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Forty percent of domestic Beidou chips come from Guangzhou high tech Zone! 40 seconds to end. The networking video is too burning~

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Beidou 3

Puzzle complete

9:43 this morning

The last global networking satellite of beidou-3


Let's review the whole launch process of the closing star

This is also our countryFifty fifthnavigation satellite

So far, beidou-3 global satellite navigation system constellation has been deployed

Than originally plannedFully completed half a year ahead of schedule

Curious baby like Xiao Gao

There may be a Beidou satellite version of "100000 whys"

What can Beidou system do?

What is the relationship between Beidou and GPS?

In addition to navigation,What else can Beidou do?

Four major"Beidou knowledge points"

Xiao Gao brought you to understand

Beidou is not a separate satellite

It is a positioning system composed of multiple satellites

Beidou's development process is divided into three steps

“4 20 35”

Navigation, positioning and precise timing

Safe driving, disaster search and rescue

Five functions of Beidou satellite

Beidou civil user

Over 100 million

Did you find it~

In fact, Beidou is very far away from us"Near"

Not only the functions of TA are commonly used

And Beidou satelliteKey technologies and parts

There are also manyFrom Guangzhou high tech Zone

In my districtBeidou navigation industry

Has been identified as

National and Guangdong patent Navigation Industry Development Experimental Zone

Xiao Gao brought you to pan

Hidden around us all these years"Beidou cattle enterprise"

Leading Microelectronics  

Accounting for 36.9% of domestic Beidou chip shipments

Leading MicroelectronicsLocated in Guangzhou high tech Zone, as a leading domestic Beidou / GNSS chip enterprise, it accounts for the largest shipment of domestic Beidou chips (36.9%). Invest a lot of R & D funds every year to establish the largest R & D team,Focus on the design, development and application of satellite navigation and positioning chip.For many consecutive years, it has won honorary awards such as "China core has the most investment value", "satellite navigation and positioning science and Technology Progress Award", "China Patent Excellence Award" and "intellectual property advantage enterprise", and has become one of the main representatives of "China core".

Up to now, leading microelectronics has applied for invention patents related to satellite positioning and navigationtwo hundred and seventy-sixterm, the number of patent applications occupies a leading position in the industry; Authorized patentMore than 100 itemsAnd wonThe 18th China Patent Excellence Award.

The "new method and chip design of Beidou satellite signal rapid acquisition" project participated by leading microelectronics focuses on breaking through the core technology of Beidou satellite chip, invents a new method of Beidou satellite rapid acquisition and efficient satellite selection strategy based on blind signal separation, and has been successfully applied in transportation, communication, radio and television, electric power, finance, agriculture Marine and other industries and consumer electronics.This project also won the first prize of the 2018 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Invention Award.

Meanwhile, the scientific research achievements of the project "Beidou performance improvement and wide area decimeter satellite based enhancement technology and application" participated by leader microelectronics,Won the second prize of 2019 National Science and technology progress award.

The research has made a breakthroughThe satellite navigation system itself is the technical bottleneck of real-time decimeter level service, which complements and improves the function and performance of Beidou system, so that Beidou system has the internationally leading decimeter level spatial signal accuracy. It has made a series of major applications in military and national economic fields such as precision agriculture, offshore drilling and consumer UAVs, with direct economic benefits of more than 1 billion yuan.

Hagrid communication  

Develop the first full chip solution supporting the application of Beidou 3 in China

As the main battlefield for Guangzhou's scientific and technological innovation and development of the real economy,Hagrid Beidou·The industrial park is located in the science city of our districtIt covers an area of 25000 square meters and a total construction area of 69000 square meters. As a new industrial development base of Haige Beidou, the industrial park has a venue space with a capacity of 2 billion, a conference center with a capacity of 500 people and a 1200 square meter science and technology exhibition hall.

Based onBased on the successful experience accumulated during the construction of beidou-2, Hagrid communication has fully carried out the product development of beidou-3,Provide a complete guarantee of localization, autonomy and controllability from the chip level.

△ the first domestic support for the development of Hagrid communication

Full chip solution for beidou-3 application

In the past 20 years, Hagrid communication has developed into a wireless communication and communication system with full frequency band coverageBeidou navigation equipment development expert and electronic information system solution provider with the layout of the whole industrial chain,In promoting industrial development, including Beidou industry, it has always been on the same frequency with the country and resonated with the times.

Hagrid communications Beidou industrial chain layout

No, I don't know

I was startled at the sight

The original core chip of Beidou satellite

Leave usSo close

try by hook to look for sth.

be equal to anything

It may be a high-tech enterprise at home

Is a leader in an industry

Proud of the high tech Zone!

Proud of China!

Hi Tech bull enterprise, good!

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