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Huaxin antenna | intellectualization accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the supply chain, and digitization activates new momentum for enterprise development

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As a leading enterprise in the domestic satellite positioning antenna field, Huaxin Antenna adheres to the dual-engine drive of technology research and development and manufacturing, and takes the road of high-quality development. In terms of production and manufacturing, Huaxin Antenna has insight into the trend, followed the trend, continued to increase capital investment, introduced advanced management software and production equipment and facilities, and actively promoted the intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading of the supply chain system.


1. Huaxin high-precision antenna automatic production line was completed and put into operation

Recently, Huaxin Antenna Beidou high-precision antenna automation production line was officially put into operation. Among them, in terms of welding process improvement, advanced welding robots have been introduced to realize automatic parameter storage and output. At the same time, it has the advantages of stable arc combustion, uniform composition at joints, stable welding quality, and combined with software facilities such as MES system and test automation. , effectively solve the quality problems caused by manual operation and improve the level of traceability management.

Automatic welding robot in operation

Compared with previous traditional production lines, automated production lines have great advantages in saving manpower, standardizing operations, and improving production efficiency. In terms of benefits, it has achieved "double increase, double decrease and one improvement", increasing production capacity and increasing efficiency, and tripling the daily output of automated production lines; reducing energy consumption and cost, reducing the manpower of automation equipment by 20%, and reducing the loss of materials by standardized machine operations. The consistency of products is higher, and the pass-through rate has steadily increased. According to the statistics before and after, the defect rate has dropped from 4‰ before the transformation to 1‱. After the automatic production line has been put into operation steadily, the production capacity of the factory has been greatly improved, and the monthly production capacity can reach 70,000 sets.

The benefits brought by the investment of automated production lines, in addition to the improvement of product quality, production efficiency and cost reduction, also have a positive impact on front-end design and development capabilities and supplier access standards, and at the same time, it is also proposed to match the factory's high-quality talent team. higher requirements. The intelligent and digital upgrade of the supply chain brings high-quality suppliers, high-quality products, and high-quality talent teams, which will effectively support the high-quality development of Huaxin Antenna Gold in the new decade.

2. Layout and implementation of intelligent manufacturing, and take the road of high-quality development

Under the background of energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon neutrality, Huaxin Antenna actively responds to and implements the strategic deployment of Beidou Starcom Group's high-quality development and digital transformation, and promotes the intelligent manufacturing of high-precision antenna products in an orderly manner.

According to the overall development strategy of Huaxin Antenna, the management of the company actively plans the blueprint for intelligent manufacturing and gradually implements various implementation plans. In 2013, the company introduced ERP system and OA system to realize the integration of business and finance; in 2015, it introduced PLM system and CRM system, which is more scientific and effective in the management of the whole life cycle of products and customers; in 2017, it applied ESOP paperless office system, and invest manpower and material resources to make a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of anti-static facilities. The paperless operation reduces the cost of the enterprise and improves the collaborative management among various departments; the anti-static transformation realizes data collection and data storage, real-time transmission of monitoring data, and red light alarm when the threshold is exceeded; from 2019 to 2020, the MES system + test automation will be launched, The software automatically tests and retains detailed test data and test logs to quickly feedback product quality in real time; the MES system is used to realize the traceability and optimized management of the whole process from material delivery to product delivery, so as to grasp the production and operation situation in real time and improve operational efficiency; in 2021, build an automated production line , The introduction of automated production equipment has achieved the goal of improving production efficiency and product quality, and is making steady progress towards a high level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry.

Huaxin Antenna Manufacturing Base Electronic Signage

At present, Huaxin Antenna relies on MES, ERP, ESOP, OA, PLM and other systems, combined with automated production equipment, to achieve transparency, visualization and traceability of the entire supply chain. Real-time monitoring of workshop production status through electronic kanban management, and real-time acquisition of production, quality, equipment and other related information; product traceability through SN code, which can be traced back to operators, equipment details, materials used, and process parameters; product delivery progress is clear and controllable, Quality is guaranteed.

Part of the equipment of Huaxin Antenna Manufacturing Base

3. Focus on customer needs, lead digitalization through innovation, and create industry benchmarks

With the integration of Beidou navigation technology and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and 5G communication, as well as the implementation of the national "new infrastructure" development strategy, the demand for Beidou satellite navigation technology applications in various industries has been further stimulated and driven. From industrial-level standards to special industry military standards, to vehicle-level standards, product quality requirements are constantly improving. In order to meet the quality requirements of antenna products in various industries, Huaxin Antenna has built a corresponding production management system and talent team according to various industry standards, and carried out refined production management for different standard products.

The intelligent and digital transformation of CEFC Antenna has taken a key step, but this is far from the end. We will make deeper explorations in the fields involved in the supply chain, introduce appropriate cutting-edge technologies according to the needs of business operations, and continue to improve steadily and orderly in supply chain management and control, so as to create industry benchmarks, and more touch and Empower the entire industry chain.

In the future, Huaxin Antenna will closely follow the development strategy of the group, be guided by market demand, take product line as the leader, practice the "grid management" of product family, continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the supply chain, and continuously realize the leap-forward development of manufacturing capabilities. Take the road of high-quality development and provide high-quality products and services for global customers.

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