Why does the United States only need 24 GPS satellites while Beidou needs 55? The very important reason is that first come, first served, seizing the most favorable track.

So I suspect that Musk's star chain system is not for 5g, 5g is just a gimmick,becauseBandwidth and delay can not be overcome, and the weather has a great impact. The real purpose is to seize the frequency band and satellite orbit.

12000 satellites are like throwing a basket of beans in space. Take the seat first. You can't call him down. Maybe his business will become frequency band rental and satellite orbit rental at that time.

Back to the Galileo System in Europe. Europe planned early and had already selected a superior position. Unfortunately, the action was slow and the satellite was not launched.


China's heart is horizontal. Whatever you do, first come, first served. We quickly changed the scheme and occupied the European Galileo frequency band. Now Europe is stupid. What should we do? Being robbed of the frequency means that the satellite has no position before it is launched.


Stupid Europeans began to talk to China and launched several rounds of negotiations. They said that their frequency was bought from the United States at a cost, and you see, the Galileo system has been in operation for so many years and can no longer be modified. They asked China's Beidou to move to other tracks.



Of course, China should talk about it. At least it can delay time, but it is basically four words: it is agreed that it will be on a first come, first served basis. At the same time of negotiation, several more were shot up. In the end, Europeans can only compromise and admit that China has frequency.


There is another key technology of positioning and navigation system, which has been stuck by people, that is atomic clock technology. The reason why satellites can locate is that the distance is calculated by multiplying the propagation time of satellite signals by the speed (speed of light). Distance = propagation time & times; light speed. The speed of light is very fast, so if the time is not accurate, it is a little worse, and the error is much greater.


Therefore, the clock used for the signal on the satellite must be very stable. There is a difference of one second in a million years. The development of our country's onboard atomic clock is relatively backward. What should we do? Buy it from the United States and Europe.


However, it can be said that the United States and Europe hate China's Beidou system. With blue eyes, they directly embargo it. I won't sell you any of them.


On the one hand, we can only do it ourselves to continuously improve the accuracy of the atomic clock. On the other hand, we can try our best to make up for the shortcomings of the atomic clock through the combination of satellites.


At the beginning of 2017, good news came that the beidou-2 satellite project won the special prize for scientific and technological progress. The high-precision atomic clock developed by the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry 203 has reached the world-class level, realized the independent control of key technologies, broke the foreign monopoly, and became one of the winners of the special prize for national scientific and technological progress.

Suddenly I feel that China is really not easy. When it's critical, I'm always stuck by others. But now look,Good card, as long as it gets stuck, China can stir it up by itself.stayHere, I pay tribute to China's scientific and technological workers.

At present, Beidou can keep pace with GPS, and even slightly better in some fields. For example, Beidou navigation system is two-way communication, which GPs can't do.

That is, if you get lost or in danger, you can send text messages to ask for help through Beidou. It's very cheap, 30 cents per piece. This is the cheapest satellite text message in human history.


Why is it so cheap? Because there are government subsidies, the cost is not considered at all. It was supposed to be free. Later, some experts said that they were afraid that fishermen would be bored at sea and send jokes to each other for fun


The short message function of Beidou satellite is very popular. In 2011, Zhejiang fishermen used Beidou satellite to send 13 million short messages, including 6.04 million between ships and 6.96 million between ships and mobile phones.Now?Fishermen go to sea and worship Mazu and Beidou.


Moreover, the Beidou navigation system continues to be optimized. Relying on the ground grounding system to assist in correction and positioning, it can be realized in the futureMillimeter scalePositioning of. Mm, you're right. I specially consulted my senior brother of University of science and technology, who is engaged in Beidou navigation.


What does that mean? This means that Beidou will provide basic accurate positioning and navigation services for the fourth industrial revolution, such as UAV express accurate delivery (recipient: Cai Enlish)The core technology of unmanned driving

The Beidou past has witnessed the hardships of the rise of a great power and the steadfastness of China's great rejuvenation. It will also inspire generation after generation of Chinese people to go from victoryTo victory.

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