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How to develop RF coaxial connectors? What should the future form do?

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Introduction: with the continuous progress of science and technology, the development speed of the whole machine system is also very fast, and its technology is also constantly improving. RF coaxial connectors are used in circuits, and now there are various new varieties on the market. However, many products are produced abroad. If domestic RF coaxial connectors want to dominate the market, how should they be developed in the future?

1. Conversion to small and micro

Traditional RF coaxial connectors are inconvenient and bulky to use, but with the progress of science and technology, if they choose to develop towards miniaturization, they can achieve multi-function and convenient to use. In this way, the cost can be reduced in the process of transportation, especially the transportation cost. This small RF coaxial connector will be used in aerospace products, which can also reduce the production cost and save space when making components.

2. Improve the high frequency of products

If the RF coaxial connector wants to develop in the channel space, it needs to meet the data transmission speed of the product. At present, many military communication systems use RF coaxial connectors because this equipment can realize the propagation of short wave block, and the frequency is relatively high. Now many large companies also use this communication equipment in the production process.

3. Pay attention to surface mounting

In recent years, the development speed of RF coaxial connector has been rapidly improved, which can make the component industry carry out the fourth revolution. At present, there is a great demand for surface mount in the world, especially the surface mount RF coaxial connector has been mass produced.

However, this mass production is limited at presentRF ConnectorThe demand for is in short supply in the market, so the development prospect is relatively large.


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