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5g millimeter wave, the key to the future smart factory

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The process of 5g technology evolution is the process of constantly turning dream scenes into reality. As an important part of 5g vision, industrial Internet, with its unique attributes, constantly puts forward higher requirements for the development of 5g. For example, many industrial Internet with extremely high equipment density will require 1 millisecond delay and 99.9999% connection availability on the network.


5g millimeter wave has incomparable spectrum resource advantages over other frequency bands. Its amazing large capacity, high speed and low delay can well meet the extremely high network demand of industrial Internet.

Advantages of applying 5g millimeter wave to industrial Internet

Super bandwidth

The bandwidth advantage of millimeter wave band can meet the needs of a large number of data transmission

Ultra low delay

5g millimeter wave is a powerful guarantee that the 5g air interface delay is less than 1ms, and can meet the very low delay requirements of industrial applications (such as manipulator control)

Beam height orientation

It is conducive to improve signal strength, enhance performance and reduce interference. It is suitable for high-density connection in industrial Internet

Reliable connection

adoptMultiple transmit and receive point (multi TRP) deploymentandCooperative multipoint (COMP) mechanism, 5g millimeter wave can realize ultra reliable and low delay communication capability, and maintain millisecond delay while meeting the reliability requirements of industrial Internet up to 99.9999%

High precision positioning

The ultra-high temporal resolution and ultra-high spatial resolution of 5g millimeter wave can realize high-precision (expected to reach centimeter level) real-time positioning, so as to meet the diversified needs of industrial Internet

Getting rid of the shackles of cables is the key to realizing "industry 4.0". Mobile video monitoring, UAV control and image transmission, robot production line control and other services required by intelligent manufacturing and smart factory all have high requirements for bandwidth and time delay. 5g millimeter wave is indispensable if you want to achieve all this wirelessly.

Next, let's take a look at several typical application scenarios of 5g millimeter wave in the industrial Internet.


     Remote control system  

When performing remote control tasks, there will be ultra-high requirements for bandwidth and time delay, and 5g millimeter wave can well meet these requirements, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve the security of intelligent factory.

Based on the real-time feedback from the central control station, the operator can remotely stop, slow down or accelerate the networked machine to improve work efficiency;Industrial processes involving volatile chemicals or temperature sensitive materials can be made safer by remotely operating plant equipment.

Industrial robot

5g millimeter wave can support the transmission of a large amount of data generated / received by each robot, and support the large-scale and intensive deployment of these automated robots.

Through industrial robots, almost every machine in the intelligent factory can immediately respond to requests and instructions, so as to respond quickly in production, greatly improve the communication efficiency and help to realize large-scale automatic production.

AR / VR monitoring and training

5g millimeter wave enables data intensive processes such as high-speed imaging and AR / VR to proceed smoothly. This will also lead to new ways of working:

  • Employees can view real-time data in the factory workshop and compare the defective machine image with the standard image;
  • Train new employees through AR / VR;
  • When the Consultant / expert is not on site, they can still provide remote assistance, or provide workers with an automated process so that they can troubleshoot independently of the expert.

Independent factory transportation

The ultra reliable and low time delay communication capability of 5g millimeter wave can make the AGV (automatic guide vehicle, such as trolley, crane, etc.) in the factory operate orderly and safely, and greatly improve the automation level of the factory.

The above scenarios are not just hypothetical. Some automobile enterprises have applied 5g millimeter wave to their production.

In automobile manufacturing plants, 5g millimeter wave supports AGV operation

The ultra reliable low time delay communication capability of 5g millimeter wave can not only enable the driverless vehicles in the factory to complete the transportation work efficiently, but also enable the robot unit to stop working immediately in case of workers' misoperation, so as to avoid possible dangerous situations.

5g millimeter wave can also lead to the evolution of more technologies and services. For example, the combination of 5g millimeter wave and industry private network can enable operators to provide more flexible bandwidth private network services than public network; 5g millimeter wave, combined with mec (mobile edge computing), AI and other technologies, can provide an intelligent solution of "high-capacity and high-speed localization" for the coverage area and bring customized private network services.

It can be predicted that in the near future, most of the cars and mobile phones we take will come from the smart factory with 5g millimeter wave deployed.

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